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Fudge's Wicked Witch

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 19
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not mine

Fudge's Wicked Witch

Harry walked through the Ministry once again, ignoring the screaming reporters and rather glad Snape wasn't with him. He walked quickly into the courtroom only to discover that the trial had already started. He tried to slip into his seat with out being noticed but was not very successful.

Harry was surprised by the number of people seated in the witness section, Lee Jordan was standing in front of the Wizengamot giving testimony. Harry glanced upwards to see the gallery packed with Hogwarts students. Hermione, who he had sat down next to, squeezed his arm and nodded her head toward Umbridge, who was chained in the chair, and the man standing near her. A man wearing a lime green, pinstriped suit, a man that Harry would have recognized anywhere. Ex-Minster Cornelius Fudge was acting as advocate for Umbridge. Harry's lips twitched and he had trouble reining in the urge to smirk. He scanned the faces of the Wizengamot until he came to Dumbledore who was scowling directly at him. The smirk grew to a full-fledged grin. Today just might be fun after all.

His attention was drawn back by Fudge beginning to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Wizengamot are we expected to believe that such an honorable witch as Delores Umbridge would stoop to torturing children for no reason? Surely you can see, that this is just an underhanded attempt to ruin a good woman's name and I don’t think we need to look very far to find the instigator of this monstrous--" he was cut off.

"Get to the point Cornelius. Do you have a question for Mr. Jordan or not?" came the sharp tones of Amelia Bones.

"Of course, Mr. Jordan, just what did you do to deserve the detention where you allege that Madam Umbridge--" he was cut off this time, by an elderly woman in the third row of the Wizengamot seats.

"It doesn't matter what the child did, Fudge we're here to find out what Delores did." There was further muttering to this and Fudge looked rather flustered.

"It's important to know the attitudes of the students at Hogwarts, Delores was trying to improve our educational system against the concerted force of Dumbledore and the teaching staff, as well as the malicious lies being spread around the school."

Dumbledore moved slightly in his seat but the witch in the third row beat him to it.

"What the devil are you on about Cornelius? What lies and from whom?"

Fudge smiled victoriously and Dumbledore moved restlessly again.

"Lies told by Harry Potter to discredit Madam Umbridge and the Ministry. Harry Potter who is here today to bear false witness in a trial instigate by him in revenge on poor Delores who was only trying to do her job," shouted Fudge.

Voices rose all over the room and Hermione's grip on Harry's arm tightened, threatening to cut off circulation. Harry patted her hand and smiled slightly down the row of student witnesses. Then he stood and walked to the small table where Lee was standing. He clapped Lee on the back and motioned him back to his seat.

"I don't mind being the next witness," said Harry, smiling confidently.

There was a flurry of questions from the Wizengamot members until Amelia over rode them. She scowled Fudge into silence.

"Mr. Potter, you had detention with Delores Umbridge at Hogwarts in the last school year?" she asked.

"Yes, close to four weeks of detentions, every night for around four hours a night," said Harry. There were gasps from the gallery.

"And what happened during these detentions?" Amelia prompted.

"I was told to write lines, specifically 'I will not tell lies' with the quill the Madam Umbridge provided. The scars are still visible." He held up his right hand with the back toward the assembled judges. The drab little man came out and had Harry hold his hand out palm down and cast a spell that projected a picture of the scars to the room. The whispering in the gallery grew louder and the members of the Wizengamot were once again leaning and muttering to each other.

"How can we know that you didn't do that yourself just for the attention," shouted Fudge.

Harry saw Amelia grimace and chuckled gleefully to himself.

"Are you willing to give us a pensieve memory of the incident, Mr. Potter?" asked Bones.

Fudge began to splutter, "That is a terrible invasion of privacy, Amelia."

"That's Madam Minister to you, Fudge," said Amelia."

"I am," said Harry, in a firm voice.

Out came the drab little man again with the pensieve. Harry was almost positive the man had a slight smirk on his face.

The little man cocked an eyebrow in question and Harry nodded that he had his memory. Harry discreetly eyed Fudge as the memory played. Fudge's eyes widened and when the memory ended he scowled briefly at Umbridge.

"Yes, well," blustered Fudge, "that's only one instance, not the half dozen Mr. Potter was claiming." He turned to Harry, "Have you quit telling lies now?"

Those in the gallery were on their feet shouting insults at the ex-Minister and the Members of the Wizengamot were again talking among themselves or glaring disapprovingly at Fudge. Amelia Bones let off a loud bang from her wand and the noise subsided.

