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All Your Fault

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Things have gone crazy around the brownstone. Atlanta and Neil are trying to kill one another and their friends have no idea what to do? Can Odie find a way to end this madness?

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By the time Odie had got home from his date, the brownstone had gone a little crazy. As he walked through the front door, a large vase was thrown and it smashed on the wall next to Odie's face. He turned and looked as Neil ran after Atlanta, screaming at her. Theresa and Archie came down the stairs as Odie closed the front door, hardly believing what Neil was doing, and how Atlanta was letting him...
"Thank God you're home. Jay, Archie and Herry decided to change me and Atlanta back to normal," Theresa started.
"But I already-"
"I know, but they thought we were still in each others bodies. Now Atlanta and Neil have switched and..."
Before Theresa could finish her sentence, Neil had Atlanta in a headlock and was dragging her into the lounge room. Jay and Herry came from downstairs to see what all the commotion was about.
Theresa glared at them and walked into the lounge room to find Atlanta holding Neil's arm behind his back. Neil of course was squealing.
"WHAT are you two doing?" Theresa asked as the others walked in after her. Atlanta looked up at them, an angry look on Neil's face.
"He wanted to change out of my t-shirt! Three guesses why Neil!" she cried and twisted his arm more.
"It's itchy!" Neil squealed back.
"LIAR!" Atlanta said. Theresa and Archie pulled them off each other and sat them down on opposite couches. They glared at each other and then noticed Odie was in the room. Atlanta jumped up first and grabbed him by the jacket and started shaking him.
"Change us back! I can't stay like this, or I'll have to pull my hair out!"
"If you touch my hair, I'll put on some make-up," Neil threatened. Atlanta turned to him and tried getting to him, but Herry stopped her.
"What did you use to change them anyway?" Odie asked Jay. Jay took out the small device that had caused all the trouble to begin with.
"Hermes gave it to us after we told him about the situation. He said it would work without any hassles...but it did," Jay said. Odie looked it over and flicked the small switch.
"I think I'll be able to reverse it, but it could take a while," he said.
"How long is a while?" Atlanta demanded. Theresa had managed to get her back into her seat, but she was still shooting angry glances at Neil.
"About a day. You'll just have to be patient," Odie replied. Atlanta stood up and glared at Jay, Herry and Archie.
"This is all your fault. If you left it alone, we wouldn't be in this mess! Men!" she cried throwing her arms up. She spun around to Neil who was sitting peacefully on the couch.
"You don't leave the house. Don't change my clothes or my hair, if you do, you'll be sorry," she said.
" I supposed to be scared? Shaking in my boots? Well I'm not," Neil said sarcastically and stood.
"I'll shave off your beautiful hair," Atlanta said and he stopped in his tracks. He turned to her and she smiled. "That includes your eyebrows."

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