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Heart Songs Move All

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Gerard makes up for what He's done.

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After that day everything went slightly back to how it was before Autumn ever came to town.

Frankie was as perverted as usual, Mikey still trying to work out the inner guts of electrical devices, Ray and Bob...were...well....just Ray and Bob.

But there was always Gerard.

And Autumn.

Sitting under the tree with the guys at lunch time was usual for all of Us.

"So after lunch what do We have?" Ray asked.

"Kinky but sex in a gym locker with Frankie?" I said laughing.

Ray just blinked and threw His peanut butter sandwich at Me.

"Dude Frankie is rubbing off on You" Bob stated.

"Maybe He is getting a little sugar on the side from Winter" came Autumn's voice.

"Ah Autumn, I didn't see Your usual trail of slime, gotten Your disgusting flea ridden blob of ooze you call a body clamped? wait no, Your legs are still wide open" I spat.

The things relatives make you do.

"Well at least I know what it's like to have My legs opened, unlike a prude who I know very well"

"Yeah, it's called looking in the mirror without makeup on cos it used to be You" I replied.

It was true- before Her first non serious boyfriend came by She was little miss "save it till she was married" like me.

"Yeah, and then I thought, who wants to be a loser like You" She said and marched off.

Please that wasn't even a good comeback....the first few seconds I had heard it.

"What the hell does She know!?!?!" Ray practically yelled.

"She knows how to get under My skin" I said and looked down at the shiny red apple in My hand.

"Your so much better than Her" Gerard said before He stood up.

"I'm going to music class early" Gerard said and walked off.

"We should probably go too" Ray added, nodding to bob and Frankie, who also got up and walked off.



"What's going on?" I asked.

"It's a surprise, just wait till You see. Come on, let's go get our books"

After I had gotten My books and caught up with Mikey We headed to the music room.

"Everything looks normal" I said looking around, Autumn on Josh's lap, and everyone else where they usually sit except-

"Uh the guys are missing" I said.

"No they're not- look who they're talking to" mikey whispered pointing to the front of the class.

They were talking to the teacher- no big deal.

I shrugged and sat down with Mikey, and soon after that the guys came over and sat down too.

"Now as a special treat today We are going to have an ultimate battle involving Gerard, Ray, Bob, Frankie, Mikey, Winter, Autumn and Josh. Now for Winter and Autumn's sake, an ultimate battle is when one person expresses their feelings to one of the people that are challenged. for example, If I hated Bob, of course I don't, but if I did I would choose a song that expresses My hatred. Of course Bob can sing back if He doesn't or does like what He is told, and if He does then He sits back down. If He doesn't however, He can sing something back, effectivley challenging what has been sung to him, and it goes from there- first person to back down wins. Winter, You will be that one person to express Your feelings. That's it step up step up, now Autumn You will be first to hear what Winter has to say about You" The teacher said.

"This should be interesting" Frankie muttered to Mikey as Mikey furiously nodded.

I sung Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars which was true enough, I won't suffer anyone like Autumn hurting Me again.

She hissed and sat down.

"Ok Josh next"

I sang don't cha by the pussycat dolls and when I was finished I looked over at Autumn who was enraged.

Josh blinked and sat down next to Her.

"My my, obviously he does" I said loud enough so Autumn could here and looked at Bob.

I smirked and sung the tune to happy tree friends.

Bob laughed and sat down.

Ray was next, and I sang chim chiminey from mary poppins- full britsh accent as well.

By the end of it Ray and I were dancing just like the chimney sweeps in the movie.

It was so much fun, and then Mikey stepped up.

I sung science is golden by the Grates.

Mikey bowed and sat back down.

And then Gerard was standing in front of Me.

I couldn't think which was strange enough, and My mouth would only move like I was going to speak but couldn't get the words out.

"Sir can I be the centre for a moment?" Gerard asked.

"Very well" The teacher said, intrigued just like Me.

Gerard sang Chasing Cars by Snow patrol.

"If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with Me and just forget the world?"

He was begging Me to still be with Him.

I was smiling- or I think I was I wasn't paying attention and then it hit Me- the very song that showed how I feel.

I sang M2M's Everything you Do.

" From the moment you looked at me
And ever since you called my name
You've been everything that I've seen
And know I'm caught up in this game

My mind is spinning round and around
There's something special I have found
Every time I close my eyes
All I can think of is you and me
Oh baby can't you see

That everything you do
Everything that you do
Makes me wanna go ooo
Everything you say
Everything that you say
Makes me wanna go ooo"

I finished and smiled at Gerard who was smiling back.

"God this makes Me sick" Autumn said while grabbing Josh and walking out the door since conveniently enough the bell had run for hometime.

"Do You want to get a pizza with Me?" Gerard asked.

I nodded and walked out of the school hand in hand with Him.
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