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Due to an accident, Archie loses his memory. He doesn't remember anyone and he does'nt remember that he was a titan either! Will his friends help him remember everything before Cronus gets to him??...

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Do I Know You?

Chapter 1, The Accident

-" Oh man this is so BORING!" yelled Neil. They were all sitting down in the living room watching Material Girls.

-" How can you girls actually like these kind of movies??" exclaimed Odie.

-" Well unlike you boys, we don't like Violence or Blood or stupid movies!" pointed out Atlanta.

-" I'm starvin!" said Herry as he heard his tummy grumbling," How about we order a pizza?"

Everybody agreed. Theresa stood up and walked to the phone. She picked it up and dialed the number for Pizza Hut. But all she could hear was "Beep,Beep,Beep"

-" The line is busy! Who knows how long it's going to take until it's not busy anymore! We need someone to go and get the pizza!" said Theresa as she slammed the phone. Everybody then turned to Archie.

-" Huh? What? Why are you guys looking at me for?" he asked, confused.

-" Archie, could you go and bring us some pizza Pretty pretty please!" said Atlanta and made a puppy face. Archie just couldn't resist that adorable face!

-" Why can't Herry go! He had a truck!" said Archie.

-" Ya but by the time he comes back, there will BE no pizza!" laughed Neil.

-" Fine..I'll go.." he grumbled and went to pick up his jacket.

-" Oh ya! And don't forget! Pepperonni not Cheese" Atlanta said very slowly.

-" Anything else your Hines?" he asked sarcasticly before he left.

-" As a matter of fact, I alweys wanted these new shoes.." she giggled as Archie threw a pillow on her and walked out.

Moments passed and they were all watching t.v. Atlanta then realized Archie was late and decided to call him.

-" Hello?" Archie answered.

-" Hey Arch! Why is the pizza taking so much time? We're dying here!"

-" Well Soorry! There was a big line and now I'm stuck in traffic!" he then watched his clock and said:

-" I'll..BEEP!!..home..BEEP!..soon!..BEEEP!" Atlanta didn't hear a word he said from the sound of the klaxon.

-" What did you say?? I can't hear you!!" she yelled.

-" I SAID I'll BE HOME-" and there was a large CRASH! and the message got cut off.

-" Archie? ARCHIE?" she yelled into the pmr but there was no answer. Suddenly the show they were watching stopped and the news quickly turned on.

-" Braking News: there has been a small crash just north of boulevard street. It appears the driver was on a red motorcycle when a drunk driver hit him. The driver appeared to be a 17 year old teenager. Apparently, he wasn't that much damaged but he's being taken to the hospital." said the talksperson.

-" Ha! I feel bad for the sucker who got that crash!" laughed Neil. Everyone minus Neil was watching the screen with horror as they saw people taking Archie into the ambulance.

-" Neil! The person who crashed was..ARCHIE!" yelled Atlanta and with her super speed, she quickly ran towards the hospital.

-" Come on! Let's go!" said Jay and they all rushed into Herry's truck. Once at the hospital, they quickly ran to the nurse.

-" May I help you?" she asked.

-" Ya I want to see my Best Friend Archie PRONTO!" yelled Atlanta.

-" Ohh.. the new one. He's in room 202." answered the women. They thanked her and ran to the 2nd floor.

-" 199..200.201..202! We're here!" said Atlanta and she rushed into the room, along with the other 5. There was a doctor in the room checking up on him.

-" Doctor how is he? Will he live?!" started panicing Atlanta.

-" Don't worry, just a small hit on the head, nothing awful. He is sure to wake up anytime now!" said the doctor and walked out of the room. Archie slowly opened his blue-greyish eyes and in front of him stood 5 worried teenagers.

-" Archie! You're ok!, screamed Atlanta and hugged him,"OMG We were so worried that you wouldn't make it and-" Archie suddenly pushed her away from him.

-" Archie?" she said, confused why he did that to her.

-" Wow, wow, wow! I don't hug strangers!" said Archie.

-" What do you mean strangers?!" asked Jay, confused.

-" What I mean is, Who Are You?" he asked.

dum dum duuumm!! Archie doesn't remember them! I hope you liked this chappie! RATE and REVIEW please!
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