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The Music Sounds Better On My Own

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Winter makes a crucial descision when another new girl arrives in town.

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The next couple of days were mediocre- unless You count the day Josh had an unfortunate problem with His car which was probably due to the count that it was covered in silly string- seats and sterring wheel included.

I was sitting in English with Mikey debating how many relatives of 'thing' We could come up with (Our personal favourites were 'the thing from the black lagoon' 'thing lizzy' and the entire collection of things cousin 'thong') When a new student walked into the room.

She looked pretty damn cool, from Her Sex Pistols tanktop down to Her ripped beyond all hope of repair black jeans.

"Class Our new student's name is-"

"Censored and so will not be broadcast today, sorry kiddies" This new girl replied.

Mikey and I laughed while the rest of the class looked at Her in contempt.

It was safe to say that when She sat down next to Us She was going to fit in perfectly- just not with everyone else.

"I'm Winter and this is Mikey"

"I'm Agatha- but please call Me Aggie. My Mum was an Agatha Christie fan"

"Well they are pretty good books" I said defending someone I didn't know slightly.

"True. I only like the books without real dectictives in it though- it's much more fun to see people work out murders when they have no experience" Aggie added.

"Always more interesting. So what classes do You have?"

We all got Our shedules out and saw We had every class together-including music.

"So what's Your expertise?" Mikey asked.

"I'm mainly a surly teenager that has the odd occasion of blowing up science experiments, deliberatley or accidently is still being decided by the court. I am however good at electric guitar"

"Cool. Wanna have lunch with Us?" I asked.

"Why not" Aggie replied, and as the bell rang We headed out to Our lockers to find that the locker next to Me was actually empty, so Aggie took it.

We grabbed Our lunches and walked outside to sit under the infamous tree, talking about Foamy and Alanis Morisette when I caught sight of Gerard Frankie and Bob sitting under the tree.

"Where's Ray?" I asked as I sat down next to Gerard, Aggie sitting inbetween Me and Frankie.

"Sick. He didn't come to school today so We were gonna go see Him this arvo" Gerard said kissing My cheek and making Me smile.

"Who is this enchanting creature?" Frankie said towards Aggie.

"This is the amazing Aggie, She plays guitar and is going to do music with Us. Aggie this is My boyfriend Gerard-"

"Awww sugar" Gerard said cuddling Me.


Bob inclined His head to Aggie.


"Frankie. Delighted to meet you" Franke said, taking Her hand in his and kissing it softly.

Aggie blushed while the rest of Us just stared openly at Frankie.

"It's nice to meet you too Frankie" Aggie replied, taking Her hand back and eating her lunch.

After the initial shock of Frankie being unFrankie like things went great, and We decided that after study hall Aggie would come with Us to Ray's house.

Study hall was fun, Aggie and the teacher had a full blown fight over the immorals of homework.

Unfortunatley the bell rang before the argument could finish, but We all knew Aggie was going to win.

Walking to Ray's house was weird considering Frankie was talking to Aggie and the rest of Us were stuck hearing Him talk about things in a nonsexual way which for him is probably a good thing, but when You hear sexual conotations all day everyday and then don't hear them at all, You start thinking of them Yourself.

I couldn't stand it anymore and hopped on Gerard's back.

Luckily Gerard balanced and wrapped His arms around My legs.

"Hello" He smirked.

"Hello, piggy back ride?" I asked.

"Ok" Gerard replied, suddenly breaking into a run.

And then it happened, something We NEVER forgot.

"Watch out Gerard She might but rape you from behind with a pencil in Her backpack"

Gerard, in shock accidently dropped Me and I feel flat on My but on the gravel.

I was in shock too consdering it wasn't Frankie that said those words- it was Aggie.

"Aggie!?!?!" I said turning around, still on My but.

"What? that piggy back ride looked a little too much like a couple of hound dogs going at it" She replied.

"No way! Gerard said He only did but sex with Me" Frankie pouted.

Everyone laughed, including Aggie.

We got to Ray's door.

"There's no doorbell?" Aggie asked.

"Frankie is the doorbell- take it away Frankie"


Aggie was smirking at Frankie while everyone was in silent fits of giggles.

It didn't help that Ray opened the door looking slightly hurt and replied "You know I only have sex with you Frankie".

We were on the floor laughing and I'm surprised We actually had the guts to walk into the house- I thought Ray was going to have to get a spatula and peel Us off His doorstep.

With Aggie's new power Our conversation went something like this.

"I have a cold and it sucks" Ray said through a tissue.

"If You've got a cold then wouldn't it blow?" I inquired.

"No considering Ray doesn't blow, He sucks" Frankie said smirking.

"Sucks You off you mean" Aggie added.

Barrels of laughter as Ray threw a tissue at Frankie and missed.

After an hour of Aggie and Frankie having a sexual conotation contest to see who could be grosser (a tie, although the rest of Us felt a bit qweezy after it was over) We decided to leave Ray to His illness and go to My house.

"Who is sleeping over?" I asked.

Everyone raised their hands except Me.

"Ok Gerard Your in My room again, Aggie You can choose to sleep in My sister's old room but be warned it's pink or You can room with one of the guys" I said and opened the door to My house considering I didn't live that far away from Ray.

"You can room with Me if You'd like" Frankie said to Aggie.

"Ok" She replied blushing.

"Frankie I swear to Foamy if I hear Her scream or can hear You humping Her leg I will kick Your ass from here to Neptune" I growled.

"Ok, and if Your going to hump Gerard be gentle, He cries during sex" Frankie said quickly as Gerard kicked out at Frankie and missed.

"Ok children time for bed" I said sweetly and went upstairs to change.

When I came out of My bathroom I sat down on My bed and thought for a few moments.

It wasn't long till Gerard trekked up the stairs, stripped down to his boxers and sat down next to Me, wrapping an arm around My shoulders and kissing My cheek softly.

"Penny for Your thoughts?" He whispered into My ear.

"I'm just thinking. I want to start a band with Aggie" I whispered back, resting My head on His shoulder.

"Oh? that sounds like fun"

"Yeah. that and I think Frankie and Aggie are made for each other" I added.

"Just like We are" Gerard whispered.

I smiled and kissed Gerard on His soft lips.
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