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Moshing To Life

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The moment of truth for the prom committee to accept- not everything goes to plan. The same goes for Winter.

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"How do I look?" I asked as I reached the bottom of the stairs without tripping.

"Enchantingly beautiful" Gerard stated, taking My hand and kissing it.

"So are You" I said smiling. Gerard was wearing a black suit, black shirt and red tie.

"Where are Your dates?" I asked Ray and Bob.

"We are going together" Ray said smirking.

"Well then now that We have all paired up let's go!" Frankie exclaimed, linking arms with Aggie and walking out.

Bob and Ray did the same and walked out the door.

"Ready for the prom?" I asked.

"As long as the surprise You and Aggie have placed is going to work" Gerard said smirking.

"Have a little faith in Your girl" I said, linking arms and walking out the door with a MOP- just kidding, it was Gerard not a mop.

Considering the fact that everyone else bought a limo when the prom was only a few blocks away from everyones houses seemed a little bit stupid- so We walked.

When We got there it was pandemonium, and Aggie and I revelled in the chaos of the masses. Ok so We felt high and mighty and why shouldn't We- We ruined the prom for the majority of people there all thanks to a little thing called rock music.

Aggie and I spent all night recording over an old tape I had brought Me from Australia. I stumbled across it in My luggage when I unpacked everything and thought it was a blank tape, so We used it to Our advantage and put songs from Our Lady peace, A Perfect Circle, HIM and a surprise for Gerard and the others.

"I feel like punch" I said grinning evilly.

The guys looked at Me like I was a bomb about to go off.

"Not A punch, just a drink" I said.

"Allow Me Madame" Gerard said pompusly, bowing low and walking off.

Frankie whispered something in Aggie's ear and walked off with Ray and Bob.

"Hang on a sec- where's Mikey?" I asked Aggie.

Aggie pointed to the middle of the dance floor and I saw Mikey with a girl.

"She invited Him over to Her house to get ready. She's in the grade below Us and She's liked him for ages. I met Her in the lunch line and introduced Her to mikey and now there a big hit" Aggie finished smiling.

I was smiling too- it was nice that Mikey had someone to dance with.

"Uh Winter I think you better stop a fight that's about to go down" Aggie asked.


"Because it involves Gerard and Josh" She said nodding towards the punch bowl.

I looked over to see Josh and Gerard glaring at each other, Josh spitting words and Gerard just about to lose control.

"Shit" I muttered rushing over as fast as I could in a dress.

"Take that back You bastard" Gerard spat as I ran over and stood next to Gerard.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, taking Gerard's clenched fist and placing My hand inside.

"Yes there is Winter, Your with this freak when You should be with Me"

"Gerard isn't a freak" I said glaring.

"You know I'd show You a good time"

"The back seat of a car isn't My idea of a good time. Being with Gerard is" I stated, rubbing Gerard's arm up and down so His fist would unclench. eventually it did.

"Come on Gerard, I want to dance" I said, pulling Him away from josh and onto the dance floor.

Gerard wrapped His arms aaround My waist and pulled Me close while I wrapped My arms round His neck.

"Did You really mean what You said back there? about being with Me?" Gerard asked.

"Of course! I love spending time with You. You make Me so happy. I don't want to be with anyone but You" I said as Gerard smiled down at me, pulling Me closer and kissing My lips softly.

When our lips parted a different song came on, and for the first time that evening I wished I was at home.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked.

"It's just Autumn's favourite song that She shared with Me" I said softly as Butterfly by The Ataris came on. The tape must have had some of Our favourite songs on it.

"I miss Her" I whispered, looking down as a tear fell from My eye.

Gerard gently touched My face and I looked up into His eyes.

"Everything is going to be ok Winter. She'll come back, You'll see"

I smiled and cuddled closer to Gerard, happy that I that scary risk when I came to America.

All too soon the night was over- Mikey had found a girl who was just as interested in electrical items as He was, Frankie was ecstatic to find a girl that had a dirty mind like Him, Ray and Bob were happy being Ray and Bob, and Gerard and I were content in knowing We were together and however We felt was mutual.

Aggie was sleeping over at My house while the guys slept over at Gerard's so Aggie and I got Our goodnight kisses and then went inside to My house.

"Frankie is so smexy" Aggie said dreamily.


"Yeah- a sexy mess"

"Ah. Gerard is such a spunk"


"Yeah. a sexy rebel" I said smiling.

"Ok then, nighty night"

"Night Aggie"
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