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Gringotts Adventures

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 19
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling not me if you can believe that.

Gringotts Adventures

The next morning Harry discovered that Snape did have muggle clothes, so they ate in the Hotel dinning room.

"Good morning Mr. Potter, you're down early today. Same as always?" asked the very pretty waitress, Angela.

"Sure Angie that would be great, we have a busy day today. By the way this is my Uncle, Mr. Snape," said Harry, with a smile.

"Good morning, Mr. Snape. What would you like?"

Snape nodded, "Tea and toast will be fine, thank you."

She took their menus and headed for the kitchen.

"We have a busy day, Mr. Potter?" asked Snape, when she was out of sight.

"It's Harry, Uncle," said Harry with a smirk, "yes we need to go past Gringotts to pick up the keys to a property where we will be staying, or rather where you can stay for the next couple of years and I will stay until I leave for the World cup on the 18th. And then I want to go back to the ministry for the rest of the trials."

"Oh, I see," said Snape.

"Unless you have some place else you like to stay. I didn't think about the fact that you might have a house somewhere."

"No Pot, Harry, I have no place to go. I have enough money to rent a small flat or rather I did have, you have it now."

"I don't want your money, we'll fix it at Gringotts while we are there."

Angela came with their food and was followed by a grinning Tonks.

"Wotcher, Harry, Snape, how's tricks?"

"Angela, please bring Miss Tonks a special, she'll be joining us and I don't want her eating my breakfast again," said Harry, with a grin of his own.

Angela nodded and scurried away.

"Oi, Potter, you don't have to buy me breakfast," said Tonks, with a scowl.

"Why are you here Tonks?"

"Oh, Kingsley sent me. They questioned yesterdays convicted Death Eaters and have delayed today's trials. Kingsley sent this," she hand him an envelope. "It’s a summons, they've moved up Umbridge's trial to today and want you to come. It's at 9am. Kingsley was afraid an owl wouldn't get to you in time. Kingsley also wanted to know if you'd have Sev here come in to answer some questions they have from what the got from Avery and Macnair."

"Do not call me Sev, Nymphadora," snarled Snape.

"All right, pax, I won't if you won't," said Tonks, with a smirk.

Angela came with Tonks' food and she dug in with gusto.

"When does Auror Shacklebolt want to speak with me?" asked Snape.

"Oh, probably this afternoon after the trial," Tonks said around a mouthful of bacon and eggs.

Snape grimaced, "It appears, Harry, that I will be accompanying you to the ministry this morning."

"Ok, Gringotts, the new place, and then the ministry," agreed Harry.

"You're leaving here? That's good, you should have moved after the attack, Harry. It probably hasn’t been safe here," said Tonks.

Snape's eyebrow rose in question but Harry ignored him.

"I haven't had any more problems and you know they didn't really attack me. They attacked the pool and lost."

Tonks choked on her juice. "That's not funny Harry." Harry handed her a napkin. "Well I really have to go. I still need to swing past Hermione's to deliver her summons."

Within minutes Tonks was gone, carrying the last of her bacon and toast.

"They attacked the pool and lost? Really, Harry that is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard," said Snape.

"You weren't there, it was pretty funny. I was down in the pool and three Death Eaters portkeyed in and fell into the pool. I had to levitate them out or they would have drowned. Really, Uncle, Voldemort didn't have very good help," Harry said with a grin.

Snape frowned and rubbed his left forearm.

"Does it hurt?" asked Harry, watching him. Snape snatched his hand away as if burnt.

"No, not anymore," came the curt reply.

Harry nodded and signaled Angela for the check. It was none of his business and he didn't want to annoy Snape any more than he had too.

They checked out of the Hotel and apparated to the point at the end of Diagon Alley. Snape stayed close to Harry as they walked up the Alley to Gringotts. Midway Harry was flagged down by one of the Weasley twins.

"Hey, Harry, come on in the shop for a minute. We need to talk to you."

Once in the shop, the twin locked the door behind them.

The other twin said, "Hello Harry, Professor, how's tricks?"

