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I Set My Friends On Fire

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Kaela sees the future and Ray does something he might now live regret

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Chapter 17
I Set My Friends on Fire

Kaela dashed into the depths of the woods, her green eyes filled to the brim with fear at what was coming after her. She ran past the twisted ashes, sending leaves spiralling into the air as her short legs began to tire and her little chest heaved as she tried to breath faster and harder so she could keep running. Then, her legs shot from under her as they hit hard against a tree root and she went spinning to the ground. Her head hit hard against the trunk of a petrified oak and the world spun as she fell down into darkness.

When she woke up she was sitting at the back of a classroom. The walls were plastered in posters of bands and song lyrics were sprawled across the white wash in black marker. In front of her there were three tables of girls, chatting among themselves as they waited for their teacher to come through the oak door. But one girl caught Kaela's eye, her long, black hair was tied back in a plait away from her pale face and she was leaning over to talk to the girl next to her. She was even thinner than the other girl with short, cropped brown hair and a smile on her face that made her seem warm and friendly even when you'd only just seen her. Their teacher walked in a while later and the little girl began to wonder why she couldn't seem to see her but all of her other fears evaporated when the black haired girl stood up on stage and got ready to sing. A gasp echoed from Kaela's lips as the girl turned to face the class, her emerald eyes sparkled with the same hurt as hers always had but it had dulled slightly, her pale face marked with four silver scars down her left cheek but unlike Kaela's they were hardly visible. She wasn't particularly tall for her age and was as thin as a rake; her pale skin making her took sickly and ill. She wore a smile as she began to sing but it slowly faded the more notes she hit.
"I set my friends on fire. Well I looked at your grave I do not feel alive. I set my friends on fire. Well I looked at your eyes I do not feel alive. I set my friends on fire, now I will give up. I set my friends on fire, now I will give my life. If I tell you now I will not feel alive, if I kill you now I will not feel pride, if I kill you now I have set those fields on fire, what's this? One More Time. Burn-Lies-Lies-one more time, Burn-Lies-Lies-set, one more time." She sang the words with a sweetness that was like poison and it set shivers down the other girl's spines, all but Kaela. She sat, transfixed at the sight of what she would become but the scream that echoed from both her lips and the lips of her double as their eyes met was as real as the words of that song would become.


The members of My Chemical Romance lay asleep in a semi circle around the embers of the dying fire they'd created to keep them warm and banish that darkness that surrounded the copse. Nothing stirred, not the band or the menaces that slept in the forest beyond the coppice until through the trees a figure stepped. Their lean body was covered in a sweeping black robe that swished the leaves and ash up into an unnatural frenzy as the figure passed through the twisted trees. Stepping over the embers of the dying fire he knelt down next to Ray, who was huddled up in a pile of leaves in a vague attempt to keep warm, but the creature just brushed them away from his face and lay a glove encased hand unto his forehead. Ray was awake in an instant; as if he'd been electric shocked and found himself staring into the face of a creature from nightmares. His pale face was contorted like he'd been severely burnt and the black eyes that glared at him from under drooping, ash grey eyelids were as black as coal - like Sandra's, Ray thought painfully.
"You must come." He murmured at a monotone, and as his lifeless grey lips moved they contorted his already ruined features yet more.
Ray drew a breath as the creature's face contorted "Why?" He whispered, almost scared to ask.
"I can help you save Sandra." He told Ray simply, tipping his head to one side and from out of his hood a wisp of grey hair could be seen "It's what you want."
Ray nodded slowly "But who says I trust you to help me?" He asked suspiciously.
"No one." The man told him quietly "But if you want to save her, come." He beckoned as he went to stand up "If not you stay."
Ray closed his eyes in confusion "But what about the others?" He asked slowly "Why can't they come too?"
The man shook his head "They will not understand...will slow us down. Must come now if you want."
Ray stood up making his decision quickly "Have you got any paper?" He asked as he brushed the leaves from his jeans.
The man looked confused "Paper?" He questioned as if the word was foreign to him.
"You write parchment or something." Ray attempted to explain, looking up at the old figure with surprise.
"Oh!" He agreed "Writing. Yes," He dug into the pockets of his robe and drew a grubby piece of yellowed paper and a stub of a pencil. "Here."
"Thanks." Ray smiled and hastily scribbled a note and stepped over and dropped it by the embers of the fire where they would see it when they woke up.
"Good, we go now?" The old man asked, his grammar breaking up the more he spoke.
Ray nodded and sighing looked around the rough camp and silently bid them all farewell, the little voice at the back of his head telling him he'd be lucky to see them again. The whole thing felt so stupid, he thought as he set off behind the old man who was surprisingly fast for his appearance, but is it what you do for love?

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