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School of Song

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Winter finds out that the ultimate battle was only the beginning.

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"So what did You think of the first surprise?" Gerard asked as We sat in Little Caesars on one of the only days that Josh wasn't working.

"I'll give You points for originality since no one in their right mind would serenade Me in front of a music class complete with evil twin sister and music teacher- wait did You say first surprise?" I asked.

Gerard nodded.

"And I'm not going to know until the surprise is right in front of My eyes am I" I stated without even needing the nod that Gerard gave Me.

"Which reminds Me, I need to put this blindfold on You" Gerard said while holding up a blindfold.

"You have GOT to be kidding Me....fine gimme the damn blindfold" I said, sitting perfectly still so Gerard could walk behind Me and slip it on.

"Is that ok?"

"Aside from the fact that I feel like a complete idiot in a blindfold It's just dandy"

I kept track of how many twists and turns We were taking and then realised something- We were headed for My house.

He put a bloody blindfold on Me to take Me to My house!?!?!?

"We are here, come on I'll help you up the stairs" Gerard whispered as He picked Me up bridal style and walked Me up to My room.

Gerard removed the blindfold and I saw My room- although it didn't look like My room.

All the furniture was still there but everything was covered head to toe in either Jack Skellington or Foamy which quite surprisingly made a great contrast.

"Wow this is amazing! how the hell-"

"Autumn told Mikey that You liked Foamy but didn't have any stuff We could get over here and You already like Nightmare Before Christmas so the guys and I decided what We should do for Your room. We argued over which ONE would be best, but then We just decided to do both"

"This is so cool! thanks so much" I said still looking around in amazement.

"Come on, this is only the second surprise" Gerard replied, wrapping the blindfold around My eyes again and taking Me out of My house and down the street.

We walked to some place I wasn't that familiar with so I had no idea what was going on, and then before I knew it the blindfold came off and in the park was a table and candles.

"Ah Gerard, I already ate" I said getting more confused by the second.

"It's not for eating, it's for plotting" Gerard replied, taking My hand and walking Me to where the table was.

"Plotting what?" I asked.

"Revenge" I heard a familiar voice say.

"Frankie Your really not scaring Me" I smirked.


"So who else is here"

"All of Us" Bob replied as Mikey Frankie and Ray stepped out of the shadows.

"So revenge against who?" I asked.

"Whoever We want it to be against- We have a few great ideas but We need Your help" Frankie stated.

"I'm listening" I smirked evilly.

"Autumn, I made You dinner" I yelled as She walked past My bedroom.

"Oh, thanks I'm starving" She said and walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen.

A few minutes later I heard a large clunk and ran downstairs to see what happened.

It looked like Autumn had eaten some of the food I had given Her and it had knocked Her out- just like Ray said it would.

Smirking I picked up Her body and dragged Her to Her newly decorated room- complete with outside locks on the door and windos so She couldn't escape.

The locks were tested on Me at full strength and I couldn't make them budge, so even if Autumn did wake up She wouldn't be able to knock the door down, She'd still be drowsy.

I took the oppurtunity of swiping a few items of clothing from Autumn's room and then checked that everything was secure.

"Nighty night Autumn" I whispered as I locked the door behind Me.

I walked into school the next morning wearing an extremely tight fitting light blue tanktop and pink frilly skirt.

"I feel like a barbie doll" I whispered out of the corner of My mouth to the guys who were standing at the entrance just laughing at Me.

Just as I had walked into the main hall a screaming flurry of red hair came rushing towards Me and enveloped Me in a hug.

I hugged back thinking 'She doesn't know I'm not Autumn, just breathe and it will soon be over'.

"Oh My god Autumn how are You it feels like ages since I've seen You is that a new outfit it looks fab on You what eyeliner are You wearing god I am so jealous"

"Hey hun whats new?" I said with a hell of alot of uneasiness.

"Autumn are You feeling ok?"

"Oh yeah, it's just My bitch of a Sister-"

"Oh My god I so know what You're talking about, it would make anyone feel a bit dizzy having to be in the same room as that skunk wannabe"

"Oh yeah totllay" I replied, making a new years resolution to kick this girl's ass.

"It is so bad that You are in all Her classes without one of Us except Josh in music, I gotta go catcha later girl"

"Seeya stylin sista" I replied, staying focused on the revenge at hand.
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