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Her Memory.....The Tragedy

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Their all gone and i'm all alone how will I fight Cronus. Hera is working on finding new descendents but I don't think she'll find anyone. I can only hope... Okay I have just re-addded this story ...

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A Life On My Own
Chapter 1: Her Memory......The Tragedy


Jay was first, hi basically died from bleeding to death because he was trying to save me, but after Jay, everyone else started to panic.
Then there was Neil, he didn't go out to bad if you include him flying into a tree and coming down and hitting his head on a very big rock. The rock that caused his death.
Archie was next, he was stabbed though the heart by Cronus. Atlanta tried to save him but she couldn't.
When Herry went it was because he was checking up on Jay and didn't see it coming Cronus scythed him though the back.
Atlanta wasn't that bad, she went out fighting with me to many severe cots that's what caused her.
But Odie was a surprise, I don't know what happened to him.I was walking away because I managed to get Cronus to leave.
That day will haunt me forever. Why did I escape why couldn't Jay. I started to cry again. Hera cam over to try and calm me down but she didn't understand. I was meant for Jay doesn't she understand that now I will probably be on my own forever,

A few days later

There's a new kid at school he seems interested in me but I don't care.
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