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forgotten to be found

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when the heroes learn that there one more of them, and she hates Hera with a passion, theydon';t know how to react. then they find out that she's hot! how will they manage a new member and will she...

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chapter 1

is it normal to love someone but never really know it? i feel that way sometimes...well no not really. I have never had real family, but i have had good friends...other then Mark, he's my best friend...he knows everything. My name is Jasmin...but no one knows that, everyone thinks my name is Jason. if yo have ever heard the legend of Jasmin i will give you an over look on it:

Jasmin, was in love with Jason while he was still married to Medea, as he had also fallen for her. he left Medea for Jasmin only to be held back by Medea, Jasmin saw their fight and started to help, but medea told her that it was Jason or Jasmin, so Jasmin died for Jason as she told him howmuch he loved him and that they would meet again.

you may think 'oh well she's still in love with Jason if you Jasmin' but i say your wrong, i may be jasmin but i'm certainly a new person! this is the 21st centuray people! we move on! Jasmin (me) was a jamaican hero who traveled to greece, so i am not sure of my ast but i do my best to discover it. i will not explain how i got a new life, it will sound dumb until you learn more about me.

so my story starts as i near Olympia high...

"Who, does she think she is? hun? she thiks she canjust drive me away like that? no way! i am so threw with being on the side lines! the walls are coming down Hera, oh yes, there going down!" i ranted under my breath. i had just found out that the team I was supposed to be on, had COME and GONE on over a dozen missions inthe past 4 months witout ME! how do i feel right now? i think if i would fart i would fart flames! so i will retain from farting (duh! when do i not! i'm a girl!).

i marched in the school and strait to the janitors closet, i was way to annoyed to put in the madalion, i just screamed
"Open for zeus's sake!" and it flew off it's hinges!
"i'll fix that later" i said walking in, i poped the door backup andput it in place,
"that'll do for now" i said. i pulled the light cord, but sinse i was so pissed off, it snapped and i dropped it and trampled it.

the cord felt sad as he felt her sneekers trample him.

i walked swiftly to Hera's solarium. i found her giving a lecture to a boy in a yellow and purple sweater.

"hey Hera" i said almost blowing flames from my mouth, you see i control all 8 elements, it's awsome!
Hera staired for a short time at me, then said;
"what are you doing here?" she asked
"no, i should be asking, why am i not here? why am i not getting this training? why are you lying to everyone?" i asked, she sneered.
"you shouldn't stick your nose in other peoples business" she told me.
"Other peoples business? i think this ismy business! you've lied! you have covered up the professey so that there would ony be 7 heroes! your asmuch a witch as Medea!" i roared. the boy bolted up right.
"Hey! no one is a witch like medea! she was an-" he stopped seeing what i looked like.
"don't tell me who Medea is and isn't like...Jay" i said, i was controlling rage now, but i felt my insides twist at the sight of him.
"how do you know my name?" he asked, i ignored the question.
"Hera! you said that Jason would be here soon! why isn't she here? and why hasn't she been here for the last 4 months? i know you don't like her but you can't just wait for her! you have to go get her! JASON!" it was Persephony coming in.
"i'm not here cause she came to get me, actually, i got a visitefrom Zeus, he said Hera has been delaying my arival and lying for some time. why is that Hera?" i asked Hera as Persephony came to my side.
"because i was hoping that maybe we wouldn'tneed little miss nosy, maybe the heroes could do it withouther" Hera said, Hera hadn't liked me sinse Jasmin had turned destiney around by saving Jason from Medea. actually she hated me.

"that is so stupid Hera! here get your thing Jason, well bring them to the dorm, get everyoe here first" Persephony took out a small walkie-talkie "everyone come to Hera's solarium now!" she told the walkie talkie. in 2 minutes 6 teens walked in, each boys mouth dropped at the sight of me "god" i said under my breath.

they sat down and Persephony gave me the que to start my speech:

"okay guys, oh damn right, have to be formal, okay. my name is Jason, as i can see you have absolutly no idea who i am. so i will tell you: i'm the 8th member of this team. Hera for the last 4 months has hidden the true proffessy from you!she got the orical to tell Cronos and you all as well, i only found out this afternoon that the lot of you had arrived! i know what all of you 7 can do, but i must inform you of my abilites; i control all 8 elements; water, fire, air, earth, mind, light, darkness and sound. all of these elements will alow me to aid you in your quest to kill cronos or put him in tarturos, either or i will help. i have grown up with thesegods i knowwho they are and what their like, but i know nothing of you. i will forgive hera for her lie and i pray all of you will as well" i finished and sat on the ground.

they were still stairing,
"she's telling the truth, we thought we ought to keep Jason a secrete till she arrived but i too will forgive Hera for her lie, i think we will all"Persephoney said. i smiled, i had waitedso long for this moment.

the 7 teens smiled and nodded "well yo are all excused, i will have your liggage in the orm in 5 minutes Jason, children show her to the dorm, she can have the attick room" Persephony said giving a hug to me and walking out of the room.

i turned back to look at my team "i was the forgotten to befound of you all" i said laughing dispite the situation. yes i was the the one that was forgotten to be found.
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