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A Quick Note and onward Into Melody

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the filiming of a music video can be stressful- lets see just how much.

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a quick note- not everything in this story is acurate- that's just My mind for you so if You don't like how things aren't accurate stop reading the story.

"Ok so what are We going to do?" I asked as everyone sat down in the living room.

"How about We have A dead ballerina?" gerard contributed.

"Ok what else?" I asked writing dead ballerina down on a piece of paper.

"Dancing Mourners around a coffin" Frankie added.

"a coffin?" Autumn questioned.

"Why not- You can't have a dead girl without a coffin" Ray answered.

"Maybe We can. anything else?" I said feeling like a parrot.

"A church" Bob stated.

"That is going to be tricky..or We could make it SEEM like it's a church. Ok Heres what We are gonna do" I said and talked long into the night.

Basically, Autumn was the dead ballerina that would lie in a coffin (where we were going to get one is a different story) for most of it and the guys and I would mourn and dance around the coffin, but when the band was shown in the video gerard would be up at the preacher's stage, and the others behind Him playing.

It seemed very simple as I fell asleep that night.

Let Me tell You now- whatever seems simple isn't.

First off, the drum kit wasn't easy to fit into the School's very own chapel.

secondly Autumn and I busted up an old rosewood finish cabinet We found on the side of the road and made it into a makeshift coffin, many a splinter was shed.

Whenever I tried to get a close up of Autumn in the coffin the make shift coffin door would fall and smack Autumn in the face.
It's hard to pretend Your dead when you get a wake up call like that.

And that was just day one.
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