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14. You Make A Promise, Stand Right By Your Words

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in which the fall out from Molly's decision hits everyone involved. and hits them hard.

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The next day Molly walked into the school building and as she approached her locker her heart sunk into her shoes. Leaning against his locker with his arms crossed and examining his airwalks very closely was Matt. Judging by his stance Molly assumed that Patrick had gotten to him first. 'well there goes my side of things' Molly thought to herself as she opened her lock. Glancing at Matt out of the corner of her eye she was surprised that he hadn't moved a muscle. As she gathered her books she kept waiting for him to say something. Finally, not able to take the silence any longer Molly turned and opened her mouth to say hello and as she did Matt pushed off the locker and turned, walking off in the direction of their class, leaving Molly standing there staring at his back.
Not a minute later a voice behind her proclaimed, "Thanks" and Molly turned to see Elyse standing there a look of anger on her face but looking into her eyes all that was there was hurt.
"I really thought you were different. I guess I was wrong. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time here, 'cause I doubt anyone else would have wanted to be friends with you." Elyse finished before stalking off across the hall to where she had her first period class.
Molly's reponse was to slam her locker closed and hurry off to Daniel's english class. When she walked in she was surprised to see Matt sitting in the front row of the class. Her friend was either intently reading a book or was pointedly ignoring her, either one was a plausible option knowing the boy. Molly walked to her usual seat and got comfortable for a long hour of staring out the window.
The rest of the day went like that, anytime Molly saw Elyse or Matt she was ignored as though she was just another one of the sheep in their highschool. Her and her friends had never made fun of the other kids, and had never been made fun of. They were just there. There to be tolerated and ignored. It was worse then being made fun of it. At least when someone makes fun of you it means they have feelings either way. This apathy could drive someone insane. Molly spent lunch and her free period in the courtyard and library respectivily. There was no way she was going to even think about approaching the radio station.
Finally chemistry class rolled around. The only blessing at all about this class was that lab partners had been picked before Molly arrived at the school so she was paired up with a student who had previously been in a group of three. That student wasn't Patrick. At least during this period they had never had much interaction so nothing was really different about the class itself. What was different was when Molly walked in and instead of hearing "Molly Bell!" she heard absolutly nothing except the usual chatter of students catching up on their days or doing last minute assignments. Glancing around she saw Patrick looking over some sheet music for his theory class that she knew he had next. An assignment that Molly also knew he had finished two weeks ago and had no reason to go over it again. Except so that he would have something to do other then stare at the wall so that he didn't seem like he was truly ignoring her. Sighing to herself Molly decided to suck it up and go over and speak with her friend.
Walking across the classroom towards Patrick's lab table felt like the longest walk she had ever taken. Whether it was nerves or the fact that about halfway over he looked up, locked eyes with her and didn't look away Molly didn't know.
"Hi." She began the conversation and waited for a response. Finally after a minute of standing there getting progressivly more nervous Patrick cleared his throat and in a bored tone asked,
"Umm...I was...uh..wondering..."
"yes? I'm clearly busy and really don't have time for whatever petty drama you need figured out right now." Molly mentally reeled back as though she had just been slapped. She had never heard Patrick use that indifferent tone of voice with anyone, esspecially not with her.
"nevermind." She said softly before turning and starting to head towards her own table on the other side of the room.
"grow up." His last words caused her to pause a few feet from the table before continuing her walk. She spent the rest of the period staring at her desk and trying not to break down in tears.