"Cornelius Fudge consider yourself warned, one more disparaging comment and you will lose your right to speak before this body, and don't think I won't have you locked up until this trial is over."

The witch in the third row spoke up now. "Madam Bones, I for one have heard enough on this subject. I'd like to see a show of hands among the witness, how many are here to testify that Delores had them use this blood quill." There was muttered agreement from the rest of those seated and Amelia nodded.

"Would those who were subjected to Delores Umbridge's blood quill please stand," said Amelia.

Eleven students in the witness area stood. After a moment four more up in the gallery stood as well.

"Auror Jackson," said Kingsley to one of the Auror's at the side of the chamber. "Please see those students in the gallery and take their statements."

"Well, Madam Bones we have a few here that have something else to say. Let's hear from them," said the witch in the third row.

"I agree, sit down children. I believe that Misters Weasley and Longbottom and Misses Granger, Weasley, Lovegood and Bulstrode are here to testify to an attempted Cruciatus curse on Mr. Potter by Madam Umbridge," said Amelia. "But I believe that we might as well ask Mr. Potter about that."

Harry nodded and glanced at the little man waiting patiently beside him. Harry watched the faces of the Wizengamot this time as the images played out. He saw looks of outrage and indignation when she admitted to setting the dementors on him. As the memory ended he saw Fudge turn and walk away from Umbridge toward the door.

"Auror's stop Mr. Fudge from leaving please," said Kingsley.

Fudge turned, "I withdraw as Madam Umbridge's advocate," said Fudge but the Auror continued to block his path.

"You can't leave me Cornelius, I did it for you. It's what you wanted, the brat out of your hair. You must protect me. You said you wanted the boy shut up, that his lies about You-Know-Who needed to be stopped. Cornelius please, I love you," screeched Umbridge.

Several people shuddered and Fudge cringed and started shaking his head.

The third row witch said, "Minister Bones I believe we should recess for a verdict in this case but request Mr. Fudge and Mr. Potter remain here for a more in depth inquiry into some of Mr. Fudge's dealings with Mr. Potter. I for one am most displeased that this body was used by someone from ex-Minister Fudge's office to carry out a personal vendetta.

Amelia nodded and said, "Mr. Potter you may be seated. Auror please show Mr. Fudge to a seat. We will recess for a short time." The silencing shield went up around the judges and the gallery broke out in loud discussions.

Harry returned to his seat only to be grabbed into a hug by Hermione and patted on the back by Neville. He waved to Ron who was seated at the opposite end only to be ignored.

"What's wrong with Ron?" he asked Hermione, with a frown.

"Oh, him, he's just mad because you didn’t tell him that you were signed with the English National Team, he'll get over it by the time we leave for the World cup," said Hermione, with a huff.

"Hey, Harry, my Gran said I could go. Professor Lupin made a really good impression and she's even going to give me extra spending money," said Neville.

"That's great Nev, Hermione--" Harry stopped talking as Amelia Bones cleared her throat.

"Delores Umbridge, this court finds you guilty of abuse of power, torture of minors under your care, assault with intent to disfigure, illegal use of Ministry resources, conspiracy to assault a minor wizard, confinement of minors, and attempted use of an unforgivable. You are hereby sentenced to Azkaban prison for the rest of you natural life. You are to be questioned under Veritaserum to determine the full extent of reparations to your victims. Aurors please escort Delores Umbridge out of the room. Anyone wishing to leave at this time may go."

No one left while Umbridge was dragged kicking and screaming obscenities from the room but some in the gallery cheered.

"This Court of Inquiry in now convened," announced Bones, "Mr. Fudge, please come to the front to answer some questions."

Fudge walked out to stand beside the chained chair but made no move to sit.

"I don't have to answer any questions, Amelia. You have to let me leave if I want to," said Fudge, although his voice quavered slightly.

"Allow me, Amelia," said the witch from the third row, "Cornelius you do have to answer to the Wizengamot. We want to know just when you became aware of return of You-Know-Who?"

"When he attacked the Ministry in June," muttered Fudge.

"Madam Zabini, I believe I can shed--" started Dumbledore.

"You need to shut your trap Albus, this is no time for your politics," stated the witch. Mummers of agreement came from various people.

"Mr. Potter," said Amelia, "do you agree with Mr. Fudge's statement?"

"No ma'am, he was told in the hospital wing of Hogwarts just after the third task of the tri wizard tournament."

"He's a child, I couldn't believe a child. Potter is a troublemaker. He was just spouting what Dumbledore wanted him to say," shouted Fudge.

