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Nails and Hair

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Sequel to The Switch The boys think they know whats right. They are going to help the girls back into their own bodies. But...something doens't go as planned...

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The plan was going to work. Jay made sure of it. The girls would be in the right body by the end of the day. He, Archie and Herry had made a trap that would go into action. Odie was somewhere with his 'girlfriend', and Neil was (shock horror) at the mall.
Archie peered around the corner at Atlanta reading a magazine on the couch. The boys knew that Theresa was upstairs, and would be down any minute to see Atlanta. Jay took the button in his hand as a door slammed upstairs. As footsteps sounded on the stairs, the boys got ready. Atlanta looked up from the couch, just as Jay pushed the button. There was a blinding light, and then silence. The boys looked out, but then stood open mouthed in shock. It hadn't Theresa coming down the stairs; it had been Neil. At first Atlanta didn't realise what happened, and then she wondered how she'd gone from the couch to the foot of the stairs. A sudden scream came from the couch where Neil sat in Atlanta's body. The three boys looked at Atlanta, and then Neil, realising what just happened. Atlanta spun on the boys, an angry look on Neil's face.
"What did you do?" she nearly screamed. At first, none of them said a word. Jay finally built up the courage to reply.
"We were going to change you and Theresa back. We knew you switched bodies," he said. Atlanta slapped her forehead.
"We'd already changed back! Odie helped us! Now looked what you've gone and done! I'm stuck in Neil's body! Argh!" she screamed. All the commotion downstairs had brought Theresa from her room. She took one look at the angry Neil and crying Atlanta, and guessed what happened.
"Why did you do that? You boys have absolutely NO IDEA!" she said. They looked quite embarrassed, but a yelp from the couch turned their attention to Neil.
"Why are your nails so dirty? I'm going to have to pay three hundred dollars for a manicure!" he cried. Atlanta lunged on Neil and tackled him to the ground. The others gathered around them, and watched as they rolled around.
"Don't you dare!" Atlanta cried. Neil grabbed her wrists before she could scratch his eyes out. Neil screamed again and got away from Atlanta. Theresa and Archie looked at each other, both worried.
"You're hair's as hard as a rock! What on earth do you put in it?" Neil asked touching Atlanta's hair. That just made Atlanta angrier.
"What is this? Pick the imperfections in Atlanta day?" Atlanta cried sarcastically.
"How did Odie help you out last time?" Jay demanded, stopping them from fighting again.
"He gave us a potion from Persephone," Theresa replied.
"Oh, at least we can get more," Jay said as relief passed over the boys.
"Well too bad he got the last of it!" Atlanta cried, messing up Neil's blonde hair on her head. Neil squealed and shielded his eyes.
"And it takes over a month to brew, and I have a feeling these two will have killed each other in that amount of time," Theresa said.
"I don't think Neil could kill Atlanta. She'd get him in fives minutes," Archie put in. Neil's jaw dropped. Archie mouthed a 'sorry' to him and turned back to Jay.
"There has to be another way," he said.
"Well I guess we're going to have to wait for Odie to get back, he is after all, the brains of the group," Theresa said.

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