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Chapter 3:Andrew

A few days later after my breakdown. Still no sign of Cronus. I was just hanging out with Andrew. He was visiting me at the dorm. Athena wasn't there.

"Hey Theresa you said you shared this dorm with those friends of yours that you told me died." Andrew asked.

"Yeah, I really miss them. I keep thinking there just going to walk in the door any minute now." I said starting to cry as I stared at the door.

"It's okay please don't cry again." Andrew said calmly.

Just then who had to walk in the door, Hera. I felt my face go red.

"Uh........ W-what a-are y-you d-d-doing HERE." I stuttered but yelled the last one.

"Sorry Theresa." Hera said calmly.

"Theresa what's going on who's that?" Andrew asked.

Hera toke no notice just said smiling. "I just came to inform Andrew Welcome to the team."

"What team." Andrew asked.

"Hera you can't be serious." I said annoyed.

"Well, the team Theresa belongs to." Hera replied to Andrews's question.

"Who is this lady." Andrew whispered in my ear.

"Uh you don't want tot know." I said whispering.

"I'm Hera the Greek goddess." Hera answered his question.

"Okay now I'm freaked, Theresa why didn't you tell me." Andrew asked.

"I wasn't allowed." I said again annoyed at Hera.

"I expect to see you both tomorrow. Andrew come with Theresa." Hera said.

Of god what now. Who is he the descendent of?
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