"Mr. Potter, I know this is an imposition but could you show us your claims?" asked Madam Zabini. There were gasps around the room and even Amelia looked uncomfortable.

Harry looked at the old witch. "From the reactions, I think I'm missing something important here. May I asked what?"

Madam Zabini smiled at him, "One's memory is highly personal. Asking to see another's memory is almost like asking to see them naked."

Harry nodded. "Oh I see. I don't mind, probably comes from being raised by muggles. Would you like to see Voldemort's resurrection or Mr. Fudge being told about it?" asked Harry as he walked up to the small table.

"Both please, Mr. Potter," said Madam Zabini smiling at him.

"I protest," shouted Fudge.

But the drab little man was already lifting the memory out of Harry's head.

The memory started with Cedric saying 'Wands out do you reckon?' and ended with Harry portkeying back to Hogwarts with Cedric's body. Harry had closed his eyes part way though the memory and tears slipped down his cheeks.

The second memory showed the confrontation with Fudge in the hospital wing and his denials of Voldemort's return including Dumbledore asking Snape to return to spying. At the end of that one, various members of the Wizengamot began shouting at each other and Amelia raised the silencing shield. Fudge turned to Harry.

"This is your fault, Potter, why did you do this to me? Why didn't you show this to me then? You wanted to ruin me," the man muttered.

Harry rolled his eyes and ignored the whining man. He found it highly entertaining watching Madam Zabini and several others shouting at Dumbledore. After a couple of minutes the silencing charm came back down.

"Mr. Potter, thank you for your time, today, and for your service to the Wizarding World. This court will be considering a suitable reward. Cornelius Fudge this court find reasonable cause to for further inquiry in to your actions of the past year and the administration of the Ministers office during your tenure. You are to hold yourself available to aid us in this inquiry. Court dismissed."

The members of the Wizengamot stood and began to file out. Fudge look ashen and shakily stumbled to a seat. Dumbledore started toward Harry who turned back toward his friends. Kingsley caught up to Harry first.

"Mr. Potter I do hope Mr. Snape will be here later today?" he asked. Harry shrugged.

I'm not sure, it will depend on how he is feeling, he had a rough morning. I don't really want to expose him to screaming reporters."

"I would be willing to come to you, Harry, or I could provide a portkey directly to the Auror section," said Shacklebolt.

"We'd like the portkey, I need to ask about--"

"Harry, I must speak with you," said Dumbledore, interrupting.

Harry turned to the Headmaster with an angry look, "When I'm finished with Director Shacklebolt, Headmaster."

"No, Harry I must insist, this is a matter of utmost importance. If you will come with me, we must talk in private," said Dumbledore seriously.

Harry eyed him. "No, I don't think so. If it's about Snape teaching this year, the answer is no, just like I wrote you last night. If it's about school then send me an owl and make an appointment.

Dumbledore suddenly realized that he had the attention of quite a number of people, many of them press. "Very well, Harry." He walked off.

"Well done young man, I must say I am impressed. I shall have to tell my great, grand nephew his assessment of you was very wrong," said the smiling Madam Zabini.

Harry blushed slightly and bowed to the old lady. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ma'am. Your nephew would be Blaise Zabini?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter and who are your friends?"

Harry glanced around, "This is Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger. Ron and Ginny Weasley were here a few minutes ago but they seem to have gone."

Madam Zabini nodded at each of them, "I just wanted to thank you, for both today and for your defeat of the that terror a month ago. I have unfortunately lost family to both sides of that conflict and am glad it's over. If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know." She reached out and patted Harry's cheek, then turned and walked away.

"Do you have any idea just who that was, Harry?" asked Neville in an awed voice. At Harry's questioning look he continued, "She is the Matriarch of the Zabini family, she's older than Dumbledore and very powerful politically."

"She seemed nice," Harry said with a shrug. "You guys want to get some lunch? I'm starved." After getting their nods he turned back to Kingsley. "Uh, sorry sir,"

"Quite all right Harry, here is a portkey to Auror headquarters, just tap it with your wand." He said, handing Harry a bronze medallion.

Harry grinned, pocketed the portkey and left with his friends to find a nice place to eat.

A/N: I had thought I was going to incriminate Fudge in the dementor incident until I went back and read the passage in OotP in Umbridge's office. She distinctly says that Fudge didn't know what she did, but was please to be able to send Harry to trial. Good thing I had the book handy.

Obsessed? Who me? No, no you must be mistaken.

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