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Second Verse Of Hell

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Things go from bad to worse.

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Wake Up Call- I got a review today that my story "fuckin sucks". Honestly that just pisses Me off- not only could the person NOT SPELL but every other word was a swear word, not to mention they didn't say what was wrong with it. If Your gonna comment on how BAD the story is at least tell Me what's wrong with it, not just saying it sucks because it does. On with the story.

Day two was by far worse because it seemed like the bad luck and stinging pain seeped into the days afterwards as well.

Everytime I filmed the guys performing Bob almost always wasn't seen.
When He finally was seen He said he didn't want a close up so I ran backwards with the camera and stacked it spectacularly. Autumn was right next to Me indiciating where I should stand and grabbed the camera, but not Me.

Not to mention Mikey nearly had an asthma attack from the smoke He was swinging.

And then Autumn tripped on her ballerina slippers while turning- thankfully I got the shot and it was perfect before She fell to the floor and clunked Her already hurting nose on the floor- amazingly She didn't bruise Her nose in anyway.

Frankie said Autumn had an iron nose which earned Him a punch in the gut.

After We had taken all the shots We cleaned up- Mikey tripping on an extension cord into Ray's back who freaked and thought it was a thief turned around and fell on the same extension cord grabbing and dragging Mikey down ontop of Him.

After about 10 minutes of laughing We helped Ray and Mikey up, tidied the rest of the stuff up and went back to Ray's house.

"Let's look at the bloopers!" Frankie exclaimed excitdely.

"Dude We did them today- how about in a few weeks time?" Bob suggested.

"Sure. Witner can i talk to you in the kitchen?" Autumn asked.

Uhoh. I knew what that meant.

"No Autumn, no You remember what happened last time" I said.

I know I remembered. Autumn wanted to test Her boyfriend, see if He knew the difference between Her and Me, and to make things 'fair' (at least in Her mind) She took My boyfriend out to see if He knew the difference too.
Unfortunatley My boyfriend said something silly about Autumn and She took Him seriously. Poor guy spent the night in hospital with a few fractured ribs and a purple face but He was well enough to break up with Me.

"Oh please? You can take Mikey out" Autumn said- like thats a choice.

"Autumn. Gerard is Mine and Mikey is Yours. Can't You deal witht he fact that you can't read everyones mind?" I asked earnestly.

"No" Autumn replied and flitted (Yes flitted) into the loungeroom.

I sighed and stood in the kitchen liking the quiet when I heard from the lounge room Autumn saying "Mikey We are going out tommorow, and Gerad your going out with Winter as well".

I growled. Autumn can be such a drag sometimes.

I walked into the lounge room with gritted teeth.

"I'm going home- Autumn You can come home or stay here for a while, it's Your choice, but stay out of My way tonight" I growled and walked out the door, but not before kissing Gerard goodbye.

I walked into the house and up to My room and lay on My bed thinking about what I was going to do tomorow.
Was Gerard going to realise that it wasn't Me He was with?
The thought terrified Me.

A few hours later after still contemplating that single thought I heard Autumn let Herself in and walk straight by My room and into Hers, closing the door.

I fell asleep after that and woke up the next day.

2 mintues later I realised it was school time.

"ARGH" I screamed, hopped in the shower, got dressed in torn blue jeans and a tank top with a red anarchy symbol I painted on Myself, Looked into Autumn's room and realised She had already gone to school, cursed Her name, grabbed the music video and ran out the door.

I made it as the bell ran.

"So why don't we-" The teacher was saying before I opened the door full force and made a large bang when it hit the wall behind it.

"What presence You have Winter, enlighten Me- how come Your-"

"I'm late because SOMEONE didn't wake Me" I said glaring at Autumn.

Autumn glared right back.

"Ok well onwards with the lesson, I assume You all have Your music videos so lets see them, Winter, plug it in"

I nodded and put the video in.

It looked fantastic and I was so happy when We passed with flying colours.

