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Our heroes meet their mentors. Sexual themes and language.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 18 – Fourteen

When they arrived at the brownstone, they found the rest of the team already started on dinner. Jay quickly set about remedying they’re disorganization. Everyone was soon busy with their appointed tasks, and it wasn’t long before the doorbell announced the arrival of Andrew. Odie and his mentor disappeared almost instantaneously, rushing down to Odie’s room in the basement to check out his ‘setup.’ They returned a few moments later, and Odie remembered to make introductions, Andrew smiling knowingly at everyone. They moved into the living room and sat down to wait for the remaining six of the mentors. Andrew found himself the center of attention as silence descended on the room. He tapped his fingers nervously, looking back at everybody looking at him.
“I’m sorry to say that I’m not really the spokesperson of the group,” he admitted, and the seven young heroes sighed in disappointment.
“Couldn’t you tell us something?” Jay asked. Andrew smiled,
“I can tell you many things, but you’ll have to provide the questions. I’m not very good at speeches.”
“What are you?” Neil’s voice stood out amongst the flurry of questions, “I mean, why are you guys immortal?”
Everyone’s attention was riveted on Andrew as he sighed in preparation for a long explanation. The obnoxious roaring of a motorcycle arriving at the brownstone interrupted him. Andrew sighed and rolled his eyes,
Archie stood to let his mentor in, and Chandros strolled into the living room, looking very much like he owned the place.
“Hey Andrew, what’s up?” Chandros asked as he sat down beside Atlanta. Archie started to protest, but then thought better of it and sat on the floor.
“I was just about to explain to them the reason for our immortality,” Andrew replied patiently.
“Oh yeah, that” Chandros looked at the group of teenagers, “we’re fucked up.” He leaned back comfortably into the couch. Andrew seemed to disapprove his crude explanation, but had to agree.
“That is one way of putting it,” he admitted, and continued with his explanation, “like you, our power lies in our bloodlines.”
“Quite the pedigree,” Chandros commented.
“Indeed. We all have blood of several…” He paused, searching for the correct term, “creatures, in our veins.”
Chandros laughed,
“You make it sound like our ancestors were into bestiality.”
“Well, if we look at your bloodlines, that could be assumed,” Andrew replied smugly, obviously unable to help himself. Chandros grinned, not bothered by the insult in the least,
“And your great-great grandfather was dead, and still walking.” Andrew shrugged and dismissed the topic,
“In any case, the result of the mixture between species…”
“That’s impossible,” Odie interjected. Andrew and Chandros looked at him curiously. “I mean, two different species can’t produce offspring, that’s what makes them a different species.”
“Never underestimate the ability of magic to change all normal rules of life.” Chandros replied without hesitation. Andrew nodded in full agreement,
“That is the simplest way to explain it.”
“So, what are you then?” Neil asked again.
“Technically, Chandros and I are ‘mostly’ human.” Andrew answered.
“Kinda sorta, human is…” Chandros continued, “a little bit of a stretch.” Andrew agreed again, nodded slowly, thoughtfully.
The seven teenager’s puzzled looks were answered by a knock on the door. Herry stood to answer it, and a young man entered. He stood nearly a foot taller than Herry, and Jay recognized him as the man that had been with Chandros across from the hospital. He introduced himself politely as Darren, Herry’s mentor. He held the door open as another young man, perhaps only a teenager, came up the stairs to the brownstone behind him. He stood between Darren and Chandros in height, with black, spiky hair, deep blue eyes and a winning smile that he flashed everyone as he walked into the room.
“Hey everyone, I’m Tristan,” he greeted cheerfully, and walked over to Jay to shake his hand, “nice to meet you Jay, I’ve been keeping an eye…” Tristan stopped and looked at Andrew when everyone heard, or rather felt, a quiet ringing in the air.
