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Wake Up Neil!

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Neil can't stand it any longer...when will Odie figure it out? Atlanta is at the brink of shaving Neil's eyebrows off...

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Neil was officially bored. Because of Atlanta's threats, he didn't want to chance leaving the brownstone. He couldn't go out in public with no eyebrows! That would be social suicide. Instead, he and Atlanta were sitting with Theresa and Archie watching a movie. Odie was still figuring out how to get it back to normal, and hadn't left his room in ten hours, except for food and toilet breaks.
Neil sighed heavily again, causing Atlanta and Theresa to look at him.
"What is your problem? Shut up and watch the movie," Archie snapped.
"I would if it were a good movie! Gosh, you guys are so annoying. I think I'm going to go-"
"No Neil, don't even think about it," Atlanta said, getting to her feet. Neil stood up and faced her, while Archie and Theresa exchanged worried looks.
"I'm hating this as much as you!" Neil cried. Atlanta put her hands on her hips.
"Odie's figuring it out, just be patient," she said.
"Be patient? How can you say that?" ... Man your nails are dirty he said inspecting them.
"Do you want me to make your nails dirty?" she asked. Neil paled slightly.
"Okay then, shut up and watch the movie," she said and sat back down. Neil sat and stared at the TV, not really watching it. After a while, he fell asleep.
As if Neil wasn't crazy enough, his dreams needed attention. He was walking through a flowering field of roses and lilies, and he was himself again. Suddenly Theresa popped out of nowhere and held her hand out.
"Take the ketchup," she said.
"Huh?" Neil asked, but Theresa was gone. He continued on, next bumping into Atlanta. She was skipping around a pond, holding something in her hand. As Neil inched closer, he realised it was hair. His hair. He touched his head and screamed.
"NEIL!" Atlanta called. Neil opened his eyes and sat up. Atlanta was sitting in front of him, and she was...herself! Which meant...
"Am I me again?" he asked. Atlanta looked at him strangely.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"We switched bodies...didn't we?" Neil asked. Atlanta laughed.
"Neil, if I switched bodies with you, I'd go crazy within three minutes," she told him. She laughed to herself and walked into the kitchen. Neil got up and walked in after her. She was sitting at the counter eating her lunch and flipping through a magazine. Neil looked around.
"Where are the others?" he asked. Atlanta nearly choked on her food.
"Why are you acting so strange? They went to see Theresa's dad in hospital," she replied.
"How long has he been in hospital for?" Neil asked. Atlanta raised an eyebrow.
"Are you feeling okay? You're acting rather strange," she said.
"I'm fine, I just..." Neil stopped at the look on Atlanta's face. "Nothing".
"Neil...Neil..." a distant voice was calling.
"What a sloth," another said. Neil slowly opened his eyes. Everyone was crowded around him, except for Atlanta. She was sitting on the couch opposite him. She was...Atlanta again.
"We fixed the problem while you were asleep, welcome back," Odie said. Neil sat up and looked at Atlanta.
"Are you happy now?" he asked her. She turned to him and smiled.
"Of course, Neil," she replied. Something about the way she said it sounded suspicious. He looked at the others, but they all looked away. Something was definitely up...
Neil opened his three-panelled mirror and nearly died of shock: Atlanta had shaved his eyebrows off.

Neil is such a drama queen. Hope you liked the last installation R&R
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