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Face The Music

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Autumn's next day of hell and Her realisation.

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I got home late and walked up to My room, but before I did I walked to Autumn's door, unlocked it and opened the door.

She was still asleep so I went back to My room and waited for tomorrow.

Autumn's day at school could be pretty much summed up in the first 5 minutes when She walked through the main entrance.

I felt like it was in slow mo too- that She was walking down the hall smiling at people that glared and gave Her greasies.

I must say, it took Her all of 10 minutes for Her to figure out I had sabotaged Her the day before.

But it didn't matter- She would get Her chance to get payback- because next class was Music.

"Ok now I've heard You perform and seen Your acting skills on camera, but let's see if You can vocalise Your emotions without song. Autumn, Winter, if You would please step up and unleash Your emotions to each other"

"Sir I don't think that's a good idea" Mikey said raising His hand.

"Nonsense, this is a music class, what could happen?"

"Alot of kinky shit" Frankie whispered as I got up and walked to the space cleared- the way everyone else was situated around the space it seemed like a boxing ring.

"Ok now visualise what You want to say"

I glared at Autumn, and She glared back.

I also noticed from the corner of My eye that Frankie, Bob, Ray, Gerard and Mikey had got up off their chairs and made them into a barricade, looking over the top of the chairs like They were looking over a trench in a war zone.

"And action"

"Your such a fucking nightmare" Autumn started.

"And Your what a lovely dream of rainbows and fucking lollipops? You make Me sick"

"I can't believe Your related to Me"

"Oh thats fucking original Autumn, what happened You left Your venomous fangs at home today?"

"Yeah, but I still have My venoumous FIST" She screamed slamming Her fist into My face.

I stumbled back a little but got My balance back.

"Is that all You got? You must be getting rusty. Let Me refresh your MEMORY" I screamed and tackled Her to the floor.

While I was trying to stop Autumn from breaking My nose I could here a student say "Shouldn't We stop Them?" and Frankie reply "Are You that willing to lose a limb?"

I was going to town on Her face- punching and slapping, and She was pulling My hair and trying to get Me off Her.

She finally winded Me by punching Me in the gut unexpectedly and I rolled off Her and curled up trying to breathe.

She wouldn't let Me- She just pounced and started kicking My back until I uncurled and grabbed Her leg and pulled hard so She fell to the floor on Her back.

I got up quickly, breathing a little raggedly but Hey at least I was breathing, and Autumn got up too and glared at Me.

We glared at each other for a second until SHe unleashed a roundhouse kick, but I was ready for it, grabbed Her lag and smashed My elbow into Her knee bone, hearing a sickening crack.

Autumn screamed in agony and struggled to get out of my grip, but I locked Her head under my shoulder and growled "Surrender".

"No" She spat and shoved her sharp nail into my side.

I cried out in shock and let go of Her in surprise.

She lunged at Me and barralled Me into a wall and punched at my stonach for a few seconds till I slumped on the ground.

Satisfied She turned Her back to Me, but I surprised Her by getting up and barralling Her into the wall She was facing, effectivley ripping the poster that was infront of Her that said "Violence Solves nothing".

She turned around and then We just slashed and bit and punched each other where ever We could until finally someone dragged Me off Her.

No one said anything as Autumn and I sat back down, bleeding bruised and breathing heavily.

"Ok well that wasn't quite what I was after. Autumn, Winter, go home and fix Yourselves up"

Autumn and I walked out of the classroom.

"That was some fight" I said as We reached home.

"Yeah, I think it was Our longest"

"Autumn I'm sorry. I just couldn't deal with my own sister becoming one of those bags of wannabe silicon"

"It's ok. I deserved it. Winter?"


"I'm gonna move back to Australia and live with Aunt Meera"

Aunt Meera was Our other cool Aunt who gave Me permission to go to America. She was fun loving, but was a spinster with a hell of alot of cats by age 19. She is 29 now and still with alot of cats.


"I don't belong in America. I'm a true blue Aussie chick through and through. You however, fit right in here. And Gerard loves You alot so which are excellent reasons to stay. I'm going to go pack and I'll be gone in an hour ok?"


"Always. The last of the Harpies band" Autumn said smirking.

We hugged, and then before I knew it She was cleaned up and heading for the airport on a bus.

I didn't cry- I knew She'd be ok, and that We'd keep in contact. Besides- who cries if family goes away?

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