“You know, I hate it when you do that,” Tristan said, while Andrew stared impassively back at him. Tristan broke the stare and sighed, finding a space of wall to lean against, as all the seats were taken. Jay looked over at Andrew, who seemed as if nothing had happened. However, as Jay watched, Andrew seemed to twitch slightly and he blinked. He stood up quietly and started towards the door.
“Going to go pick up your girlfriend there Andrew?” Chandros asked as Tristan took his seat. Andrew nodded,
“I’ll be right back.”
“So, know that he’s gone, how’s everybody doing?” Tristan asked cheerfully.
“Now that he’s gone?” Odie looked at Tristan skeptically.
“He can be bit of a spoilsport sometimes,” Chandros replied with a shrug, “but he’s good fun most of the time.”
“And he’s not even a paladin, I mean you expect that stuff from a paladin.” Tristan grinned at Darren, who was obviously the subject of his joke.
“We have spent far too much time apart my good friend.” He replied with a smile. Theresa looked up at Darren. The man was massive, she wouldn’t make him the brunt of any joke.
“What did he just do there?” Jay asked Tristan. Tristan looked at him,
“Well, essentially, he swatted my brain,” he replied, “it’s very uncomfortable.”
“He’s a telepath,” Odie answered, having already gone over this with his mentor.
“One of the most powerful the universe has ever seen,” Chandros added.
“But I’m a telepath,” Theresa said, “shouldn’t he be my mentor?”
“I’ll be watching my thoughts around you then,” Chandros winked at her. Darren answered her question in his deep, strong voice,
“Midori is clairvoyant, and should be a more than suitable mentor,” he smiled gently, “if you had any doubts.”
“Besides, we’re not going to keep you all to ourselves, if you want to hang out with Andrew, you certainly can,” Tristan added.
“So, did you guys just divide us up amongst you?” Atlanta asked.
“Pretty much,” Tristan answered, “we tried to match abilities as best we could.”
“So you’re the leader then?” Herry asked Tristan. Chandros and Darren chuckled, snorting slightly as they tried to hold it back. Tristan looked slightly embarrassed,
“No, I don’t really led this group,” he replied.
“He tries sometimes,” Chandros managed to get out, “ we usually humor him.”
“Except when he’s being stupid,” Darren commented.
“Stupid?” Archie asked curiously, “like what?” In response, Chandros pulled off a perfect imitation of Tristan’s voice:
“Well, how bout’ we just blow it up?” Darren and Chandros dissolved into laughter, and Tristan couldn’t stop himself from cracking up.
“You know what the funniest part of that situation was?” Tristan continued.
“What?” Neil asked on cue.
“We blew it up,” Chandros continued as he brought his laughter under control.
“It was actually our only real option at the time,” Tristan remarked.
“What did you blow up?” Jay asked.
“A ship,” Chandros replied.
“That we were in,” Tristan continued.
“Hence the stupid idea,” Darren shook his head with the memory, “had I been there, I probably wouldn’t have let them do it. As it was, all I got was these two hooligans running towards me, screaming at the top of their lungs to run.”
“And Darren was just like ‘Run from what?’” Chandros laughed again.
“And the look Andrew gave you two,” Darren chuckled.
“Yeah, it’s the ‘What the hell did you do” look,” Chandros continued, “I get it all the time.”
“We both do,” Tristan agreed. The sound of Andrew’s car returning prompted Odie to stand and let him in. He was followed by Midori, wearing the familiar scrubs from the hospital. Odie smiled shyly at her, despite him have been her patient. She had a definite grace to her, an almost fairy-like beauty, that had everyone staring. She reminded Jay of Kiralia with her delicate looking features. The boys smiled at them with amusement.
“Never seen an elf before?” Tristan asked with a grin.
“No…” Herry replied, still staring blatantly.
“Aren’t elves supposed to have pointed ears?” Atlanta asked.
“Yes,” Midori replied in a melodic voice, “and I do.”
“And aren’t you supposed to have scales?” Archie asked Tristan. It suddenly became apparent to everyone that Tristan was wearing a t-shirt, and none of the exposed skin looked anything like scales.
