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Tangled Lyrics

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The prom...the oh so dreaded word in Australia AND America.

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We all sat under the tree, slumped over and wishing We hadn't come to school.

..Well Aggie and I were wishing We didn't come to school and learned about the prom, Frankie was mocking Us while the other guys just watched Him, occasionally laughing.

"Frankie sit down before I smack your ass down and not in a kinky way" I growled and Frankie immiediatley sat down.

"Will You go to the prom with Me Aggie?" Frankie asked.

Aggie sighed and nodded- and then Frankie was off again prancing about merilly- yes prancing.

"Dude what did You ea- don't answer that I don't want to know" Aggie said.

"Gerard would You like to go to the prom with Me?" I asked smirking.

"I thought You were going with Me" Ray said towards Gerard, pouting.

"I'm going with My lady, She unlike You will kick My ass if I say no" Gerard said wrapping an arm around My shoulder.

"Damn straight" I giggled.

The problem with the prom was that it was only 5 days away.

The reason the prom comittee did this is because the comitee is all girls.

if that doesn't sound like a reason to You then I will make it blatantly obvious- all the girls on the commitee knew what day the prom was on weeks before anyone else which meant they had enough time to buy dresses shoes the whole shebang without too much trouble- the rest of the form now only had 5 days to organise themselves which meant mass hysteria at dress shops and pandemonium for limos.

"Aggie and I will go dress shopping while You lot go and get what your wearing"

"Frankie You can't go in Your birthday suit ok?" Aggie whispered.

It took a lot of strength not to scream at the thought of Frankie in His birthday suit at a prom.

Aggie and I went back to my place and went upstairs to my room.

"Cool room, but where's Pill-ze"

"The guys designed My room so ask them" I said, opening My laptop and typing in the site for the gothic fairy dress shop.

"Isn't this cheating?" Aggie asked.

"Not realy- We are still going to a shop and this way the guys won't snoop to see what We are wearing because it won't be here"

"How is it going to get to Us if it's in england?"

"My uncle blake lives in england- and He loves fed exing stuff- it will be here tomorow. The dresses will stay here same as You when they arrive so the guys wont see them" I said grining evilly at My fiendish plot...well ok it wasn't evil but hey, I can dream.
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