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Chapter 1

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long live the car crash hearts

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"So after all that's happened between you two, you're just going to stand by and let this happen?" Rachel asked, "I mean I never imagined you just standing by and letting someone you love marry someone else."

"Well what else can I do?" I asked, wincing, as she placed pins in my hair to secure the beautiful up-do she'd twisted my stubborn hair into. "He made his choice and I'm going to honor his decision."

"Yeah, but you could have at least declined the offer to be a bridesmaid," Rach turned me around in the chair so I could check out my hair.

"She did that just to make me uncomfortable and so I'd look like a jerk when I said no. You should have seen the look on her face when I said yes" I laughed, "now that was classic!"

The wedding planner came in to tell me how much time I had before pictures, so I crossed the room to the full length mirror to check my dress.

"At least she's not insane enough to ruin her wedding my dressing me in something embarrassing," I said to Rachel as she touched up her eyeliner in the mirror I had just vacated.

"Yeah, that woman does know how to pick out a dress," She stated, standing up and looking me over, "God, you look like a knockout. There's no way he'll be able to keep his eyes off of you."

"Uhhhh, hi, he has his own new wife for that," I grabbed my bouquet and started for the door, "Even if she is Cruella DeVille". I heard my best friend laugh as I started down the hall to the garden.

Wow. The love of my life is getting married. To someone I can't stand. It's so weird to think about all those years ago, when we had something special. Something nobody could explain. Something wonderful. Best Friends Forever. True Love. Growing Old Together. So much for all that...

******Ten Years Earlier******

Rachel and I walked up a shabby looking club in Chicago. We were headed to go check out a band we had heard about through a friend of a friend...of a friend. We kept forgetting the name of the band the whole week we had been planning to go, but as we approached the building, the name was everywhere. On the marquee, on people's shirts, and even tattooed on one guy's arm. Arma Angelus.

By the time the performance was over, I was hooked. Not really on the music, but on the face and voice of the lead vocalist. And apparently the girl I had been standing next to was as well. She looked slightly younger than myself, which is too young to be drinking and yet, there she was completely wasted, and yelling out innapropirate things to the band. Finally, the band responded in unison with a, "Go home, Margie."

She protested of course, but the singer finally got her to leave the club with a sweet smile and some bad acting. "We're only looking out for you, sweetheart. You really shouldn't be drinking."

The band played a few more songs, then the lead singer began to speak, "Hey, I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's show. We have one more song for you guys tonight, but first I want to say something. This club lets kids under 21 hang out here and that's way cool, but anyone drinking underage, like Margie tonight, will have to be escorted out. 17-year-old girls shouldn't have to drink to have a good time. Nobody should. Anyway, thanks, we're Arma Angelus and make sure to check out our merch table!"

And with that the band began another heavy tune. But before the lead singer could open his mouth, his eyes locked with mine and he looked a little taken aback. Then he went on with the song. I asked Rach if I had gotten a zit from all the sweating I had done, but she told me I hadn't and we went back to enjoying the band.

Later that night, the two of us exited the club and started to head down the street to where we had parked Rachel's car. We were walking and talking, and me being not too great at multitasking, I ran right into someone on the street. Upon closer inspection, it was the very lead singer I had been checking out earlier that evening.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said nervously.

"No problem" he said with a chuckle.

"You had a great show tonight" I tried to sound cool. This guy was even better looking up close.

"Thanks" he said, "You two haven't been to a show before have you? If you have I'm sorry for not recognizing you. I remember almost every face in our crowds."

Rachel opened her mouth to speak but I beat her to it, "No, we've never seen you before, but we're defiantly up for seeing you play again!"

"Really?" He sounded excited.

"Yeah!" I held up the shirt I had bought earlier that evening, "We bought shirts for next time!"

"Well I really can't wait to see you in the crowd again." He might have blushed, but it was too dark to tell.

And at that moment, for the first time in my life, I giggled.

"I'm Peter" He said with another sweet smile.

"Roxanne" I said as we shook hands.

"I'm Rachel, and we really need to go, Roxy." She said pulling me away, "I told my parents we'd be home before midnight and it's already 12:30!!!"

"Bye!" I called, and he waved back at me.

When we got into the car, I sighed.

"Somebody's got it BAD!" said Rachel as she started the car and headed home.
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