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Singing Mostly Lies

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Winter gets Her revenge.

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I had to wait until Lunch time to put My carefully planned revenge into action.

I sat with the red headed screamer at lunch time and spilled a few well chosen beans.

"Hey You know Josh- I keep forgetting but did You go out with Him?" I asked.

"No but I hear He's really well equipped and stuff, man if I knew He wanted Me I would jump Him"

"Oh trust Me, He would jump anything that doesn't know His couple of problems" I hinted.

"Oh? like what?" Red head said moving slightly closer to Me.

"I shouldn't say anything, You might tell someone"

"Oh come on Autumn who would I tell?"

Roughly the whole school is what I thought.

"Ok, Well last night We were so going to go all the way, but when He took of His boxers MY GOD" I said and whispered in Her ear "His dick is the size of My pinky" I said, holding up My pinky for effect.

Redheads eyes widened as She exclaimed a "No!".

"Yeah, that and I don't know- the way He dresses and acts around me, He totally reminds Me of this guy back home who was 100% gay. I sometimes feel like He's just going out with Me because it says to other people that He isn't gay"

"Oh My god that is HUGE" Redhead replied.

I nodded.

"I'm gonna dump Him, right now" I said as I spotted Him walknig over to where I was sitting.

"Hey babe-"

"Don't Hey babe Me Josh, I know You have been sleeping with a guy on the water polo team and I'm through with being Your show girlfriend so You can distract people from Your Gayness. Your dumped" I said and walked off.

I loved every minute of that- even if I did look like a girl straight out of playboy magazine.

I walked out of the lunch hall and directly to My locker, where Gerard was already waiting.

"How did it go?"

"It was so much fun! except for the clothes, I feel so contricted" I said trying to breathe.

"I don't know, I think tight clothes look really good on You" Gerard replied looking Me up and down.

I batted My eyelashes and pouted, wrapping My arm around Gerard's neck and pulling Him close to Me.

"Really?" I asked seductivley in His ear.

He shivered and nodded.

"That's so sweet" I said kissing Him on the cheek.

Gerard grinned and pushed Me up against a locker, licking My lips with His tongue.

I smirked and opened My mouth, passionatley kissing Him back and pulling Him closer and closer to My body.

It felt like electricity was rushing around my insides and I got even mor eexcited when I realised that lunch was over and students were walking in to see 'Autumn' kissing Gerard.

After a ffew seconds more of kissing Gerard and I broke apart, and then ran out of the school and down the street to the park where Our backpacks were stashed courtesy of Frankie.

Our backpacks had a note that read 'I hope You Guys don't have kinky bush sex here, Love Frankie'.

"So what are We going to do?"

"Icecream store?" Gerard replied.

"Brilliant. After a hard couple of days of scheming plotting and exacting revenge, top it all off with sugary goodness" I said, linked arms with Gerard and skipped to the Icecream store.
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