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Harmony Change

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Autumn and Winter's bond is like so over.

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Wake Up Call- well I've heard from the reviewer who will now be called Fuckin Shit talker and if there reading this let Me tell them a wise bit of information- if You write in your review that Your not gonna swear then it's a good idea not to swear the 15 times that you did. Also You say i'm on crack or i'm drunk, that i'm a whore and a bitch- honestly if Your gonna insult someone at least insult someone that actually HAS a self esteem because I don't. talk as much trash as You like cos I don't give a flying fuck what you say. to the people that actually like My story and tell Me so, keep writing reviews. Now on with the story.

It was a week before Gerard sat in the music class with The guys and Me.

Another week until He got the courage to talk to Me.

"Winter?" Gerard asked as I was going through My locker.

"Just say what You have to say" I said in a monotone.

"Look I'm really sorry about what happened. I had a feeling it wasn't You but It's not like You can say to Your girlfirend 'I don't think it's really You'. One thing lead to another and then the next thing I know You storm through the door. I know I don't deserve it but I want to be with You again" Gerard finished and walked away.

He never saw My face, it was hidden behind the locker door, but I was biting My lip so hard that blood was running from My lip to the floor.

I slammed My locker door and ran all the way home until I paused out the front of My house. All of Autumn's stuff was in the trash.

I walked in to My house and up the stairs, knocking on Her door.

"Come in" I heard Her say and I opened the door and stood there in shock.

Boy band posters, pink fluffy THINGS everywhere, bright colours that nearly blinded Me- I was confused.

"What? haven't You ever seen colours before?" I heard Her say, right before I saw Her.

She was wearing a blue tanktop and pink frilly miniskirt with blue thongs.

She looked like the creature from the cheerleader lagoon.

"What have You done to Yourself?" I asked.

"Like You said Winter, The Harpies are dead. And it turns out I don't want to be like I was anymore- a loser and a freak. Josh asked Me out yesterday and I am going out with Him tonight"

"Fine. don't expect Me to care when You get hurt anymore. My sister died in the fire" I said and stormed off to My room.

I sat on the floor looking around My room, glad that I didn't have any momentos of the life I had in Australia.

I heard the doorbell ring, Autumn rushing down the stairs, voices and then Her leaving.

A car pulling out of the driveway and then silence.

Silence is one of the most deadly things on the planet. It leaves You time to think alot without any distractions whatsoever, and sooner or later all the happy moments You've had lead to depressing ones, and then before You know it Your standing in front of a mirror slashing Your wrists to bits and pieces that fall on the floor.

I was looking at Myself in the mirror but I wasn't slitting My wrists.

I was merely looking at the only person I could trust beyond tomorrow, but that wasn't exactly true.

I walked out the door and down the street, not caring where I was going, not really paying attention until-


I looked up to see Gerard.

"Gerard" I said softly.

"I'm not asking You to forgive Me, I'm just asking that You stay with Me for a minute"

"Gerard I can't let You take the blame forever. It's Autumns fault not Yours. She knew the truth and You didn't. But You should have said something if You thought it wasn't Me" I said softly.

"I'll make it up to You if You give Me a chance" Gerard said, extending His hand.

"Alright" I said, taking His hand.

"What about Mikey?" I asked.

"He hasn't talked to Me since then"

"I will talk to Him, but don't expect Me to make Him talk to you again" I said and walked back home alone.

The next day I talked to Mikey.

"It's all Autumn's fault isn't it?" Mikey said.

I nodded.

"Whatever I'm over it. I wasn't with Her that long anyway. does that mean Your back with Gerard?"

"I don't know. He said He'll make it up to Me but i don't know how" I replied.

"Knowing Gerard He'll find a way. I'm gonna go talk to Him" Mikey said and walked off.

I sat there and watched as Autumn walked by with Josh.

I spat at Her feet.

"My my, a spitting snake, must be an epidemic" Autumn said airily.

I didn't bother answering back. I just got up and left the spot where I saw My disease ridden Flesh and blood.
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