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Carrots and Copper

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Lots of dialogue. Warning: Jay flirting! Still pretty short.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 17 - Carrots and Copper

Jay walked through the parking lot towards the grocery store. Andrew and Odie had arranged for all the mentors to come to the brownstone that evening and he and Herry had been sent out for more food. He had left Herry in the truck to avoid filling the cart with more than they needed. He was nearly finished shopping when he saw the new student from his history class. She was loading boxes from the back of the store into a cart. Jay pushed his cart up beside hers,
"Hi," he greeted. She looked up at him and smiled, returning the greeting. It was the closest Jay had ever been to her, and he suddenly realized just how beautiful she really was. Then she looked into his eyes and he remembered the last time she had met his gaze. That intense, wild look sent his heart racing in an instant, and he was at a lack of anything to say.
"Are you okay?" She asked after a moment. Jay shook his head to clear it,
"Yeah, sorry." He looked away from her gaze and saw what she was loading into her cart, "that's a lot of carrots." She nodded,
"I'm getting bread too, the horses like it."
"You like horses?"
"What girl doesn't?" She replied with a shrug. Jay started to relax as she began to seem normal.
"I'm Jay," he offered his hand and she took it.
"Kiralia," she replied, her hand felt callused and her grip was strong.
"Need some help with those carrots?" He asked, picking up one of the boxes.
"Oh," a slight blush crept to Kiralia's cheeks, "you don't have to..."
"It's okay, I want to," he replied with a grin, awaiting her to lead the way out of the store. By the time they loaded the boxes onto the back of her truck, Jay found himself flirting shamelessly.
"Well, I'd better get this home," she smiled at him as she leaned against the silver truck. Jay put his arm up beside her and leaned in,
"I guess, but I'm afraid I can't let you leave."
"Really," Kiralia replied, "and why is that?" Jay grinned,
"You haven't given me your phone number yet." Kiralia laughed, her copper hair falling in front of her face,
"What if I just don't give you my number?"
"Then I'll have to take a risk and ask you out on the spot," Jay replied after a moment of thought. She laughed again and he ended up walking away with her number tucked into his back pocket and a consideration by Kiralia for a date on the upcoming Friday.

Herry jolted awake as Jay shut the door after climbing into the passenger seat.
"What took you so long?" He asked as Jay sat staring into the distance.
"Sorry Herry, I got caught up," Jay replied with a smile. Herry raised his eyebrows at Jay's happy and satisfied mood,
"Okay, lets go home then."
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