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gangsta Jason...more retarded actually

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sinse when does a girl have to wear pretty clothes? or be all girly! jeez! Jason and Atlanta re-inforce there statment of style on terisa and it turns into a bet... who will win? on the other hand....

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"we will we will, rock you! ya we will rock you!" I sang at the top ofmy lungs, me as in Jason actually me as in Jason pretending not to be Jasmin, do you follow? hope so, cause i don't, maybe one of you could explaine it to me at some point, mylife is a mess.

"stop singing Jason! i hate that song!" came an annoyed girls voice, so i sang lowder, Jay walked in "she's right, perhaps you could stop?" i couldn't hear that, all i could here was a guitare solo.
"wa?" i asked
"i said maybe you could stop!" he screamed, yes he screamed, at me! oh the nerve that guy has!
"sorry, your voice was drained out by queen, you should give them a listen, they grow on you!" i told him gridding my teeth as i walked past him. i walked up to my little room in the attick, yes the attick! not as bad as it seems though, little drafty but it's nice.

"Jason? it's Atlanta! what's up?" Atlanta asked walking in my attick.
"nothin much, hey are you and Archie going out?" i asked her, she smiled "no! of course not!" she said over prtectively.
"okay" i said seeing right threw that fake smile.

Terisa came marching up next. she was pointing a finger at me,
"You! you were in my room!" she said defencively
"thank you for knocking, it's so kind" i told her sarcastically
"you! what did you take?" she asked, the color drained from her face and was replaced by some form of lava. she was as red as her hair!
"what did yo take!" she said now screaming.
"Chill Terisa, i didn't take anything" i told her "i haven't even been in your room for more then the time you showed me where it was!" i said defending myself. and doing a mighty fine job of it if i do say so myself.

"Then who took my red blouse!?" she cried almost weeping.
"you might have miss paced it Terisa, here i'll help you look" i told her getting up, i followed her to her room and we started to search, after about 20 minutes we gave up.
"okay i'm back to thinking someone took it" she said addmitting defeat by plunking down on her bed.

"okay, i'll try to find using a spell Persephony gave me...; a red blouse, that has been misplaced, stolen or taken, show us how it may be traced" i said putting my hands in front of me and feeling the magic flow threw me like water while yo swim, my eyes turned bright aqua blue as i cast the spell. Images flippe threw my brain: Closet, dropped taken, placed on bad...put on!

i ran over to Terisa, i no longer had aqua eyes, i told her to look under her hoody. she did and realized she was wearing it!
"i guess i ow you an apologyJason, thanks for finding it" she thanked me, a bit embarassed i walked back down staires.

she walked quickly to the kitchenwhere Atlanta stood with a glass of milk.
"do you know how good it is to have another girl who doesn't wear girly stuff!?" she asked me handing the glass of milk to me which i took a sip of.
"yep, your the first i've met that dresses like me!" i told her, she looked happy,"i wish we could convince Terisa that dressing like dudes isn't all that bad" she said looking a little hurt.
"she never gives up on trying to make me wear something girly! i wonder whast it would be like if she dressed like us! maybe then she'd give up forcing me into skirts!" Atlanta said. i laughed
"i's like to see Terisa wear baggy clothes! she's stop annoyingyou to wearsomething girly and turn right on to complaine about how bad she looked! she wouldn't last very long at all!" i said, Terisa came into view as i said it.
"wanna put your money where your mouth is?" Terisa asked
"i'm broke, but if it's achallenge you requesting, i'm all over it" i said a smile across my face. Atlanta smiled and came to my side.
"Okay, i'll wear baggy clothesand you two have to wear girly clothes. i'll ive you my clothes, you give me your clothes" she said
"whoever loses has to walk around school for a whole day with their zipper of their pants down!" Atlanta added. i smiled evilishly.
"Deal" i started
"Deal" TErisa said
"Deal" Atlanta said, so who ever would give up or stop wearing girly clothes or baggy clothes in terisa's case. would have to suffer the consequences.

"this sucks" i said, Atlanta nodded in agreement, we were looking at Terisa's closet, i picked out my top for the rest of the day, it waspink with 'i'm hot deal with it' on the front writtenin orange, it was skin tight and a tanktop. i also pulled out a pair of skin tight blue jeans that were hip huggers.

Atlanta was wearing a mini skirt and a blue skin tight t-shirt! wow! that was a first!
"i'm never gonna forgive yo for this" she told me
"me! what did i do?"i asked looking at my pink tanktop
"You got her mad! and now i'm wearing a skirt! just goes to show how much trouble yo can get in ith words!" Atlanta said, i sighed and shrugged a bit as we left the room.

this is gonna be fun! is the only thing i could think of to think (weird, but don't ask). i guess it was an okay price to pay to start fittingin the team, but i was feeling a strange if something was going to happen...what it would be, i wasn't certain, but i could tell that history, my history was about to repeat itself again..and someone would die...for good this time.
well my homies, that was my second ever chapter!! yay! anywho read and review! or i'll bite you! joking! haha well later aligators!
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