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I Got The Mic and You Got The Moshpit

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A flash back on who Melaina really was...and who she loved

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A/N: Sos this chapter's all flash back but I felt I needed to do at least one with just Melaina so you get a better view into exactly the kind of person she is/was/can be. Yeah anyway... Oh and I know for the first time in this story's short history this title isn't an AFI lyric. I am eternality sorry and blame Adam Lazzara

Disclaimer: I'm currently residing in Birmingham...Alabama with Adam Lazzara so you can ask him if I own him but MCR I'm still working on

Chapter 15
I Got The Mic and You Got The Moshpit

"And this is My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way introducing their new single 'I'm Not Okay' for MTV live." The presenter's voice as it blared out of the widescreen TV in the mansion's living room made Melaina turn around. Upstairs she could hear her nine year old daughter singing happily to herself as she played on the landing but it was the screen that completely held her mother's attention. Onto the stage, in front of a room packed with screaming teenage girls a man who was most likely late twenties stepped up (in fact Melaina could tell you his age to the day), his black suit and white shirt in stark contrast with the heavy red eye shadow that decorated his chalk white face. He grinned knowingly and he watched the rest of his band pan out to their instruments across the stage then took the microphone he was handed by the presenter and began to talk, perfectly in touch with the crowd.
"Scream for me New York!" He yelled out into the mass and was rewarded with a piercing shriek from most which any normal person would have flinched at but not him. Instead he smiled and began to speak to them, reaching to each of their hearts in turn. "We're My Chemical Romance and here to play you I'm Not Okay! Give a big hand to the guys at MTV who invited us here!" There was a roar and applause from the crowd and he paused a minute before continuing. "We love you guys!" Then the song began to blast, filling the living room to the brim with a song Melaina had heard on the radio the moment it came out. Gerard grinned, the camera zooming in on him as he began to sing, flicking his long hair out of his eyes. "Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say. I never want to let you down or have you go, its better off this way. For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor? I'm not okay, I'm not okay, I'm not okay you wear me OUT!" By now he had the stage and along with the band's guitarist Frank Iero was sending the crowd into new levels of hysterics. So despite the screaming teens and the heavy lighting that was probably sending his temperature to boiling point Gerard Way just grinned wider as he shot the mic to Frank who stopped his mad spinning for a second to scream 'I'm not okay' into it. As they hit the instrumental their afro armed lead guitarist Ray Toro joined Gerard and Frank as they head banged, both vocalist and guitarist's hair flying everywhere. Then as Gerard hit the last chorus he gave the mic to the crowd who quite happily screamed the words that they'd learnt to love from the moment they'd pierced their lonely hearts. "I'm not okay, I'm not okay, well I'm not okay..." Gerard beamed as he screamed "I'm not o-fucking-kay" with the crowd and the band and the kid who sat at home and wished to be there, who would give anything to be there. Melaina just watched, she watched him hit the final note and push his black hair out of his eyes and give a grin that could kill. She watched as the instruments died out and as Frank finally calmed down enough to stop jumping about. She watched their lanky, glasses donned bassist breathed a sigh of relief and lower his hands from his bass. She watched as their blonde and silently strong drummer whammed his sticks onto the drums one last time and thanked god that this time Frank hadn't decided to jump onto his drum kit. She watched as Gerard thanked the crowd as the band left the stage and finally sighed and closed their ears to the adoring screams of the fans who so desperately wanted an encore. She listened as the presenter tried to calm the crowd and then told them that MCR would be on MTV live in half an hour with an interview about their latest album 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'. Then she walked over to the TV and turned it off, listening to the buzz as it flickered out of life. Walking over to the window she hid her face behind the heavy, plum red curtains as tears began to fall, human tears from an inhuman heart. She missed him like hell...but no one would ever know how she cried and remembered every time she saw his face, heard his voice and whispered every word he sung. She couldn't help but love him despite her iron heart for saving so many people and for saving himself...but she would never forgive him and that stopped the tears flowing and made her hate him more every time.
Because iron hearts never melt.

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