The rest of April went something like that. Matt and Elyse both ignored her, which hurt, but not as much as the first few weeks when Patrick would take random shots at her. Random names and insults were hurled at her under his breath. It was so out of character for the normally sweet tempered young man that Molly didn't know how to respond. Finally around the second week of May right before final exams he too just stuck to pretending she didn't exist.
Molly was surprised to find herself missing Joe, Andy, and even Pete as well during those weeks. She hadn't spent much time with them. Just a few times randomlly hanging out at the diner or going to a movie and the one practice she had heard, but during those times they had become good friends. She could joke around with Joe, have actual conversations with Andy and Pete had sharped her verbal sparring skills to a deadly accuracy.
At home she hadn't spoken to her parents unless it was absolutly necessary for weeks. She kept up with the housework and made sure Jamie and Sean did everything they needed to do for school. She played nurse maid to her mother, as her mother had decided to play up her own personal drama and was refusing to get out of bed except to bathe and put on clean pajamas. Her father worked from eight in the morning until sometimes ten at night.
"All I need is the two evil step sisters and I'm set." Molly said to herself one day in May as she mopped the kitchen floor. Only for Sean to run in five minutes later in muddy soccer cleats and mess the entire thing up again.
"SEAN!" She screamed up the stairs when she found the kitchen a mess.
"What?" he asked from where he sat on the steps taking his shoes off.
"You couldn't have taken your shoes off outside? Is it something genetic in the male body chemistry that doesn't logically work these things out?"
"What's the big deal. Just clean it up."
"Excuse you? I will not. I just did. You clean it up." She responded holding out the mop only to stand there as her newly fifteen year old brother laughed at her and walked up the stairs to his room.
" I just need ONE evil sibling. I've already got one covered." Molly amended before going about the process of re-mopping the messy section of the floor.

Finally, the last day of final exams arrived. Molly was the first one home at half past nine since her only test that day was at eight in the morning. Walking into the empty house she was confused for a minute before remembering that her father, mother and Jamie had flown back to New York this morning for a conference on something to do with stocks. Her parents had taken Jamie because he was the cute child and he didn't have finals like she and Sean did. Walking into the kitchen Molly put her bags down and looked around the kitchen before shrugging and deciding against eating anything. The past few weeks had put her into a sort of numb state. She had lost a good ten pounds from the combination of stress, exhaustion, and who knows what else. Unfortunatly ten pounds on her already small frame had taken her down to a size three in the waist. She had literally become skin and bones where she had once been a healthy, curvy size six.
Walking into the living room Molly opened up a cabinet and stared at the contents for a few minutes contemplating her options. To her not a whole lot made sense anymore. Her friends, her old friends, hated her. Her parents seemingly could care less about her. Her oldest brother just used the fact that their father made Molly do everything to his advantage. She spotted a picture of Jamie and smiled at it, her one shining star in the whole damn mess. He was too young to have any real effect on her life other then to be her adorable little brother.
"Who deserves me to actually be the person he looks up to. Not the person he thinks I am." She said outloud to herself as she thought about the situation. Coming to a decision Molly grabbed one of the objects that was held in the cabinet and made her way up to her room forgetting to close the door. She felt like she was moving through water. Nothing was really registering in her brain completely. It was as though she was on auto pilot and was watching herself walk up the stairs to the second floor. Walking into her parents bedroom and continuing on into the bathroom Molly rifled around through the cabinet for a few minutes before finding what she wanted. Holding up the bottle she stared at it. She wasn't happy or sad about her prize, just apathetic towards it. Had she not found it she was fairly certain her reaction would have been just the same. Turning around, she walked back into her parents bedroom and sat down in the middle of the bed. Placing the two objects in front of her she stared at them.
One was small and orange. One was large and clear. One said Xanax. One said Stoli. The smaller bottle said "Take 1 as needed. Do not exceed 2 in a 24 hour period." Reaching out and opening the smaller of the two containers Molly poured the contents out on the bed. She counted 60 pills. Even on auto pilot she knew that exceeded 2 in a 24 hour period. The larger bottle still said Stoli. Molly just sat there staring at the bed thinking, and then thinking some more.
A few minutes later Molly was sick of thinking.
A/N: The chapter title is from "Circle of Friends" by Better Than Ezra.
That's really all I have to say right now.
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