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Wildest Dreams Come True

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After a depressing birthday, Brian makes a wish that will change the lives of the breakfast club forever.

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Disclaimer: I do not own John Lennon's song lyrics or titles.
... ... ...

"...Imagine no possessions/I wonder if you can/No need for greed or hunger/a brotherhood of man/Imagine all the people/Sharing all the world..."

Andy slammed his hand down on the radio alarm clock and rubbed his eyes. He was having such a nice dream too! He imagined himself on a warm beach, under the sun. He was lying with Allison on a great big Muppets towel, and the wind was blowing through their hair. They were laughing and telling jokes to each other; then he remembered that they went to second base. Everything was going great because they had only gone all the way two times.

They rolled around a bit in the sand until he was lying on top of her, and they were laughing. The wind was blowing her hair across her face, and he was trying his best to tuck it back. She smiled up at him and said. "I want you to ride me hard!"

He was in heaven.

She was only wearing a two piece black swimsuit. They were kissing each other fiercely, but the farthest that they got was him caressing her breasts - over the top - before his dream had ended.

He frowned, but felt pretty good about the dream. Feeling just a bit unfullfilled, he lay back down in his bed and decided to finish the job himself. He got cozy and slipped his hand down his pants.

And then he got the shock of a life time.

He shot up so fast that he had fallen off the bed in a tangled heap of bed sheets. Everywhere he looked was the plaid design of the sheets; around his arms, between his legs, around his face, and over his head. He ripped it all off as fast as he could, and looked down at himself one more time.

He definitely did not have a penis anymore.

He started laughing. Whenever he was scared or nervous, he laughed. He just couldn't help it. He fell on the floor and laughed until there were tears pouring from his eyes. It was also obvious to him that the laughter emanating from his throat did not belong to him, but it still sounded eerily familiar. He pulled himself from the floor and took a look around the room.

He was in Allison's room.

Sure, it was a room that he had woken up in before; it was also a room that he frequently hung out in, but that morning it was very unfamiliar. When he usually was in Allison's room, Allison was with him. That morning however, the only company that he had was Sgt. Pepper, Allison long haired tabby cat.

Her bedroom was fairly large. Besides her bed and dresser, there wasn't any furniture in the room. However, it was full of junk. Clothes were strewn everywhere around the room, including on the dresser, falling out of the drawers and closet, the floors, and even her bed. She had posters of various bands and celebrities, photos of random things, and paintings done by her and other people, tacked all over the walls. She also had the biggest novel and record collection that he had ever seen. He was quite aware that she stole most of her stuff, but he tried not to let that bother him. He knew that at least some of her belongings were gifts from him, even if it was only a small percentage of the things that she did own.

He stepped over the mess and made his way towards her door, which led to the back hallway of her house. When he opened it up, he immediately shivered; he wrapped his arms around his now small torso and made his way to the bathroom. Like usual, the house was cold and quiet. Her parents were rarely home - and he didn't even really know what they did for a living - and she had no siblings. He couldn't help but feel just a little put off by the silence; he was used to a loud and busy house.

He closed the wooden door behind him and immediately made his way to the large bathroom counter where the mirror was located on the wall above it. What he saw was remarkable.

Allison's face.

He lifted his hands up to her cheeks and rubbed his fingers over them. Just by the soft, delicate skin that he felt underneath of his fingertips, he knew immediately that it was no dream or joke. He was really stuck in her body. Although, stuck was a word that made the whole situation sound like a bad thing. He grinned and thought of the possibilities.

He took a deep breath and pulled his pants down to go to the bathroom. It felt rather strange to him that he had to sit down to pee, but he was sure that the comfort came with time. He finished and pulled up his pants, and then immediately figured out why girls go through so much damn toilet paper. He walked awkwardly towards the shower and turned it on.

While he was waiting for the water to heat up, he ran quickly back to Allison's room in search of new clothes to wear. Like a kid in a candy store, he grinned maniacally when he opened her underwear drawer and just sifted through the possibilities.

