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Internet Cafe

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Odie meets his mentor

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That Hero Business

Chapter 16 - Internet Café

"I didn't think that was possible," Jay replied, disturbed by Odie's hectic pacing.
"It wasn't!" Odie yelled back, the force of his panic hitting Jay in face and startling him enough to take a step back.
"Settle down Odie, we can't figure this out if your panicking," Jay said as calmly as he could. Odie collapsed into the couch, state-of-the-art-laptop on the table in front of him. The other inhabitants of the brownstone crept slowly into the room, having been doing their best to avoid the computer geek on a rampage. "Exactly what did they do?" Jay asked, sitting beside Odie.
"Changed my wallpaper," Odie replied miserably. Jay blinked,
"That's it?" Odie glared at him and began typing, fingers moving lightning fast to insert the passwords that allowed him access. He turned the display towards Jay, the message written there in black block letters:

"Odie, meet me at the internet café across from the mall. I have some answers for you, and it's time we made contact." -Andrew

"Okay..." Jay replied, "when?" He felt very small under the continuous glare of the shortest member of his team. Odie pointed to the time indicator at the bottom corner of his screen. The time was frozen to the second of when Odie was supposed to meet his mentor.
"Tomorrow?" Jay asked. Odie nodded,
"I assume I'm supposed to go alone."
"You won't have to." Jay replied calmly, disliking the sound of these mentors more and more.


Odie sat quietly at the café the next morning, waiting for the 11:23 appointment he had with Andrew. Jay had shared his thoughts with the group, that their mentors seemed to be connected to the strange occurrences lately. The fires, the storm, the car chase, and finally the unorthodox method of communicating with Odie.
Odie was a little nervous, wondering why he was the one that had to meet his mentor first. Of course, Midori hadn't been all that bad, and she at least had some connection to his mentor, this computer adept Andrew. Odie opened his laptop, attempting to blend in with the rest of the geeks that populated the café. However, he was more than a little distracted, and couldn't help but take glances toward Archie and Herry, whom Jay had posted in corners as Odie's immediate backup. The rest of the team was dispersed on the street around them.
"Hello Odie."
Odie looked up at the young man standing in front of him. He was average height and build, with sandy colored hair and ordinary blue eyes. His face was entirely dominated by a large pair of circular glasses.
"May I sit down?" he asked, setting his own laptop on the table. Odie nodded,
"I'm assuming your Andrew." His mentor smiled and offered his hand, which Odie shook.
"And I'm assuming you have a lot of questions for me, which I'm willing to answer." Odie looked critically at Andrew sitting calmly across from him, one dominant question rising to the forefront.
"Can you read my mind?" he asked, Andrew's name as the 'Controller of Thoughts' making him nervous. Andrew laughed,
"How did I guess?" He replied with a smile, "it isn't really 'reading,' but essentially, yes, I can."
"Then why do you bother having me ask you questions if you can just look into my head and see what I want to know?" Odie asked, a little irritated at Andrew for making him feel so uninformed. Andrew leaned forward and gave Odie's head a tap.
"This," he said, "is your sovereign territory and your greatest weapon. I'm here to teach you how to defend and use it, not invade it." Andrew dropped his hand to Odie's computer, "tell me about this."


Archie quickly lapsed into boredom as Odie and Andrew's conversation switched to their computers. He sighed and stretched, adjusting the hat that hid the wire he was wearing in his ear.
"You look bored." Archie looked up at the young man leaning on the chair across from him. He had a lean, athletic build and was dressed comfortably in shorts and a plain T- shirt. He sat down without asking, setting his coke down casually.
"Who are you?" Archie demanded, hand on his whip.
"My name is Chandros, you might have heard of me from your friends. Me and Darren ran into them yesterday, and I think I got put down as the 'Seducer of Danger' on that bag thingie too."
"You're my mentor," Archie realized aloud, suddenly more interested in this young man. Chandros took a sip of his drink,
"Yeah, that's the idea," he replied, appearing totally casual. Archie stared at him from across the table, wondering which of his many questions to ask first.
"Why," he started, hesitating as Chandros' attention turned back to him, "why are you called 'the seducer of danger?"
"Must have been that encounter I had with a succubus," he replied after a moment of consideration.
"What's a succubus?" Archie asked immediately. Chandros leaned forward, a grin spreading across his face,


Herry watched Archie turn red as his mentor laughed at his reaction. He sipped his milkshake and looked over at Odie, who was engaged in a lively conversation about something a physicist would have trouble following. It wasn't long before someone sat down in front of him. The towering height and powerful build was the first thing that struck Herry, and the second was the stack of burgers he set down on the table.
"Hungry?" He asked, picking up the top burger and digging into it.
"Always," Herry replied, offering his hand, "I'm Herry."
"Darren," the young man replied, shaking his hand firmly.
"So what brings you here?" Herry asked conversationally, digging in to one of the hamburgers.
"I came to meet you," Darren replied, and Herry gave him a confused look. "I'm your mentor, and I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd come meet you. Besides, you guys are gonna need us soon."

So there has been a complete lack of inspiration these days, but a chapter is a chapter, I suppose
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