"What's up guys? We are kind of on a tight schedule today."

"We wanted to know,"

"why we weren't invited,"

"to the World cup,"



"our friend"

"next thing to a brother, really."

"You can come," said Harry, with a grin.



"You can share a room with Professor Snape," said Harry. Both Fred and George's mouths fell open and they stared at Harry. Then their gazed swept to Snape who had an evil grin on his face.

"Harry you can't be serious," said the right twin.

"Room with Sna, uh, the Professor?" said the left twin.

Harry grinned and said, "Gotcha!"

The right twin looked at the left twin who looked at the right twin.

"Brother we've been had."

"Agreed, and a very good joke it was."

Then the three boys laughed.

"I'll have to send you an owl with the details, do you want to go for the whole week or portkey in for the game?" asked Harry.

The twins eyed each other for a moment. "Just the game."

"All right, we really have to go," said Harry.

"Just one thing, Harry," one of the twins leaned in close. "How did you get Snape to play along with your prank?"

Harry just grinned and walked away.

In the bank, Griphook approached Harry before he could even get to a teller and escorted them to Picklock's office.

"It is good to see you again, Harry. I have the keys here and a portkey to the property you've selected. As you know the house sits on twenty acres of lightly wooded land and is heavily warded. It has been rental property but has been vacant for the last six months.
It is partially furnished, has a full potions laboratory in the basement, four bedroom, and three baths. There are several out buildings including at least one greenhouse. The house sits at the end of a long private drive. There is an area where you can fly without worry that you might be seen. I sent a team out last evening after we spoke. They re-warded the property line with light muggle repellant wards."

Harry grinned, "That's great Picklock, I think it should do nicely."

"Is there anything else I can do for you today, Harry?"

"Oh, yeah, this is Prof, er, Mr. Snape. I need to make sure that he has access to his accounts."

"A pleasure, Mr. Snape, do you have your key?"

Snape shook his head, "No, it was not returned to me by the Ministry. Did they give it to you, Mr. Potter?"

Harry frowned and shook his head, "It there a way to get a new one?"

Picklock was frowning now, as well, "Yes, I will need a bit of blood, Mr. Snape to verify your identity. Picklock pulled a parchment out of a cubbyhole and a blade from the desk drawer. He passed the blade to Snape, "if you would? A couple of drops are all that is needed."

Snape used the blade to prick his finger and then dropped a couple of drops on the parchment. Harry then drew his wand and cast a mild healing charm.

Snape hissed and eyed the goblin, "Potter what do you think you are doing? You can't use magic in Gringotts."

"It's quite alright Mr. Snape. Mr. Potter is goblin-friend and entitled to use magic within the Goblin Nation," chuckled Picklock.

Snape's eyes widened and then narrowed and he glared at Harry. Harry just sighed.

"Well Mr. Snape, I will have a new key issued for you vault, number 846. Would you like to claim the Prince vault, as well?"

"What?" whispered Snape, suddenly going pale.

"The Prince vault, all that is left of the Prince estate. This," he tapped the parchment, "tells me that you are the heir to the vault." He pulled down a book and ran a nail over the cover; it expanded to twice its original size. He thumbed through the book for a moment. "We don't have an inventory of that vault, if it holds anything other than gold. There are 42,236 galleons in the account at present. There are no properties or investments recorded however so that amount is decreasing by 40 gallons per year, vault rental."

"If he claims this, can the Ministry try to take it?" asked Harry.

"The Ministry could try, Mr. Potter, but I don't believe that they would manage to acquire Mr. Snape's money," said Picklock, with a rather predatory grin.

"Yes," it came out rather strangled so he cleared his voice, "yes, please, I'd like to claim the vault," said Snape.

Picklock nodded. "Sign here."

A moment later another goblin came through the door carrying two keys.

"Vault number 846 and Vault number 304." He handed the keys to Snape and left again.

"Potter, er, Harry, do we have time to." He trailed off.

"Sure, we can go take a look and if there is a lot of stuff I can go to the trial and then come get you after. If that works for you?" said Harry.

