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Lyrical Genius to Weave love

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the day of the dreaded prom.

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Aggie and I crept into the gymnasium- the prom head quarters.

I grabbed Aggie's hand and dashed up to the sound system.

"This is going to be the best prom ever!...wait did I say that?"

"Yes Aggie you did" I said as I took a cassette out of my pocket and lodged it into the sound system.

"And off We go" Aggie said as We giggled and crept back out of the gymnasium.

Aggie was getting dressed at My house so We didn't say goodbye to the guys, We just rushed back to My house and got ready.

I was wearing a dark purple torn dress with a black fishnet spider web design shawl wrapped around My shoulders while Aggie was wearing a black corset and light blue tutu type skirt.

Just as I was finishing My black eyeliner the doorbell rang. Well not it didn't, instead I heard a "WINTER YOU BETTER NOT BE HAVING LESBIAN SEX WITH MY GIRL WITHOUT ME".

"Frankie" I growled.

"Let's go" Aggie said as She rushed to the top of the stairs and walked down elegantly to the oos and ahs of Frankie.

"Come on Winter We already know Your wearing a dress" Bob said.

"What if I'm going nude?" I asked from where I was.

"Then Gerard is the luckiest Guy on the planet...especially during slow dances" Frankie stated suggestivly.

Next thing I knew I heard a 'thump' and an 'ow'.

And then I walked won the stairs, looking at Gerard and blushing.

He was grinning like there was no tommorow.

"Darn I'd thought She'd be nude" Ray muttered.
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