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Chapter 9

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"Yeah, well...I'm nineteen." He said, as if that explained everything. He smiled mischievously at me. The kind of mischievous smile that makes you want to-

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I rolled my eyes. "You can be so immature, you know that?"

"Yeah, well...I'm nineteen." He said, as if that explained everything. He smiled mischievously at me. The kind of mischievous smile that makes you want to-

He slid a hand up my thigh, skimming past the hemline of my black dress.

"Brendon," I breathed sharply.

With his hand still on my thigh he leaned in and kissed my cheek chastely before planting a soft one directly on my lips.

Why fight it? Hell, I have Brendon fucking Urie in my room and I'm going to do nothing about it? You obviously don't know me that well. Fuck his ex-girlfriend. Fuck me being mad at him. Fuck all of it. (Including the most literal sense.)

I swiped my tongue along his bottom lip then nibbled at it delicately, teasingly. He pressed against me and deepened the kiss. Our tongues mingled, the air of consumed alcohol present on his tastebuds.

The hand resting barely beneath my dress had journeyed to my hip, toying with the thin elastic band of my underwear. I couldn't take it anymore. I took control of the situation and pounced on him, pressing him down into the comforter. Brendon smirked at my action and let out a small chuckle. He stared at me intently before sizing me up with his dark eyes while emitting a low growl from his plump lips. He sat back up, keeping me on his lap.

He snaked his hands around my waist, "Mmmm...anxious are we?"

He started to rub small circles on my hip bones with his thumbs after adjusting our position. Brendon finally let go of my hips and brought his hands up to loosen his tie. He threw it across the room as I began to work on unbuttoning his shirt. I kissed down his chest with every loosened button. He threw his head back slightly, giving me more access to his cologne-spritzed skin.

I shoved the shirt down his shoulders, revealing a very toned physique. He lifted up a little and removed it the rest of the way off. He brought his lips to my neck and kissed his way up to my ear. I moaned softly at the heated breath lingering against my skin. He moved my dark hair to the front of my left shoulder.

He let out an airy laugh as he peered at my back from over my shoulder. "Now, where's the zipper on this?"

"Rocky, we're home!"

Brendon didn't even have a chance to filter what was going on before I pushed him into my walk-in closet. I heard my door knob turn and quickly shut the doors, hiding Brendon from view.

Marcos peeked his head from behind my door. "When'd you get back?" He asked in that usual smart ass tone.

"Uh, a little while ago." I said nervously, Brendon's affect on me, still evident.

"Mmmhmm." Marcos opened the door wider and stepped into the room. He looked around disapprovingly and lowered his eyes. "Mom may not have a clue, but believe me I know."

I instantly felt hot. "W-what do you mean?" I smiled innocently.

"First off," he said picking up Brendon's shirt from the floor. "I know for a fact, your little boyfriend is here. His car is right outside. Mom, somehow managed to shrug it off like it was some random person parking their car in the cul-de-sac, but I know better."

I gulped hard. I was fucking screwed. I stepped away from the closet and walked closer to my brother. "Please, don't say anything. Mom doesn't need to know."

"Mom doesn't need to know that you're bringing home guys and fucking them? Yeah, she'd love to hear that her "virgin" daughter is a damn whore," he said in a dark tone. "What the fuck Raquel?" He practically shouted as he flung the shirt across the room, knocking over my antique lamp. It crashed against the hard floor, the glass spiraling into tiny pieces.

I winced at my sixteen-year-old brother's words more so than the actual broken lamp. I took him by the collar and whispered threateningly at him. "You better not have woken up Mom."

He laughed coolly before pushing me off of him. "She's dead asleep. The midnight showing of the movie wore her out. I don't even think she made it half-way through."

"You better be right." I snarled. The last thing I needed was my mom waking up and coming into my room to investigate.

"I am." He licked his lips defiantly. "And I'm right about another thing too...Your ass is going down."

"Why are you being such a little shit? What have I done to you?"

He smiled and stuck his hands into his hoodie's front pocket. "Nothing. Absolutamente nada."

I leaned against the closet, my mind still on Brendon. "So, why say anything to her about it?"

He lifted his eyebrow and bit the inside of his cheek. "I won't."

I let out a sigh of relief. Thank you, God. Thank you.

"Unless, you do something for me."

What the fuck?! "Blackmail, Marcos? You're blackmailing me?"

"How else am I going to get the money for my XBOX 360?"

That little fucker. I shook my head slowly, crossing my arms as I admitted defeat. "Fine, Marcos. Fine. You got it. Just don't tell mom. Promise me." I proclaimed sternly.

He walked back towards the door and gripped the round door knob. "I promise. You got an alibi for the rest of the night, Rocky. Use it to good use." He closed the door behind him and I darted around towards the closet doors and threw them open as soon as the door shut.

Brendon looked up at me with those puppy-dog eyes from his sitting position on the floor of my closet.

"You need to go. I need to go. We just- we need to get the fuck out of here. I don't know what my brother might do and I'd rather not stick around for it."

He got up to his feet. "I'm guessing he's really devious."

I nodded my head in agreement as I walked towards my window. I leaned down and unlatched it, pushing it up.

"Whoa," he said, using a stop motion with his hands, "what are you doing?"

"Sneaking out." I threw a leg over the ledge. "We can climb down from here. Don't worry." I glanced over at his gawked expression and continued, "What? You're not coming?"

He smiled, "Yeah, I'm coming. I'll go wherever you wanna go."

"Good, then come on."
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