“Where did you hear that?” Tristan asked.
“Athena told us that you spent so much time at sea that you grew scales,” Jay explained.
“Athena told you?” Midori asked curiously.
“The goddess Athena?” Andrew clarified.
“Yes…” Jay continued. The five immortals stared at him for a moment.
“Oh, cool,” Tristan finally replied, “yes, I have scales. I was born with them though, the growing them thing is just silly.”
“Where?” Theresa asked, hoping there would be no drastic measure of discovery this time. Tristan held his arm out to her,
“Touch me,” he said. She reached out and ran her finger along his forearm, gasping and pulling back. There were scales all right.
“We keep our non-human features covered with magic,” Midori explained, “it makes things easier.”
“So when is my mentor getting here?” Neil interrupted.
“Ah, Tanager,” Chandros said.
“She’ll get here when she decides to get here,” Tristan replied.
“What’s she like? Is she hot?” Neil leaned toward him for more information.
“Of course she’s hot. You can’t be what she is and not be hot,” Tristan replied.
“Yep,” Chandros agreed heartily.
“So what is she?” Herry asked.
“Well, mostly human, but she is essentially, well…” Andrew started to explain.
“A succubus,” Chandros finished.
“What’s a succubus?” Jay asked with a frown.
“How bout you answer that one Archie,” Chandros prodded him with his foot. Archie blushed. Chandros had explained to him exactly what a succubus was, and even shared some of his personal experiences with him. Chandros prodded him again. He muttered something, and then cleared his throat loudly at more prodding,
“A sex demon.”
“What?” Odie asked incredulously.
“A succubus is a sex demon,” Archie managed to say clearly.
“So my mentor is a sex demon?” Neil clarified.
“Sweet!” Neil exclaimed, “can’t wait to meet her.”
“Then wait no longer honey, I’m here,” Tanager stood in the doorway to the living room. The males of the room stared at her leather clad body and the cleavage that strained against her halter top. “I just let myself in,” she continued, moving into the room and obviously enjoying the attention she was attracting.
“Well, those two will get along fine,” Theresa muttered to herself as Tanager introduced herself to Neil.
By now the brownstone living room was crowed with thirteen people, seven teenagers and six immortal men and women.
“ You’re the woman we saw in detention.” Herry finally said to Tanager.
“That’s right hun,” she leaned towards him, “and what kind of naughty boy were you being to end up in detention?”
Odie, while distracted by Tanager’s cleavage, had a another question,
“So, how old are you guys anyway?”
“Older than you,” Midori replied.
“Well, are you all the same age?”
“Nah, this little guy is the youngest,” Chandros replied, ruffling Tristan’s hair. He glared angrily at Chandros in reply.
“And the oldest?”
“That would be Kiralia,” Andrew replied.
“Kiralia? The girl at school?” Jay asked curiously.
“Yeah, she’s Atlanta’s mentor, she was hanging out at your school to…”
“You mean the girl I just asked out? The girl that doesn’t even look old enough to be in the senior year, is the oldest of bunch of immortals?”
“You asked her out?” Theresa asked in shock.
“Yeah, but I guess it’s out of the question now.”
“Well, did she say yes?” Tristan asked.
“She said she’d consider it.” Chandros shrugged,
“You never know.”
“So, when is my extremely old mentor supposed to get here?” Atlanta asked.
“She’s already here,” Tanager replied in her slight russian accent.
“What?” Everyone asked, looking around.
“She was here when I got here,” Tanager continued, sounding bored, as if she was repeating information everyone was supposed to know.
“She’s a huntress,” Darren replied to their confused looks, “you’ll only see her when she wants you to.”
“Come on out Kiralia,” Chandros continued, “you’re scaring the kiddies.” With that, Kiralia slipped silently into the room, seeming to just appear in the doorway.
“Whoa,” Atlanta exclaimed, “are you gonna teach me to do that?”


Whew! That was long. Sorry guys, its been awhile, but I am a college student, after all.
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