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Notes Of The Mind

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Aggie and Winter talk.

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When I got downstairs I stood in shock in the doorway.

All the food in the house was EVERYWHERE in the kitchen.

Pissed off I ran up the stairs and yelled "WHO THE FUCK DID A NUMBER ON MY KITCHEN!?!?!".

Gerard stood still, still deciding wether it was better to stay where He was or to try and comfort Me, Mikey jumped slightly, Bob and Ray just stood there with blank faces and Aggie and Frankie popped their heads around the corner...with faces of deep sincerity.

"Sorry Winter, We got hungry and went downstairs"

"Please tell Me You left some food" I said as My stomach grumbled loudly.


"Where's My wallet" I said frantically.

Gerard rushed into My bedroom and grabbed it, bringing it back and handing it to Me.

"I gotta go get food- now- You guys stay here" I said rushing down the stairs.

"I'm coming with you" Gerard said as he met Me at the door.

"Fine let's just go" I said, flinging the door open and rushing down the road.

It wasn't until We got to the supermarket that Gerard got hyper sensitive to how I was acting.

"Winter what's going on?" He asked.

"I don't have time to answer that ok, I just need to get food" I said, grabbing a few items off the shelf and rushing back to the cash register near the door.

The check out guy was being really slow- or at least I thought He was.

"9.87" He drawled and I gave Him a ten dollar note, but the slow way he was taking out the change infuriated Me more and I just yelled "Keep the change!" and walked out of the store with the food.

"Winter STOP!" Gerard yelled, grabbing My arm and making Me face Him.

"What's going on?" He asked, concern written all over His face.

"Gerard please I just need to eat" I said, cursing Myself for getting food that needed to be heated up before it was edible.

"Please just talk to Me" Gerard pleaded.

I went to say something but the words stuck in My throat, I looked at Gerard but He was going blurry until all I saw was black and felt someone hug Me to them.

I woke up in hospital with a doctor looking over Me.

"Where am I" I asked.

"Your in hospital. I turst you know why?"

"I hadn't eaten anything for a while and it makes Me extremely weak" I said in a monotone.

"Your friend's are waiting outside to take You home. You can get up now"

I sat up and realised I wasn't wearing one of those hospital manadtory perverted sheets of nothing. That was a plus.

I walked outside the door to see everyone sitting down looking worried.

"Hey guys- who died?" I asked.

They didn't answer- instead They rushed at Me and hugged Me till there was no tommorow.

"...Guys I need to breathe" I said and immediatly They all let go.

"What happened? All We know is that Gerard called Us panicking and screaming for Us to hurry to the hosptial" Aggie said.

"I have this thing where if I don't eat regularly I tend to faint" I stated matter of factly.

"We are so sorry We cleaned the kitchen and everything when You left" Aggie said, Frankie nodding furiously.

"You missed seeing Bob slip on an egg, and well You can guess what Frankie said" Mikey said, trying not to laugh at Bob's slightly pissed off face.

"Uhuh. Well let's get out of here- don't We have school today?" I asked.

"Ah but that's the beauty about You being in hospital, We got to come and escort You back to school, meaning We got the first couple of classes off" Ray informed Me.

I smirked.

As the other's walked away I saw Gerard tag behind a little.

I tagged back too and smiled at Him but He looked down at His feet.

"You scared Me" Gerard whispered.

I walked up to Him and lifted His chin so He was looking at Me.

"I scare everyone- I even scare Myself. I should have told You but I was too busy trying to prevent Myself from fainting. I hate fainting" I said softly.

"I understand"

"Tell you what- the next time something life threatening pops up You will be the first to know" I said.

"Deal" Gerard said, taking My hand and walking out of the hospital with Me.

When We reached the school there was a sign.

"Oh no" I said as I saw it up close.

"I second that" Aggie said as She saw the sign too.

"What? It's only a prom oh I see Your point" Ray said as He caught the look of pure hatred on Aggie's face as well as Mine at the word 'prom'.

Prom. a disgusting excuse for girls to spend thousands on a dress they won't ever wear again and for guys to dress up and think that just because they give a girl a corsage and a few slow dances they will get into her pants at the end of the night- wether she is drunk or not.

"How are We going to survive this?" I said aloud.

Aggie shook Her head, She didn't know either.
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