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Goblin Deals

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live
By Loralee

Chapter 3
Goblin Deals

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Harry Potter and his vault, Park Place, a winning Lotto ticket, a Dairy Queen franchise and/or a brand new computer with lots of memory, sadly I don't.

Harry Potter woke with a start and tried to recall just where he was. After a few moments the previous day's memories returned; Voldemort, Dumbledore, Gringotts, boxes, Hotel. Yeah that was it. He was in the nicest bedroom he'd ever been in.

Harry got up and tried out the bathtub with the bubble jets and then decided he was starving. He looked through a black folder on the desk and noticed the Hotel had room service and a restaurant; along with dry cleaning, barber, boutique and men's store on the lower level.

Harry left his room intent on food but noticed the looks he was receiving from other guests. He decided to check out the men's store; maybe some decent clothes would put a stop to the glares he was receiving. The store struck Harry as a really snooty place. His uncle would like it he decided but he needed clothes and he was here.

The man in the store almost ignored Harry but at last ask if he could help him.

"Yes, please," said Harry politely, pulling out a thick roll of muggle cash the goblins had thrust on him last night. "I need some decent clothing, I borrowed some to make do but I really would like to have something that fits."

Harry laughed to himself as the man's eyes bugged out of his head and he practically tripped over his own feet trying to suck up and help Harry.

A short time later Harry proceeded to breakfast feeling like a new man. He was still getting looks but this time recognized that it was because he looked very nice in some really expensive clothing. He'd only gotten one outfit but he was determined to buy more clothes just as soon as possible.

After breakfast Harry checked with the front desk that his room was reserved for a couple more nights.

Harry left his belongings and took the portkey to Gringotts.

"Ah Mr. Potter, good morning you look much better today," said Picklock.

"Good morning, I feel better too. Like I can think again. So besides looking at my vaults is there anything I need to do? I was a bit confused yesterday."

The goblin smiled a tight, almost evil smile. "Yes, Mr. Potter, there are a couple of matters that need to be taken care of. You left a bundle of papers on my desk yesterday. I was quite surprised to discover an active will for a supposed Death Eater."

Harry shook his head and remembered the papers from the box Sirius had left.

"Oh uh, I was supposed to give them to you but I don't know what they were. I guess I didn't pick them up with the rest of my things."

"That is quite alright, Mr. Potter. I sorted though a bit of it last evening and things have been rather busy this morning. You see, with the will of Sirius Black active it brought several things to light one of which is that the ministry never actually convicted Sirius Black of any crimes. He was incarcerated in Azkaban without trial. Gringotts was given falsified information. If Mr. Black were still alive he could have quite a law suite."

"I don't understand."

"Let me explain. Under Ministry Law a person of suspicion can be held for a maximum of six months without trial. After that time they must be released or be summoned to trial. Mr. Black was not. The Ministry sent paperwork to freeze Mr. Black's assets, which we did. Gringotts can only freeze the asset of convicted criminals, however Mr. Black was not convicted. The Ministry has been trying for years to confiscate the assets of imprisoned Death Eaters. Including Mr. Black, who they were holding illegally.
However, with an active will in front of me, I sent for the supporting documentation for Mr. Black's conviction and found that the Ministry could not provide it. Thus releasing the freeze on the estate. The Black Family could make a claim on the Ministry but as Mr. Black was the last Heir in the direct line, the Family is left with out a Head. You of course are Mr. Black's sole beneficiary but not his Heir."

"Yes I am," said Harry not really thinking about it, "at least, that's what the letter said. See Sirius gave me a ring." And he pulled the ring out of his pocket.

The goblin's grin had gotten wider. "Oh, Mr. Potter, this could change things. Have you had the ring on?"

No, I wasn't sure how I felt about it and didn't think of it this morning."

"Then by all means put the ring on and see if the Magic accepts you." Said Picklock.

"I don't understand 'magic accepts' me?" said Harry holding the ring.

"Yes, Mr. Potter. If Mr. Black gave you a ring then he intended for you to be his Heir but in order to become the Head of the Black Family the Magic of the Family must accept you. Mr. Black never claimed the Headship so the Black Family has been leaderless for sometime."

Harry placed the ring on the ring finger of his right hand, the ring sized itself and then began to glow and swell. The ring became two times bigger than it had been. Harry stared at in shock. As the glow faded the Potter ring on the first finger of that hand also began to glow and enlarged. Harry sank further into his chair with a sigh.

"I'll bet that means something, doesn't it? Why do I always have to be weird?"

"Congratulations, Mr. Potter, you are the official Head of both the House of Potter and the House of Black. You've made me a very rich goblin today, Mr. Potter."

"Why don't you just call me Harry, sir? I don't understand why the Potter ring changed."

"Well Harry, the Black Family is very old and uses the old laws of inheritance. If the heir accedes to the Headship before their majority they are automatically emancipated. The Potter Family doesn't follow that rule but when the Black magic accepted you and you became officially an adult, the Potter ring became the Head ring. You now have full access to both estates. What would you like to do?"

Harry gave him a dirty look. "I have no idea. Well, yes I do. I want to take a holiday, I want to do some shopping and not get mobbed, I want to relax on a beach and not have people stare at me. That's what I want."

Picklock looked at Harry for a long moment and then said slyly, "If I can make that happen for you, Mr. Potter, may I stay the account manager for both the Potter and Black accounts? I assure you that I am very good at my job and if you allow, I will make both of us even richer."

Harry looked back at Picklock and then reached out his hand, "Deal!"

Harry and Picklock spent the rest of the morning discussing the two estates and the best ways of increasing Harry's wealth. If Harry made money, Picklock would make money.

They had a light lunch together and then Picklock had Griphook escort Harry to his vaults. He wanted to visit both the vault Sirius had left him and the Potter family vault. Picklock told him to take as much time as he wanted but to be sure to stop back by the office when he was done, as he would have something ready for Harry's signature by then.

The Potter Family vault was an eye opener. Harry had thought that there was nothing left that would tell him of his family. He was quite wrong. Besides piles of gold and jewels there was a lot of jewelry, weapons, books, trunks full of old clothing, a full suit of plate mail with the Potter crest, furniture, artwork, and what appeared to be a lot of junk.

Harry spent some time looking through the odds and ends and picked out a few things to take with him. The books were old and many of them were in languages he couldn't read. Harry suspected that he would need someone to appraise them and see if there were any useful ones. Maybe Remus or Hermione would like the job.

Harry didn't go to the Black Family vault but did go into the vault Sirius had left a key for. There was a small pile of money and what Harry thought was Sirius' school trunk. There was an old Gryffindor quidditch uniform and a collection of chocolate frog cards; several dung bombs, a couple of battered textbooks and a picture album. Harry was excited at first to find the picture album and found pictures of his dad, Sirius and Remus on the first pages but then was embarrassed to discover the rest of the book was filled with pictures of naked women or girls, half undressed and wearing a Gryffindor school robe.

When Harry finally returned to Picklock's office he had with him several items he thought had belonged to his parents and a lot of questions for Remus Lupin.

Picklock had him sign some papers and then provided him with a magical cell phone. Some enterprising muggleborn had come up with a way to create a magical communication device to look like and interact with muggle cell phones and had gotten the financial backing to manufacture them by offering the first ones at cut rate prices to the goblins. Picklock provided Harry with the phone and a goblin made glamour anchored in a metal band that fit around Harry's upper arm. The glamour was undetectable by wizard magic and would allow Harry to do his shopping in the Wizard world incognito.

Harry would have four more days at the muggle hotel and then would take a muggle flight out of the country to a beachfront resort in the Bahamas.

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