What he saw almost killed him and sent him to heaven.

Who knew that his gothic-like girlfriend had such good taste in undergarments? He lifted a pair of lacy red and black panties and a matching bra and tucked them under his arm. Going through her clothes was worse than trying to find his way around China Town in Chicago. He settled on a tight white tank top and a form fitting pair of jeans. He figured that Allison would probably kill him for ever making her look this way, but he saw the opportunity and there was no way in hell that he was going to pass it up! He tucked 'his' outfit underneath his arm and ran off to the bathroom.

At that particular moment in time he was damn glad that he had seen his girlfriend naked before. She would probably either a) have a hairy fit on him for looking at her without her permission, or b) run away and never come back. She was pretty shy that way. He hoped that Allison could trust him not to ever humiliate her though, that was the last thing he would ever do to her.

Exploring his new surroundings, however, should be acceptable enough.

He pulled her nightshirt over his head, and pulled off the pair of shorts that she had on. He stood completely naked in the bathroom and had never been more turned on in his life. He pumped his fist in the air happily, and got into the hot shower.

... ... ...

Allison stood in front of the bathroom mirror with an amused smirk played across her face. It wasn't really her face, but that was the whole reason she was smirking in the first place.

It was Brian's face. Brian her innocent and loveable good friend.

She remembered reading a book when she was eleven called Freaky Friday when a mom and her spunky daughter had switched bodies so that they could get closer or something like that. She thought that the book was so fun that after she was finished with it, she pretended to be someone else for a few weeks afterwards.

She always wanted the chance to be someone else for a day.

She looked down at Brian's flannel pajamas and wondered what in his mind compelled him to wear the things. They had blue cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and thin blue stripes that ran vertically. Floating between all those cute little stripes were trucks; construction trucks to be exact. She perked an eyebrow up and looked back in the mirror.

She was wasting her time. She had to get into the shower, and she wanted to do so without prying into Brian's personal space. Sure, if someone was in her body she would want to be clean too, but would she appreciate the prying eyes of a stranger? She closed her eyes and pulled down her pants and took off her shirt, and quickly got into the shower.

She found that there were all sorts of funny bathroom stickers stuck along the wall. They were obviously there for the kids in the family; the stickers were in the shape of baby Disney characters. She glued her eyes to the sticker on the far end of the tub and kept them there. She quickly washed her hair (which was strange because Brian had so little of it compared to her) and even faster she washed her body. She turned off the faucets - with her eyes never leaving the sticker - and climbed out of the tub to dry off.

Once she was dressed, which was just a little bit off from Brian's normal apparel, she wandered downstairs to where she could smell waffles cooking. It had been a long time since she had homemade waffles because he parents never bothered waking her with a nice breakfast. She was their bastard child resulted from a one night stand at the age of seventeen. Her parents had always been bitter towards her. Breakfast was something she never really got the chance to miss.

"What on earth is that, young man?" Allison shot her eyes up in front of her and noticed that Mrs. Johnson was standing at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips and a cooking apron on. She was frowning - deeply - and shooting her that disapproving glance that Allison had come so familiar with when visiting Brian.

She was about to squeak in protest and run back up unto his room, but figured that his mom would definitely know something was up. She took a deep breath; her usual muteness or witty remarks would hold no ground with the older woman.

"What are you talking about?" She asked as politely as she could.

She raised her eyebrows and pointed at her. "That thing you call a shirt. Why are you wearing that? And your pants don't even match, Brian Ralph! Go upstairs and get changed."

Allison looked down at her choice of clothes. She had on a white t-shirt, with a red collar and sleeves, with a big Jaws logo on it. Her pants were only a simple pair of blue jeans. "What's wrong with it?"

Then she looked raging pissed. "What do you mean 'what's wrong with it?' Brian, those clothes are unacceptable for school. Put on something a little nicer, you look like a slob."