I was so happy that the rest of the day went by in a breeze until Gerard said "So what time do You want Me to pick you up?".

"Uh around 8" I said, kissed Him goodbye and walked home with Autumn.

"Ok so if this is going to work I will take Gerard to a resturaunt and You take Mikey to another and then when We both get home We will talk ok?" Autumn planned.

"Ok" I said and walked into the house.

Autumn dressed in My favourite black dress with spider web mesh over the top, and I wore Her favourite dress that was a black torn dress.

Mikey picked me up first so We went to a subway store.

"Look Mikey there's something I gotta say-"

"I gotta say something too, but You first"

"Ok. Am I Autumn or Winter?" I asked.

"Winter, why?"

"Y-you knew it was Me?" I said astonished.

"Well yeah, I was about to say that I knew it was You. I was also going to ask why I'm out with you and not My girlfriend"

"She wanted to know if You could tell Her and me apart and it looks like You can so let's just hang out for a while" I said laughing.

"Sure" Mikey replied, and then We ended up talking for an hour.

"Ok so why a toaster?" I said laughing as We ended up back at my place.

"Have You ever taken apart a toaster? it's cool"

"Not when it's still plugged into the electricity and not when breaking the toaster apart means using a fork" I said laughing.

"I think Autumn's upstairs so why don't You come in and We can both tell Her You passed the test" I said.

Mikey nodded and walked up the stairs with Me.

From Autumn's room there was no sound, and when I opened the door She wasn't in there.

I only then noticed Mikey had paused at My door, so I walked over to Him and I could here My bed rocking back and forth.

Curious I opened the door quickly and saw a bewildered and naked Autumn jump off a bewildered and naked Gerard.

It took Me all of 2 seconds to get pissed beyond control.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled at the top of My lungs.

"Autumn why are You getting so bent out of shape" Gerard asked while putting His clothes on.


Gerard, looking horrified walked out of the room.

"Winter I am so-"

"Don't You say a fucking word Autumn. And if You try and say sorry I will choke You so the words stay caught in Your throat" I growled dangerously.

"Mikey, please I didn't-" Autumn started but Mikey hugged Me goodbye and left. Where He was going I had no clue.

"You disgust Me Autumn. I can't stand to look at You right now" I said and left the house.

I walked to the park and sat down on a swing.

I didn't cry, and I didn't scream. I just sat there and hated Autumn and Gerard.

I hated Him for the fact that He couldn't tell it wasn't Me He was screwing, and I hated Her because She knew perfectly well that He was with Me, that He wanted Me and not Her, and that She didn't care.

I felt sorry for Mikey considering He was in the same boat as Me.

That night I ended up going home but when I saw that bed I freaked, grabbed the sheets and pulled then took them outside to the grabage bin and threw it all in.

I went back to My room, put fresh sheets on and fell asleep on the floor- noway was I going to sleep in a bed that caused two people close to Me to hurt Me.

I woke up the next day and walked over to Mikey's house.

Mikey asnwered the door and looked like I did- tired and depressed.

We walked silently to school and pretty much stayed together for the day.

Autumn and Gerard would try and get Our attention but I didn't notice, and I guess Mikey didn't either becuase eventually They gave up.

Ray and Bob were supportive of both Mikey and Me and Autumn and Gerard, and Frankie didn't make one sex joke the entire day, His contribtuion to how sorry He was for Us.

"So what's Your next move?" Bob asked.

"I don't know. I don't think I can't go out with Gerard anymore, not if He can't tell Me apart from Her. what about You Mikey?"

"I can't even look at Her Winter. I feel so sick" Mikey sounded hollow.

I nearly cried and hugged Mikey close to Me.

"I'm sorry Mikey" I whispered.

"It was never Your fault" Mikey replied.

"You will get through this, after all, You are extremely resilient" Ray added to cheer us up.

"Yeah, and who knows, things might change rapidly around here" Frankie stated.

He was right.
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