"Thank you," said Snape.

They said good-bye to Picklock and Griphook was there to take them to the Prince vault.

The Prince vault was not nearly as big as the Potter vault, but a little larger than Harry's trust vault. Snape had been very quiet on the trip down and Harry hesitated in the doorway unsure if Snape wanted him looking in his vault. To one side there were stacks of galleons on the other a were several wooden crates of books, a long wooden chest and a large square package propped against the wall on top of the chest.

Snape peeled the brown paper from the square to expose the back of a portrait. He turned it around and sank to his knees staring at the picture. Harry could see that it was of a young woman but it had not been charmed to move. She was wearing a white dress and had a small, rather secretive smile, long black hair and dark eyes. Harry thought maybe she was Snape's mother.

Snape made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a sniffle and slowly set the portrait aside. He opened the chest. Inside were several cardboard boxes and some packages wrapped in brown paper. From one end Snape pulled an intricately carved wooden box. He flipped the lid up and Harry could see several pieces of jewelry inside.

"Professor, are you all right?" asked Harry. The lid slammed closed on the box. Snape replaced it in the chest and lifted the lid to one of cardboard boxes. It was filled with letters.

Harry glanced back at Griphook who waited patiently in the cart. In the vault the brown paper had come off of a white wedding dress and though Snape was shaking his head and muttering, Harry couldn't hear what he was saying.

Harry glanced at his watch and then back up to Snape who still muttering was stuffing the dress back into its wrapping

"Professor, sir, do you want me to come back for you later?" Harry spoke a little louder this time. Snape leapt from the floor.

"I am not your Professor, you do not call me sir, I call you, Sir or Master, now, Potter! When will you get that through your thick, idiotic head? I am nothing but your property and you must treat me as such. Surely you will enjoy lording it over me," he roared, face red, fists clenched, and tears streaming down his face. Snape's mouth worked for another moment with nothing coming from it and then he collapsed on to his knees in front of Harry and buried his face in his hands.

Harry was at a loss and unsure what to do. Finally he knelt and wrapped his arms around the shaking man in front of him.

"It's all right, I have you, and I'm not going to let anything happen to you," he said patting Snape on the back.

Griphook appeared in the doorway.

"Mr. Potter, do you need assistance?"

"Will the portkey work down here?" asked Harry.

Griphook shook his head, "No not from the vaults, you will need to be up on the main level before your portkey will work. Can you get him into the cart?"

Harry nodded and managed to drag Snape into the cart while Griphook closed up the vault. While Snape did not seem to be aware of his surrounding on the trip up to the main level he kept a death grip on Harry's robes.

Once on the main level Griphook turned to Harry. "Mr. Potter please do not tell anyone but is possible to portkey out of Gringotts from this location."

Harry pulled the portkey out of his pocket, shoved it into Snape's hand and whispered the activation phrase.

They landed on their arses in the entry of Briarwood House.

"Potter, don't you know that you are only supposed to activate a portkey when you are standing," said Snape softly, from where he was sprawled on the floor.

"You better now?" asked Harry.

Snape nodded and released his grip on Harry's robes. Harry stood and offered Snape his hand.

"Why are you treating me like this?" asked Snape from the floor.

Harry sighed, "I know what it's like to be picked on, and bullied, to be an outcast. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. No one deserves to be treated like that. No matter how they act."

He pulled Snape to his feet and peeked into the next room. It was a lounge with a bedraggled couch in it. He dragged Snape to the couch and called for Dobby.

"What can Dobby be doing for Harry Potter sir?"

"Can you bring some tea for Professor Snape. We are going to be staying here so will I have to go grocery shopping or is that something you can take care of?"

"Dobby can do." Dobby then popped away.

"I have to go now, Professor, will you be ok here?"

"Yes of course Mr. Potter."

"I'll be back as soon as the trial is over."

Snape nodded, and leaned back into the couch with his eyes closed. Dobby popped back in with tea. Harry walked back to the entryway and fixed it in his mind then he apparated to the Ministry.

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