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My Prayers To Disappear

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One down four to go

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Chapter 19
My prayers to disappear

Sandra sat in the cell, her blonde head resting against Ray's chest, soothed by his breathing as the first rays of Sun began to gleam over the valley walls. She had sobbed her heart out when they'd thrown him in, cursed him over and over again but he'd just sat and took it all. He'd resigned to the fact that she would be the last person he saw on earth when he'd first found out what was going on and that was the end of it. It was stupid to love him when it was leading to both their deaths but love him she did and as she sat there and waited for him to wake up and begin the day they'd never reach the end of she smiled - maybe the Empress was right that love led to disaster but to disaster she would happily march.


The rest of My Chemical Romance had been trekking back through the forest for an hour before they reached the eves, before them the city still lay but this time it wasn't empty. Milling through the streets, all making their way to the very centre were hordes upon hordes of ebony cloaked figures, as bent and twisted as the trees the band sheltered behind. Gerard glanced back at the rest of the band, the same nervous anticipation that he wore spread across all of their faces.
"We'd better go down I s'pose." Bob muttered more to himself than the rest of them as he started down the hill, Gerard, Mikey and Frank still frozen to the eves. Bob looked back at them "Come on." He said quietly. "We're all gonna die anyway."
Gerard smiled at him and began to walk down the hill after him, his little brother following after him. Frank took a deep breath and resisting the urge to dash back to the forest followed on after. "We're all gonna die." He whispered.


In the centre of the city a platform was being raised, its wooden surface swarming with black robed ancients as they fixed the hangman's noose into place. All around the square the ancients were gathering to watch but Melaina didn't hold that place in her gaze for long. Her stormy sea blue pupils were fixed on the hill where she could make out four, lonely figures making their way down to the city. She had ordered her guards to escort them to her immediately but she was glad it was working - she had doubted that they'd just let their friend hang. Sighing she turned to the little girl who stood at her side, black hair braided neatly back from her emotionless face.
"I'm gonna meet Dada aren't I?" She asked in a monotone, turning her head so she was looking up at her mother.
"Yes." Melaina answered coldly "But you don't say a word or I'll make you watch as well."
Kaela shivered and shrunk back slightly into the shadows away from the busy square "Yes Mama." She whimpered, the horrors of what they would experience whispering around her young mind - the crack as the rope snaps the bones in the prisoners neck and the sharp intake of breath that marks their last thought on earth. They were things a ten year old child should never, ever know but thing that Kaela knew all too well.


The guards at the gate had stopped them before they even came within metres of the city, swiftly arrested and handcuffed the four were led through back alleys and side walks to the palace that glistened in gold and red cloth. Gerard closed his eyes as they walked through the huge, ebony doors, on parade to the many robed figures that milled around at the bottom of the sweeping staircase they were then led up. Biting his lip he felt the over powering desire to run, to run and hide for ever after. But that was stupid and cowardly and even if he wanted to he couldn't, the guard who was manhandling him up the stairs had a grin like steel on the top of both his arms and it was cutting off his circulation. What seemed like far too long later they reached the end of the huge hallway that led away from the stairway. It dwarfed the mansion already with its gold leaf and ornate draperies. Gerard could feel his feet sinking into the plush red carpet as they waited outside an equally massive oak door that led into Melaina's study. The tension that radiated off the band was crackling enough electricity it could probably heat most of New Jersey for the next year and it multiplied as soon as the door began to swing open the band and their eight guards all stepped into the huge room. Gerard caught his breath as he saw her, standing on the balcony at the far end and staring out over the city - hell she was beautiful and he was having a hard time forgetting it. Turning around she regarded them with contempt and beckoned them over to the balcony. The guards attempted to follow but a glare stopped them in their tracks. But before the men moved Melaina nodded to the cuff around their wrists. "Take them away." She said quietly, her voice still radiating control. The guards nodded and didn't protest; they knew they could lose their lives for it.
Gerard stepped up onto the balcony next to her first, followed by the rest of the band His eyes were fixed on the platform where one man stood, his head covered by a hood and no one had to tell Gerard that this was the man who would kill his best friend and that there was nothing he could do about it.
"You see that man." Melaina said, and it was almost to him only "I'll bet you hate him right now."
Gerard looked her sadly, his green eyes losing their spark. "I hate him." He replied curtly. "But it won't even match your hate for me and that means he'll die." He told her quietly.
Melaina looked at the rest of the band who were standing behind Gerard, watching as the distant figures that were only just recognisable as Ray and Sandra were led to the two pairs of ropes that waited for them. "And do they agree that there is nothing to be done Gerard Way?" She asked him coldly, her gaze boring a hole into all of their consciousnesses.
The rest of the band nodded resignedly as Gerard watched the noose tighten around his friend's neck. "Goodbye." He whispered as Melaina growled and signalled to the guards that this was over.
Second later there were two sickening cracks as loud as gunshots and one of the five souls that formed My Chemical Romance fell into the abyss.

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