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Chapter 3

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man of mystery

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***Back To Present***

oh yeah, those were good times

I continued to walk down the hallway, and stopped short of the garden doors when I saw someone coming through them from the other side.

"You don't want to go out there" he warned me.

"Why?" I asked, noting the fear in his voice.

"Miss Thang is throwing a fit. Apparently, the garden isn't green enough for her pictures."

"Well what did she expect? Valentines Day isn't exactly in the peak season for flowering plants."

"God, this whole affair is so not Pete. The date, the location, the formality, the sheer enormity of the entire thing. It's insane. You two had beautiful wedding plans."

"Yeah, well, they never happened, did they?"

"Maybe you should go out there..." I gave him a confused look, "you look fabulous, and if he sees you, looking like that, he'll realize what he's doing wrong."

"Oh yeah, that'll be the day" I mumbled, "Okay, I'm going in. Wish me luck!" and I opened the door, but not before pretending to gag myself to get a laugh out of the man in the hat.


I had just finished class and my usual ride home, Rachel, had run home to help her roommate, who had lost her key. I was stuck. Pete wasn't home, so I called my favorite Jewish kid in the whole world.

Joe picked me up in his mom's mini-van and we headed to Borders for coffee and for me to look at books.

"Remind me why you don't have a car" Joe said, as I tuned the radio

"With only the money I'd put in my savings account, I can't pay for school, a car, and eat without getting a job and why do that when I have so many friends with soccer-mom-mobiles that I can call?" I pinched Joe's cheek.

We arrived at Borders, had coffee and then I headed for the books, while Joe headed for the CDs. Joe doesn't like to come near books, so you can imagine my surprise when he came up to me while I was reading the back of a Jane Austen novel.

"Roxy! Look what I found!" Joe almost shouted.

I turned, expecting to see him holding up the rare "Mark, Tom, and Travis Show" Blink 182 CD he'd been trying to find, but instead found a short, blonde, shy-looking guy in a plaid button down shirt and a trucker hat staring at me.

"His name's Patrick and he's so into the idea of me and Pete's band, and he says he can sing!" Joe was really shouting now, and acting like a puppy does when you hold up its favorite toy to play fetch.

"Hi Patrick, I'm Roxy" I said, smiling and shaking his hand.

"Hi" he mumbled back.

A few days later, Patrick showed up at Pete's place in the now famous "shorts and argyle sweater" ensemble. From the second that boy opened his mouth to sing, I could tell Pete was getting a vision for his new project.

"Dude, you're defiantly what we need, you're in" said Pete when Patrick had finished his audition.

"I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing quite like you. I like it" I added, then asked, "Have you ever taken voice lessons?"

Patrick shook his head.

"Daaaaaaaaaaang" Pete, Joe, and I chorused.

"Now I guess all we need is a drummer" said Joe, after stealing Patrick's hat and stage diving onto the couch.

"No" said Pete, "what we really need is to find a sound, write some song, give this band an identity."

"Well" Patrick spoke for the first time, "I've got some lyrics"

"Perfect, because I've got melody ideas" Pete sat down at the electronic keyboard.

"Then let's get to work" said Joe, who bounded off the couch and set Patrick's hat back on his head sideways.
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