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The Stakeout

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Jay and Herry come across to more mentors, although Jay begins to doubt their morals.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 15 - The Stakeout

Jay and Herry sat eating breakfast at the café across from the hospital the next morning. Herry, having grown up on a farm, was the only one Jay had managed to drag out this early on a Saturday morning.
"So, exactly what happened last night?" Jay asked, as he hadn't gotten a chance to last night. Herry took a swig of his orange juice before replying,
"Well, after you disappeared after Odie, Neil and I took over the boat, and had a hell of a time doing it. We were pretty sure we were going to end up in the water, when one of the coast guards came flying out of the water, dragging you, and you had Odie. Anyway, all three of you landed on deck, and the coastguard took over at the helm. I don't know how he did it, but he got us safely back to shore."
"Back to shore? That would have been near to impossible, not to mention more dangerous than just riding it out," Jay replied with disbelief.
"That's why I say I don't know how he did it." Herry shoved bacon into his mouth while Jay thought.
"That could be him," he concluded, Herry pausing to listen, "if he got us back to shore after hauling us out of the water, then he has abilities beyond what I would think possible. He was covered by his raingear, so if he had scales I wouldn't have noticed." Jay looked back at the hospital, "We'll go back to the harbor after talking to this nurse." His thoughts drifted to his prospective mentor. He seemed dangerously reckless.
They heard the scraping of chairs behind them as two young men sat down. Their conversation drifted over to Jay and Herry.
"She's under cover right now at some high school."
"No kidding? Didn't she just finish doing that in Japan?" The second, deeper voice asked. Jay glanced over at the table, observing the two men. They were both of powerful build, but the speaker was nearly a foot taller than the first. They both had short, practical haircuts, and were dressed comfortably. They looked perfectly ordinary, and Jay wouldn't have given them a second glance if not for overhearing their conversation.
"Yeah, I guess she looks young enough to fit in." The two shared a laugh, as if this was some private joke. Jay glanced back at the hospital and was surprised to see Midori walking towards them, her eyebrows together in anger. The men behind them noticed her too, and obviously recognized her.
"Uh oh, healer on a mission."
"May all evil doers clear her path or be smote." Their mirth was halted abruptly as the young woman arrived at their table,
"What were you two thinking? Do you have any idea how many people you hurt?" She paused to work up some air.
"Easy Midori."
"We're in public..."
She sat down with a huff, seeming to settle after getting those sentences out.
"They're not your playthings, you know," she continued sadly.
"We know Midori, that's way we made sure no-body died," the taller man replied gently. Midori didn't seem to convinced.
"So," the other man continued calmly, "what was up with that storm yesterday?" Midori laughed quietly,
"Changing the subject, Chandros?" He grinned at her,
"Someone needed to rescue Darren from that situation," he leaned forward, "and if anyone's gonna know, it'll be you or Andrew."
"I suppose that's true," she replied. There was a moment of silence.
"Do you know?" Darren asked. Midori smiled,
"I have a strong theory."
"You're not going to tell us, are you?" Darren grumbled, as Chandros looked around and frowned.
"Well, I will, but I think you two are out of time here, and I have to go to work." Chandros tapped the confused Darren on the shoulder, gesturing to the police officers making their way towards them.
"Oh," Darren replied, the three of them standing calmly and leaving the table in three different directions. Midori headed briskly back to the hospital and Darren wandered away from the approaching officers. Chandros, on the other hand, headed straight for them, a determined and threatening attitude evident in his stride. They could see the first officer falter a bit, something about Chandros' threatening appearance giving him pause. Jay and Herry caught the playful grin he flashed the two officers as he twisted out of their path, and was gone before they could react.


Jay and Herry walked casually up the sidewalk to the brownstone,
"Well, I think that day was a decent success, even if we didn't get to talk to anyone we wanted to." Herry said, stretching as Jay opened the door. They hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Midori, and a visit to the coast guard office turned up a deed end as well, with everyone that had been working yesterday getting the day off.
"Yeah, we got a couple more names, although I doubt any of our mentors would be chased by the cops. Maybe they're not actually on our side..."
"Jay!" Odie came running to the door as it opened, "someone hacked into my computer!"


There you go folks, sorry it took so long to update, but school is school. Next chapter: The Internet Cafe
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