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It's Hard To Say "I Do" When "I Don't"

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woohoo i love updating. makes me feel like i've accomplished something even though i may think the chpt shite. somthings betta then nothing!

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Brooke's POV

Once we got into his car it was clear neither of us were too sure where to go from here. I assumed we were going back to Pete's and he informed me that it was about a ten minute drive. Lets just say it wasn't the most romantic car ride ever. Once we got there he opened the door for me. Well, at least he has manners. He took hold of my hand and led me to the elevator and once we got in he kissed me again a little softer this time and smiled. I melted. He was so perfect, but I still had an unsettling feeling in my stomach that there was no way in hell I was ready for what I think he's thinking.

He unlocked his door with a key card and pushed it open. Whoa his apartments nice. Plasma tv, black lather couch... well figures Fall Out Boy last album went triple platinum. I didn't get to see much else of the apartment because as soon as I saw the living room Pete pushed me up against the door again and kissed me hard. Again, though he was a really good kisser, my mind was elsewhere. What am I doing?! Urgh those shots were making me feel nauseous! Pete reached for the hem of my shirt. Oh my god, I am gonna puke! Oh shit! I really am gonna be sick! I pulled away and he looked at me worriedly as if he wondered what he did wrong.

I muttered one word:
"Bathroom" and he pointed down to his left and told me it was at the end of the hall.

I ran and found the bathroom. Huddled over the toilet bowl I spilled out the contents of whatever I had eaten that day. I hadn't even noticed when Pete came in and held back my hair. I flushed the toilet and sat back and leaned against the press that was under the sink. God this was so embarrassing! Way to kill the mood, which was probably a good thing since I wasn't really ready anyway. Pete reached up to the shelf and pulled down a toothbrush (still in its packet) and handed it to me and told me he'd be in the living room when I'd finished. I spent about five minutes brushing my teeth. I inspected my reflection in the mirror, my hair was a mess. There was a brush beside the sink. Figures this is Pete Wentz.

"Thanks, sorry about that..." I mumbled blushing walking into the living room to see Pete staring at FUSE on the tv but he didn't seem to be interested in it. He turned when he heard me.

"No, it's my fault. I paid for the drinks." He answered motioning for me to sit down next to him and I did. He continued:

"It wasn't a very good idea anyways. We just met today, and we're gonna be working together it would just make things more difficult."

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Why? I have no idea? I think I'm starting to like him but even though I didn't want to sleep with him I didn't feel nothing for him. Even though my head was screaming at me to kiss him right there and then, I didn't.

"Yeah your right." I said nodding not adding the fact that I'm a virgin into the equation. It was all confusing enough already.

"So what are we going to do? Should we just act like this never happened."

"That would probably be for the best. I should really be getting home actually." Really my mom doesn't really notice when I get back this was just really awkward.

"Yeah ok I'll drive you." He said getting up and grabbing his keys off the counter.

Before I got out of the car he turned to me told me to bring the guys back to Island studios tomorrow to sort out the contract.

Pete's POV

After I got back from dropping Brooke home I went back to my apartment. I threw my hoodie on the floor with a little more aggression then needed. God I can't believe I took advantage of Brooke like that. I'm such a jerk! Jesus I hope things aren't too awkward now. Weird thing is I still want to be with her not necessarily with her, you know get to know her better. She's so beautiful and she looks so confidant on stage and when she's drunk but earlier, before she left, she was so shy and coy. And when I said that the whole thing with "us" was a bad idea I saw something in her eyes. Disappointment? I couldn't tell I mean I just met her this morning and I cant stop thinking about her. Her almond shaped green eyes, her laugh. Ok now I have to stop. Shit, I have to see her tomorrow at the studio, its going to be so awkward.

I woke up at ten the next morning after only falling asleep at five. Alarm clock taunting me from across the room. I had to be at the studio for 11 so I got up and threw on some of my trademark chick jeans and a red clandestine hoodie did my hair and eyeliner and I was rushed out the door.

When I arrived Patrick was already there sitting in front of the monitor going over some of the lyrics I'd written. Joe was playing his guitar practising his guitar solo for "This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race" and Andy was listening to his ipod, asleep.

"What's up Stump? How'd it go with Ruby last night?" I asked pulling up a chair next to Patrick and disturbing his concentration.

"Ruby's really cool. She gave me her number..." he said blushing.


"Did you go home with Brooke last night?" he asked.

"Yeah but nothing happened."


"Lets just say the mood was kinda killed and we decided to just stay friends...."

"What? Pete you like this girl, I can tell. Why don't you ask her out?"

"Its just not going to happen. She's great and so hot don't get me wrong but we agreed for the sake of the whole business thing we wouldn't be anything more than friends." I muttered not looking him in the eye.

"If you say so..."

Brooke's POV

Ruby beeped the horn outside my house from my car and I ran out to her.

"What happened with you and Pete last night? You both left at the same time." She asked getting out of the driver's seat to let me drive and walking round to the passenger's side. She sucked at being subtle.

"Nothing happened. We didn't sleep together. Where's Cole and Scott?" I asked trying desperately to change the subject.

"Their meeting us there. Do you like him?" she asked.

"NO I don't like him. We're just gonna stay friends." I replied keeping my eyes on the road avoiding hers.

"Bullshit! I know you like him."

"Even if I did like him he made it pretty clear last night that he wants us to stay friends."

She had nothing to say to this so she dropped it noticing I was a little testy on the subject.

"What happened with you and Patrick?" I asked breaking the silence.

"He is so cute. He's funny and you know how much I love his voice. I really hope he likes me half as much as I like him." She said smiling looking down at her hands in her lap.

"How could he not?" I said and she beamed.

We got there about twenty minutes later and we were told by the receptionist to go to studio B. So after finally finding studio B. Ruby gave me a look of sympathy as I braced myself for what was to be some of the most awkward moments of my life.
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