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Hi Aireya. (Air-e-a)

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not about Theresa and Andrew but enjoy this is the one nobody really got to read

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A Life on My Own

Chapter 4. Hi Aireya. (Air-e-a)


I had been orphaned for 6 years now and I am starving. I look like a toothpick.
My long hair hasn't been brushed and even as it grows it gets even more massively knotted.

My name is Aireya Du WeldanVardan Adurna, I have been orphaned since I was 10 and now I'm 16. Right now I'm in Athens. My hair is down to my knees and its bright red with natural black streaks. My face is fair but very pale; normally I would be a pretty tanned color. I love my eyes; they are big ocean blue eyes. My skirt and tank is torn in places. If you must know I'm Greek.

I was wandering around calmly dodging police cars and all people in genre. I decided to go up to the Ancient ruins. For some reason I feel at home there. I also knew how to do things I would never imagine myself doing.

I own a locket that when I open it there's a picture of my entire family. Just like magic the locket also plays the lullaby Tears. (A/N Got on my site and go to the page that has my stories on it the song will play automatically.) I cry when I open it.

Anyways, I make it up to the ruins and look at what's left of a statue of Athena. She must have been so pretty. I wonder if they really are real. They are only myths there's no way the can be real.

A fiery red kitten came up and curled up on my lap.

"Hi there, at least someone loves me." I said to the kitten.


"What!!!" Hera's reaction way pretty bad.

"I'm sorry Miss. Hera, but there's no way I can get her without the risk of being seen." I said.

"Hermes there has to be a way." Came Hera's remark.

"She's always in the ancient ruins of Athens, so there's no way of getting her." I said telling the truth.

"Well find a way!!!!" Hera yelled ovisaly really mad.


"Andrew impressive!" Came Aries's really nice remark to Andrews test.

"Andrew I will be your mentor and Theresa can you show him around some more?" Hera said.

"Hera, have you found any other descendents?" I asked.

Hera's face grew dark as she stormed out of the room.

"Uh..... What was that supposed to mean?" I said thinking out loud.

"Come on Theresa can you please show me the rest of the school. I don't want to get lost." Andrew said squeezing my hand.

"Okay lets go." I replied.


It was a warm night. I decided to stay in the ruins for a .little while longer. The kitten was curled up beside me. It was midnight by now.

"What the?" I asked the air.

There was a big bird coming towards me. I held onto the kitten as the bird, wait Griffin came swooping by me. Someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. I held on to the person and the kitten at the same time.

"Hi, Aireya." The person said.
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