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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live
By Loralee

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Not mine, rats!

Harry Potter got off the Knight bus in front of the Leaky Cauldron and dragged his trunk and owl cage into the dingy pub.

"Mr. Potter," exclaimed the old man behind the bar, "what can I do for you?"

"Hey Tom, I need a room if you have one," said Harry.

"Not a problem Mr. Potter. Do you want to go up now or into the Alley first?"

"Yeah, I need to go to Gringotts, Tom."

"Just leave your gear and I'll have it taken up to number thirteen."

Harry nodded, dropped the end of the trunk he was holding and went out the back door towards the portal to Diagon Alley.

As the portal opened he decided it had been way to long since he'd done any shopping but also knew that he'd better get it done today before the Prophet learned what he'd done this morning. He'd be mobbed then.

Harry made his way into Gringotts bank and up to a teller. He presented his key and asked to make a withdrawal. The teller examined his key closely and then told him his account had been flagged and he was requested to see his account manager before proceeding with his business, if possible. Harry nodded and followed another goblin that he recognized as Griphook through a maze of corridors to a nice office.

He was already seated and provided with tea when another goblin came into the office and took a seat behind the desk.

"Good morning, Mr. Potter, I'm sorry to interrupt your day but it is very important that we take the opportunity to resolve a couple of matters. I am Picklock and I have been assigned as your account manager. The previous manager for the Potter accounts was Screwloose who passed away nineteen months ago. During a routine audit of his accounts there were a few irregularities discovered in your accounts."

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry," said Harry rather dazed at this information.

"No, Mr. Potter, it is Gringotts who should be apologizing to you. You see Screwloose was very old and had let several matters slide, that should have been addressed. You should have met with him during your first visit to Gringotts several years ago. However our records show that you did not. Griphook is retrieving your Gringotts Secure Boxes now. It should have been made available during your first visit."

"Secure Boxes, sir?" ask Harry who had never heard of such a thing,

The goblin opened a large book on his desk and looked over it for a moment.

"Yes Mr. Potter our records indicate that you have two Secure Boxes on deposit available at this time. The first is Box HJP 1443 deposited on August 3 1980 by James Potter, to be released on or around July 31 1991. The second is Box HJP 4311 deposited on March 3 1995 by M. Wolf acting as agent for P. Grim to be released on the next Gringotts visit of Harry Potter which of course is today June 13 1995."

The goblin looked up at Harry.

Harry's mouth opened and closed several time before anything came out.

"You mean my father deposited a box for me just after I was born and no one bothered to tell me about it until now?" shouted Harry outraged.

"Well, yes and we are sorry for this, Mr. Potter," said the goblin, a little testily.

"Oh, well, I guess it couldn't be helped. I don't understand about the second box though. Who is- , oh P. Grim I get it." said Harry with a sad little laugh, it was a Sirius joke.

At that moment Griphook came back in carrying two metal boxes.

Picklock selected the one with the number 1443 embossed just beneath a Gringotts logo. Inserted a large key and turn it. Then told Harry to place his right hand on the logo and state his full name. Harry did and there was a click as the lid came loose.

Harry started to open the box when Picklock stopped him and suggest that he unlock the second box as well and then he, the goblin would leave Harry alone for a little while to look at his treasures. Picklock would then return after awhile and answer any questions Harry had. Harry agreed thinking that is was very thoughtful of the goblin to offer to do that.

The second box was identical to the first except for the numbers 4311 on it. Picklock also said that this box didn't open to Harry's name but to a password that was not listed on the goblin records and he hoped that Harry knew it. After a moments thought he did.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," said Harry to the raised eyebrows of the goblins.

The two goblins left the room and Harry drew the first box toward him with some hesitation. The box his father had put on deposit for him just days after he was born.

He opened the box and on the top laid an envelope with his name written across it.


Happy birthday son, you probably know what is in this box and you mother and I are sitting next to you as you open it but just in case something unpleasant has happened let me tell you a little about what is going on.

This box was deposited in your name just after your birth; it is a tradition in the Potter Family to do this for each child. Along with setting up a trust fund to pay for your schooling and personal expenses upon starting Hogwarts.

You should receive your acceptance letter to Hogwarts soon if you haven't already.

Inside this box you should find your account ledger for your trust fund. If I am not there with you do ask the goblin in charge of your accounts for help if you need it. This ledger will show current balances as well as your personal investments. Yes you do have some of those as you received several birthing gifts of stock and shares from various relatives. I expect you've gotten more over the years, as the Potters are a family who like to make money.