Allison bit her lip and then undid her jeans so that she could tuck her shirt in. Once done, she smiled brightly. "Is this better?"

"No." She said firmly and walked back into the kitchen. Allison was stumped; she couldn't for the life of her figure out what looked so bad about a t-shirt and jeans. She was used to total freedom, not house rules.

"Can I at least wear the jeans?" She called, louder than she was used to.

"Fine, but you better put on your best sweater!" She heard from the kitchen. Allison rolled her eyes and ran back up the stairs towards Brian's room. His room was always in such pristine condition. All of his t-shirts, shorts and underwear were folded neatly and organized in his dresser. All of his pants and sweaters hung up in his closet to prevent wrinkles. She strode over to the closet and opened it up. When it came to interesting sweaters, she was shit out of luck; although, she did quite enjoy Brian's secret collection of cool nerd t-shirts with various sci-fi movies presented on them. She smiled at the thought and grabbed the darkest sweater that she could find, and pulled it on over her head. She grabbed his backpack from the floor as well, and disappeared back down the stairs.

Her breakfast was already waiting for her when she entered the kitchen. Mrs. Johnson was now washing the used pans, and Brian's younger sister, Mary, was eating her waffles happily at the table.

"Good morning," Allison announced. She didn't know what else to say to them.

"Hi Brian," The little girl replied.

"Mary, get your elbows off the table and sit up straight." She placed the last frying pan in the dish rack and dried her hands on a tea towel. "That's better Brian. I don't know why you even bother with those silly t-shirts."

Allison picked up her knife and fork and began to cut into her food. "I like them."

"Me too!" Mary announced, and once more leaned her face on her hand. She had syrup dribbling down her chin. "I think they make Brian look cool, mom."

"Sit up Mary! I am not going to ask you again!" The older woman scolded, and disregarded her daughter's statement. Allison watched as the little girl just rolled her eyes at the older woman and continued eating her food messily.

"Do you have a physics club meeting tonight that you need to be picked up from?" Mrs. Johnson asked.

Allison hesitated and then looked back at Brian's mom. "No."

She perked an eyebrow and came to join them at the table. "Why not? I thought they always occurred on Tuesday afternoons?"

Allison was at a loss for an answer. "Well...Mr. Dempsey's wife finally had her baby, so he cancelled the meeting for this week...and next week." She concluded.

She stared at her for a moment. "I can understand this week, but why next week?"

Allison blinked and quickly took a large bite of her waffle. "He has to"

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Brian." She folded her hands on the table and sighed. "So he is canceling a meeting because he can't find another baby-sitter?"

"Yes," Allison said quickly, and then took a large drink of her milk. "Silly, isn't it?" She didn't like the penetrating stare that Brian's mom gave her. She knew full well that she didn't mean anything bad by it, but she just wasn't used to someone looking at her like that. No wonder Brian was scared of her.

"Well at least now I don't have to pick you up," She concluded the conversation and rose from her seat, taking Mary's dishes from her. "Now I can work on supper all day with no interruptions."

Mary got down from the table and requested that her mother help her wash her hands in the kitchen sink. Allison took the last bite of her waffle and set her utensils down. "Why do you need all day to fix dinner?"

Mrs. Johnson looked at her strangely. "I'm making roast beef for your birthday dinner, Brian. Or did you forget your own birthday?"

Allison chuckled nervously. "No, of course not." Inwardly, she gagged at the sound of roast beef. She didn't like red meat at all. In fact, she hadn't eaten red meat for over seven years. She hoped to god that she could somehow get out of it.

"You should go get ready for school," Mrs. Johnson stated without looking at her. Allison only nodded and dropped her plate off at the sink.

... ... ...

Andy finished brushing Allison's hair back and looked at his handiwork. He was damn good at what he did! Her hair was pulled back with a blue headband, and he had applied some light brown eye shadow on her eyes, as well as a small bit of black mascara, and tan colored eyeliner. He would have thought that dressing like a girl would be that easy?

