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Trying To Remember

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Due to an accident, Archie loses his memory. He doesn't remember anyone and he does'nt remember that he was a titan either! Will his friends help him remember everything before Cronus gets to him??...

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Do I Know You?
Chapter 2

-" Who are you?" asked Archie as he looked confusedly at the red-head in front of him.

-" Archie stop playing around! It's me, Atlanta!" she yelled thinking he was kidding with her.

-" Who?" he asked again.

-" Atlanta, your BEST FRIEND!"

-" I don't know anyone with the name Atlanta!" said Archie, "And I have a few questions for you people: Who are you? Where am I? And most importantly, Who Am I?"
They all looked at each other, shocked. How could he not know who he was?? Just at that second, the doctor came in. Atlanta quickly ran to him and grabbed him by his shirt.

-" WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!?" she yelled.

-" What do you mean?" asked the doctor.

-" HE DOESN'T KNOW WHO WE ARE!!" she felt like crying. How could his best friend forget her?

-" Ohh..I see.. We were afraid something like this would happen. When your friend had the accident, he hit his head and got memory loss. There is no cure to it unless you can all make him remember. He is free to get out of the hospital. Take him to some places and make him remember everything." Said the doctor and walked out of the room.

-" Come on Archie, let's go" said Atlanta as she pulled from his hand.

-" Who's this Archie you're always talking about?" he asked.

-" That's your name Doofus" laughed Atlanta.

-" Oh.." he answered back and followed the others out of the hospital. He didn't really trust these people but what the heck, there was no one else! They all entered Herry's truck one-by-one.

-" Herry, let's go to see Hera first, I think she might want to know what happened" ordered Jay.

-" Aye, Aye captain!" said Herry and stepped on the gas pedal. The whole time, Archie was asking questions like "Who are you" and "What's that". Neil felt like putting scotch tape on his mouth and shutting him up. A few minutes later, they reached the school.

-" Cool! So this huge place is where we live?" asked Archie, amazed of how big their "house" was.

-" No, this is the school." Said Jay and they all entered the school. They walked all the way to the janitor's closet and stood in front of the door. Jay put his medallion and the door opened up. They all walked inside and the door closed behind them.

-" So...What are we doing in a stinky janitor's closet?" asked Archie but then Atlanta turned the light on and a blue portal appeared in front of them.

-" Wow" he whispered and they all entered the God's secret hideout.

-" Hello children, good to see you all again." Greeted Hera.

-" How's the old lady?" Archie whispered to Atlanta but unfortunately, Hera heard him.

-" Excuse me?" she asked, anger growing inside of her. The doors then opened and Chiron walked in.

-" Hera I wanted to talk to you about-"

-" AHHHH!! IT'S A HALF MAN, HALF HORSE!!" yelled Archie as he ran behind Atlanta.

-" I'm a centaur for your information" grumbled Chiron.

-" What is the matter with Archie?" asked Hera.

-" He got in an accident and he can't remember anything." Answered Jay.

-" Oh, I see. Be careful then. We will contact you all when we find a cure. Until then, be on your guard." She said and left the room. They all rushed in Herry's truck, again, and they all reached the brownstone.

-" Oh... So this is the crappy place we live in?" asked Archie with a disgusted look on his face when he saw the brownstone.

-" For your information, it is not crappy. It's a very good brownstone!" said Odie, annoyed from his mean remarks. They all went inside and they showed Archie his room. For the next 1 hour, they taught him everything. They told him who they were, who he was, and ect. But when they finished, they had forgotten to talk about what important thing, Cronus.

-" Fiouf! I'm tired of all this "remembering" thing. I'm going for a walk." Said Archie and he went outside.

-" I think I should go with him." Said Atlanta as she stood up from her place but Theresa sat her down.

-" Atlanta, even if he lost his memory, he's still the same Archie. He needs some time alone." Atlanta sighed and started watching the movie Herry just put on, trying to keep her mind off Archie.


-"Man, that Atlanta girl is soo cute! I wonder if I liked her before?" thought Archie when he was walking down the road of the park when suddenly he heard sounds coming from the bushed.

-" Who's there?" he asked as he searched his pockets for the weird new weapon Jay had given him but It wasn't there.

-" Shit!" he thought, "I must've forgotten it back at the brownstone place!" Then suddenly out of the bushes came a short man wearing a black tuxedo with a scar on his face.

-" Hello Archie" he greeted with a smirk on his face.

-" W-Who are you?" he asked, staying in a I-know-karate-so-don't-get-too-close position.

-" I'm just... an old friend. I would like to talk to you." Said Cronus and opened up a portal.

-" Uh.. I don't think I should be going anywhere with strangers!" said Archie as he started to back away.

-" Nonsense! Come!" said Cronus and grabbed his hand.

-" HEY! Let go ugly!" he yelled but Cronus pushed him in the portal.

-" The prophecy will be broken soon!" laughed Cronus and entered the portal as well.

dum dum duuuuuuuuum what will happen to Archie?? I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Please RATE and REVIEW! Love ya guys!!
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