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Just The Beginning

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Due to an accident, Archie loses his memory. He doesn't remember anyone and he does'nt remember that he was a titan either! Will his friends help him remember everything before Cronus gets to him??...

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Chapter 3
Do I know You?

-" Ouch!" Archie yelled as he fell out of Cronus's portal, "What is this place?"

-" Do you like it? It's my lair. I designed it myself." Responded Cronus as he stepped out of the portal.

-" Why did you take me here? Who are you anyway??" Archie asked.

-" many questions.. Well, if you must know, I came here to talk to you about your destiny." Answered

-" Destiny??"

-" Yes, you, my good boy, are related to a god."

-" A god??"

-" Yes, a god. You, Archie, are related to CRONUS" he lied.

-" Cronus?! Who's Cronus??" Archie asked.

-" That, would be me!" responded Cronus and started rubbing his hair.

-" I'm related to you?!? YUCK! Couldn't they find a better looking god!" complained Archie. This made Cronus
angry. He wanted to take his scythe out and cut this mortal in half.

-" Why you little...I mean, uhuum, yes, you are related to me. And your destiny is to destroy the world. But there is something stopping you from doing that" and with that Cronus waved his hand over his pool of water and then a picture of 6 teenagers appeared.

-" Jay, Atlanta, Neil, Odie, Theresa and Herry. These 6 are the only ones stopping us from destroying the world. That is why you must destroy them!" commanded Cronus.

-" B-But I know these guys. They were there when I woke up and they told me they're my friends!" said Archie.

-" Ahhh my boy, that is what they want you to think! They are trying to trick you into believing they're your friends so they can destroy you before you do!"

-" Those little.." Archie said slamming his fist in his hand.

-" Now, now, Archie. You will have your chance to destroy them. But first, I must try you out and see if you are worthy enough to take over the world." Said Cronus and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the whole scenery changed and it turned into the park.

-" What are we doing at the park??" asked Archie.

-" I want you to destroy anything in your way." Commanded Cronus.

-" But I don't have a weapon!" Archie pointed out. Cronus then put his hand on Archie's shoulder and chanted a Greek spell:

-"ÌÜéïò ç äýíáìç ÷éëßùí ôïõ Èåïý åßíáé ìå óáò"

Suddenly Archie felt stronger, like a thousand bolts were running through his veins. He felt like he could beat anyone in his way.

-" Now, you have the most powerful weapon of all! Go and do as I said!" commanded Cronus. Archie then started lifting cars in the air and throwing them at people. He broke stuff in two with the touch of his hand and started to cause havoc all around the park.

-" Archie!" called Cronus. With the super speed he got, he rushed next to his "ancestor" in less then a second.

-" Yes?" asked Archie.

-" You passed your test with flying colors. Now, we must go and destroy those mortals, or do you want them to stop you from fulfilling your destiny??" said Cronus.

-" NEVER!" yelled Archie, "I'll destroy them all! One,by,one!"

-" Good boy, now come, we must get ready. I have a few things to give you.." said Cronus and opened one of his portals. Archie walked inside but Cronus looked around one last time.

-" Sleep tight mortals, because this is just the beginning...Muhahahaha!" laughed Cronus and walked into the portal as well...

Dum dum duuum! Cronus lied to Archie! Oh ya and if you're wondering,"ÌÜéïò ç äýíáìç ÷éëßùí ôïõ Èåïý åßíáé ìå óáò" means: "May the power of a thousand gods be with you"! Cool eh? Anyways hope u guys enjoyed it! Rate and Review Please!!
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