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Chapter 2

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Something lighter

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About a year and a half after I met Pete, I approached the same shabby club in Chicago, but this time, instead of taking a table towards the back, I braved the crowds and found my usual spot at the front of the mosh pit.

The place was buzzing with excitement. Apparently more people read the band blog than they thought, because everyone was talking about what had been posted earlier that afternoon. Pete had an announcement to make.

Unfortunately, I already knew what Pete was going to say, and I didn't want to be around this crowd when he said it, so when the band was close to the end of their set, I began to make my way to the door. I walked around the building to the stage door and waited. I was soon joined by Margie, the band's self-proclaimed "biggest fan". Her bright red lipstick was smudged from a heavy make-out session I had seen her having in the back of the club, and I had a feeling the guy was one she hadn't met before tonight. But she also wore a sad look on her face and tears in her eyes. When the band emerged, Pete had the same melancholy look he'd been wearing since he had made the decision to leave the band.

"But Pete," Margie whined, "the band won't be the same without you!"

"Let's go" He whispered, taking my hand and leading me to his car. We drove back to Pete's place in near silence, with only the sound of Adam Lazzara's voice drifting through the speakers:

So sick
so sick of being tired
and oh so tired of being sick

Suddenly, Pete spoke, "I should do this."

"Do what?" I was confused.

"Something lighter, something fun. I want melodies like these. Tell All Your Friends is a modern classic because people can sing it. That's why people love Taking Back Sunday. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to call up Joe and tell him my idea and then we'll get to work." Pete's eyes were lighting up at the thought.

"That sounds great" I said earnestly.

We finally pulled up to Pete's apartment and got out of the car. Once the door was closed, Pete's lips were touching mine, and after a few seconds, the tongues got involved. We moved over to the couch, trying not to break the kiss. After successfully reaching the couch, my arms snaked around Pete's neck and his hands settled on my hips, trying to get as close to each other as possible. I could feel Pete smiling into the kiss and I smiled too. We broke apart and our eyes locked. I giggled, which I'd been doing a lot of when I was around him, and we dove back into our kissing. And we went on like that for, who knows how long, until we heard the door open.

"Dude" we heard Joe, an awkward looking kid with a mess of curly hair, shout and then an, "Oh. Wow. Sorry. Didn't realize you two were getting in on. My bad". He sat down next to me on the couch, "Hey Roxy!" He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on.

"Another fight with your parents?" I asked him.

"Yeah, something about me disgracing the family and Jewish law or some shit like that" I could tell he was trying to hide being upset, "Hey Pete, got any soda or chips or anything? I'm starved"

"Yeah, Rox, you want anything?" Pete asked me as he got up and headed for the fridge.

"Diet Coke, thanks."

Pete came back with 3 sodas and a bag of potato chips, and put them down on the table. "As long as you're here, man, I want to talk to you about something."

Joe lowered the TV volume, "yeah?"

"Well, you know how lately I've been saying how sick I'm getting of playing all that heavy stuff, and how I left Arma Angelus, and everything?"

"uh-huh," Joe stuffed a handful of chips into his mouth.

"Well I was thinking you and I could start a band, but doing something lighter and kind of more like, pop-punk-ish"

"Sounds pretty cool, I'm into it."

"Sweet," Pete said and got up from the couch again, "I'm going to go try and find a movie for us to watch" and then he left the room.

"So", I said, turning to Joe, "you wanna tell me any more about this fight with your parents?"

"Not really", said Joe, stuffing more chips into this mouth.

"Oh, come on. Nobody knows about unsupportive parents better than I do. My parents had big dreams for me. They had my whole college experience planned out. Nice catholic university, then medical school, and then I'd become the best neurosurgeon the world had ever seen. But when high school came around, and I became less focused on school, and more focused on having fun, going to see bands play, going to parties, giving my friends makeovers, and all that stuff. My grades were good enough to go anywhere I wanted, and when I chose beauty school, well, you can imagine. My parents went absolutely crazy, yelling, and crying, and saying how disappointed they were in me. But they just didn't understand that I'm passionate about making people look good, just like you're passionate about music and I'm sure if you're parents are better than mine, they'll come around, but if not, you'll survive. I mean, if I had gone my parents route I'd be stuck back in hicktown and I'd never have met Rachel, or Pete, or you."

"Thanks Roxy", Joe said, as Pete came back into the room.

"Okay, I can't find anything but Nightmare Before Christmas, so that's what we're watching." Pete said.

"Fine with me" I replied

"Me too" said Joe.
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