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A Special Note

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A dash of something different.

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Special Note- Hey guys, this is a note of apology. Latley I've been getting some awful things said to Me by My best friends boyfriend. He's saying stuff about like He's sleeping with my real mother who I don't live with and saying that He will shoot Me in the head and then eat My babies. I don't have babies but that doesn't make it anymore hurtful. The reason i am saying this is because it's hurting Me alot and if My story goes downhill from here and sounds really bad it's because I'm not feeling ok. this is a short one but the next one will be longer. on with the story.

I woke up the next morning in Gerard's arms and smiled.

Then I heard a familiar rocking sound coming from across the hall and growled.

It's surprising how a growl can wake someone up- that someone being Gerard.

He opened His beautiful eyes in confusion and I pressed a finger to His lips.

It was then that He too heard the rocking sound and quickly hopped out of bed, dressed and waited for me to do the same.

As I dressed the rocking got louder, and by the time Gerard and I creeped out into the hallway Bob and Mikey were already up and closing in on the door to Frankie and Aggie's room.

I held three of My fingers up, counted to three with them, and then kicked the door open to reveal something I thought I'd never see.

Frankie and Aggie were jumping up and down on the bed like a couple of giddy school girls that just won a date with tad hamilton (Yes I am familiar with that movie scary I know).

The rest of Us just stared.

"So this is the new Frankie?" I said slightly scared.

"Are You talking about Frankie or Aggie? cos right now I can't tell them apart" Bob replied, equally shocked.

"Meh, I'm hungry" I said and walked down stairs.
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