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Bahama Surprises

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 4
By Loralee

Chapter 4
Bahama Surprises

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine I just having him over for a beach party, the beach and resort are mine and you are all invited.;)

Harry Potter lay in the sun on the white beach watching several young and scantily clad women play a game involving a ball, a net and lots of jumping. Harry Potter was enjoying the first vacation of his life. He had vowed it would not be the last.

He'd been staying in this resort for ten days. There had been some trouble to begin with. Harry's luck seemed to run that way. The first day he was there he'd gotten badly sun burnt. When he'd ask at the front desk what he could do for it they had sent up a healer. It was then that Harry realized that the resort people knew he was a wizard. The healer had run several scans, healed his sunburn and then prescribed several nutrient potions because she said he was far to thin to be healthy.

A call to Picklock reassured Harry that although the resort people knew who he was they would be most discrete, as the Potter Family owned 75 percent of the stock of the hotel.

The manager had been most helpful and Harry had made a couple of trips into the magical section of the island, under glamour of course.

Harry had filled out from the potions and acquired a tan. He felt like he could relax although after ten days of doing mostly nothing he was beginning to be bored. He'd been looking over travel brochures and thinking about going elsewhere. He was beginning to want something more exciting than lying on the beach looking at the girls to do.

When the girls finished their game and left the beach in a giggling group Harry picked up his shirt and towel and went back to his room. He wanted a butter beer and decided to walk down to the magical section. He'd seen a travel agency in the small magical block and though he might check it out as well.

Wearing sandals, swimming shorts and a brightly printed Hawaiian shirt Harry wandered slowly along looking into the glass fronts of the magical stores. He found the seedy little tavern and went in for his butter beer.

Harry stood in the doorway for a minute waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dim interior. Then looked around for a seat. His attention was caught for a moment by a figure lounging against the bar. He shook his head, that couldn't be who he thought it was just a chance resemblance. Harry stepped up to the bar and opened his mouth, when he noticed the man was missing a hand.

Harry's wand was out in a second and tucked against the man's throat as he snarled, "Well, hello Peter, fancy meeting you here."

Peter Pettigrew's eyes widened at the sudden attack and someone saying his name.

"W Who are you?" he stuttered.

Harry having forgotten he was under glamour canceled it with a muttered word and smiled an evil smile at Peter.

H H Harry, Merlin Harry, thank the gods I've found--" Peter's voice was cut off with a squeak as Harry jammed the wand more forcefully into his neck.

With a glance at the stunned barkeeper Harry asked that the man call the local Auror's.

A few moments later local law enforcement was there and Peter Pettigrew, rat animagus, Death Eater and all around bad guy was in custody.

The bar keeper and the local wizard police had been impressed with having Britain's famous Harry Potter on their island. Harry explained about Peter and they had cast several restraining spells on him.

The bar keeper gave Harry a butter beer on the house and one of the regular patrons of the bar turned out to be a reporter for the local paper.

"Mr. Potter, may I ask you a couple of questions?"

"I guess," said Harry reluctantly.

"I know that you don't speak to reporters very often, Mr. Potter if I ask something you can't or don't want to answer I promise I won't write about it," the reporter said.

Harry nodded, "Call me Harry. What do you want to know?"

"Well I heard what you told the LEO's about this Pettigrew joker. You came after him yourself does that mean that you don't believe the British Ministry's claims that they are doing everything they can to round up the Death Eaters?"

"Uh, I haven't seen a paper or heard any news while I've been on vacation but Fudge knew about Voldemort's return for an entire year before he acknowledge it. The only thing he did during that time was try to make me out to be a delusional, attention seeking brat so I doubt they are doing much of anything to catch any Death Eater's still out there."

"How many followers do you think Voldemort had?"

"I'm not really sure, he named seven after his rebirth over a year ago. We caught eleven at the ministry in June, he only had Bellatrix Lestrange when he attacked me, Peter was here. Of the first seven, only one wasn't at the Ministry and that was Goyle. But if the Ministry used Veritaserum like they should have I'll bet the Malfoy can name most if not all of the Death Eater's and Pettigrew could name the rest I'm sure."

"You knew the names of Death Eaters for a year before Minister Fudge acknowledged that Voldemort was back?" asked the reporter.

"Oh, yes, I told him. He just couldn't believe that his mate, Malfoy was a Death Eater. After all Malfoy was big campaign contributor and he'd claimed imperious the first time around."

"There's been speculation in the British papers that you may not be returning to Hogwarts in the fall. That you may continue your education elsewhere?"

"You can't believe anything the Prophet writes about me. I plan on finishing my education at Hogwarts, all my friends are there."

"What are your career goals Harry?"

"Well at one time I would have liked to become an Auror but I have no desire to work for the current Ministry. I have discovered I don't really have to work, maybe if the quidditch ban unfairly imposed by Delores Umbridge during her reign of terror last year is revoked I might like to play professionally." Harry grinned and added, "I also enjoyed teaching defense to my fellow students last year in a club we had."

"Reign of terror?" asked the reporter.

"Well, she changed the rules anytime there was anything she didn't like, she used this nasty quill in detentions that used the students blood as ink when we had to write lines and can you imagine trying to learn Defense without ever touching your wand? She even went so far as to tell the caretaker he could whip some students."

"This was a teacher?"

"Yes, specifically appointed by Fudge."

"Can I ask about girlfriends?"

"No, I won't discuss that."

The reporter nodded, "Is there a way to contact you Harry. I'd like to send you a copy of the article I write."

"Care of Picklock, Gringotts London."

Harry finished his butter beer waved good-bye and beat a hasty retreat to the magical travel agency replacing his glamour as he went. He wanted to be far away before anyone in Britain got wind of him being here.

Twelve hours later the article about the capture of Peter Pettigrew, Death Eater by Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived-to-drop-a-house-on-You-Know-Who was picked up by the Daily Prophet and reprinted in it's entirety. Less than twenty-four hours later the Fudge government fell as Fudge was removed from office by a vote of no confidence and droves of students began filing abuse reports against Delores Umbridge.

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