At the age of eleven your trust fund becomes yours to do with as you wish though there is a yearly limit to your spending. We should have discussed possible investment strategies already.

Also in this box you will find my copy of the Marauders Map, you should have already heard all of my stories, and you know that each of us had our own copy of the Map, until Filch confiscated Uncle Sirius's. Do not let your Mother know that you have this, as she will take it away and hurt me.

Your copy of the Potter Family Grimoire is included here. Now that it is time for you to go to Hogwarts it is time for you to begin to learn the Family spells.

In the small black box is your Potter Heir ring. Please wear it at all times. The larger box is the Potter crest cloak pin. Your Mother thinks that such pureblood status symbols are unnecessary but you do have a certain status in society to maintain still as she says that's no reason to be big headed and lord it over people. Don't ever forget son, your Mother is a very smart woman.

The last little book in this box is the most important if I'm not there to be with you, Harry. It holds the Potter Family secrets and history that you need to know. I hope you never have to learn of your ancestry through this book but as I am reminded our world is at war with a very evil man and should the worst occur I have taken the steps needed to not lose the knowledge of our heritage.

Your Mother and I love you very much Harry.

Your Dad,

Harry folded the letter and wiped his face. He reached into the box and pulled out the small ring box and opened it to see a gold signet ring marked with a P. He placed it on the first finger of his right hand and it sized itself to his finger.

He drew in a shaky breath and pulled the three books, the old parchment and the other jewelry box from the Gringotts box and shoved it to one side. He wanted to take these things with him and didn't think he could take the box.

He eyed the book of Family history but decided to wait till later. He still had to open the box from Sirius and he didn't want the goblins to come in and find him crying. After everything that had happened already today and the letter from his Dad that left him with more questions he wasn't sure he could deal with what ever was in the box from Sirius.

With a deep, ragged breath he opened the second box. The expected envelope was on top.


You should be getting this around your birthday as Moony and me have been plotting. If you get this before then Well Done for escaping your keepers and pulling one over on the old man.

There are some books on pranks and fun stuff in this box. There is also some more serious stuff. It's a well-kept secret between the Black's but most of us become aware of our demise before it happens. I have the feeling I won't see you again. If I am gone when you receive this be happy for me Pup, I've gone to be with your Mum and Dad. I've missed them so much and I'm sorry that I've abandoned you again. I just hope I didn't do something stupid like get run over by a car.

If I'm gone please give the other envelope marked important papers to the goblins.

Any way you should find two keys in here. One is a vault key make sure you check it out. The other is to a storage building in Muggle London. Your birthday present is there.

Also there is a ring box. I had this ring made just for you. It's a Black Family ring. It designates you as my heir. You don't have to wear it as I noticed you don't wear your Potter ring either but I want you to know that I consider you my family, you are the son I wanted if I ever had one.


Harry was feeling exhausted and looking at the ring, gold with a tiny Black Grim's head embedded in the upper portion of the B when the goblins came back into the office.

"Mr. Potter I am sorry to disturb you but word has spread that you are here, in Gringotts and that you defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort this morning. That he is most truly and sincerely dead this time. I, that is we goblins, owe you a debt of gratitude Mr. Potter how may we thank you."

Harry shook his head. "I thought I'd have more time before anyone found out. I needed to do some shopping and was going to stay at the Leaky Cauldron tonight but I don't want to get mobbed. You don't have to thank me. I had to do it to defend myself."

"Mr. Potter could I recommend perhaps staying in a Muggle hotel tonight. I can provide you with a portkey to this office tomorrow for you to complete your business. Gringotts can provide you with what is called a credit card for expenditures in the Muggle world and we would allow you to use another exit from Gringotts that leads directly into the muggle world."

"That would be great. Oh my stuff is at the Cauldron I'll have to go get it," said Harry trying heard to think through his tiredness.

"Allow me Mr. Potter. Griphook please collect Mr. Potter's belongings. Explain to Tom if you would," said Picklock. Griphook sped out of the office. Picklock in the mean time brought out a credit card and ID card for Harry. He called in another goblin who brought in the portkey and arranged reservations with a muggle hotel by using what appeared to Harry to be a muggle cell phone.

Less than half an hour later armed with a credit card and a great deal of muggle cash, his trunk and owl cage Harry Potter was resting in a luxury suite in one of the finest Hotels in London not quite sure just what had happened.

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