He spun in a circle in the mirror and admired himself - rather his girlfriend. He walked out into the hallway wondering what to get for breakfast. Physically, he wasn't very hungry at all, but mentally he felt as though he needed to eat a horse.

"Hello?" He called out. Of course, no one had replied. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to make his way towards the kitchen.

He could smell cigarette smoke in the house. It wasn't something that he was very accustomed to living around, so understandably, it bothered his nose. He also noticed how clean the house was. In order for his house to be clean, his mother had to spend the whole day slaving away at the chores. However, he knew full well that Allison's parents were never home; hell, he wasn't even sure if they were aware of the hairy kitty cat Allison had that threatened the spotless house.

There was also artwork everywhere. Paintings from famous artists and strange looking statues; it gave the house the feel of a decorated museum...look but don't touch.

It was very cold and there wasn't much of a loving feel to the house.

He continued to the kitchen. One thing that he always found very strange was that the Reynolds' didn't have a kitchen table. They had a small wooden dining room table in the other room, but they didn't have a cozy kitchen table that fit into their food station. It looked really bare.

He opened the fridge and was extremely disappointed at the little amount of food that was in it. The only thing that looked appetizing was the brown bag that read 'The Rosebud'. It was Allison's doggy bag from the previous night. He grinned and took the bag from the fridge.

However, his smile fell flat when he was suddenly reminded of why he never shared lunches with his girlfriend.

Her salad concoction that she had created at the restaurant sat unfinished in the bowl. It reeked like something fierce, and Andy immediately tossed it back in the fridge, waving a hand over his nose. He sighed and settled with an apple.

He was ready to settle down in front of the television when he heard a horn blaring from outside. Curious, he got up to see what it was.

Of course, it had to be some total stranger blaring on the horn of his poor Bronco...and blaring hideously disturbing music from his expensive stereo speakers. He winced and grabbed Allison's coat and quickly ran outside without locking the door behind him.

... ... ...

"I cannot believe that he made me look like that!" Allison shrieked as Andy ran out the door. His - rather, her - appearance sent the rest of the vehicle into hysterics. Allison could only roll her eyes and sit back in her seat.

"Is that you, Bender?" Andy yelled as he opened the passenger side door, motioning Claire to sit in the back.

"You know, I am bigger than you now!" She shrieked at him.

"Allison or Claire?" Andy asked her suspiciously.

"I'm so not moving from this seat!" She spat back at him.

Bender winced. "Okay, how many times do I have to tell you, cherry? NO valley girl talk while in my body, you got that?"

Andy glared at Claire. "Get in the back. I'm not afraid to hit Bender's face, remember that." Claire only sighed overdramatically and got in the back seat. Andy stared at his own body. "I don't give a shit who I have to be mean to, but as long as your sorry ass has control over my body I am keeping an eye on you!"

Bender raised his hands in defense. "Can it, Sporto. I haven't even done anything worth my while yet."

Andy rolled his eyes and looked in the back seat. "I can't even believe this! Are we all switched?"

Brian, who looked like Claire, nodded somberly. "Unfortunately."

Andy nodded. "So who is who?"

Claire rolled her eyes. "I am Claire." She pointed to Brian's body. "That is your girlfriend."

Andy frowned. "No offence, Brian, but that is extremely disturbing."

Brian shrugged. "None taken; don't worry." He just looked miserable. Everyone knew to steer clear of Claire when she was depressed, but Brian just made it look ten times worse in his eyes.

"So where are we going?" Andy asked.

"It is so weird seeing her talk so damn much. It's too bad though, usually she has good things to say..." Bender muttered, earning a weak punch from Andy.

"We're going to go sit somewhere and figure all of this out," Claire replied from the back. She looked over to Brian. "Sorry, no school today."

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