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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 21 Time to Live 20
By Loralee

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, or my house, or cat, or kid, however I do have a pot to, er, never mind.

The friends found a small muggle restaurant not far from the Ministry and lunch was lively. Harry discovered that Luna had traveled with her father in the muggle world several times and had everything she would need. Neville told him that Remus Lupin would be taking him to outfit for the trip in the next week and Harry made a mental note to owl Remus to help Ron also.

Half way through the meal Harry began to notice that the tables around them had filled up with oddly dressed people, mostly women. Glancing around the muggle establishment Harry leaned toward Hermione.

"Hermione, what do you think all these magical people are doing here?"

She rolled her eyes, "Honestly, Harry, they are here to get a look at you, to try to attract your attention. Haven't you been reading the papers?"

Luna giggled at Harry's shocked expression and Neville snorted soda out his nose.

"What do you mean? And no I haven't been reading the papers. What kind of trouble are they causing now?" said Harry with a sigh.

"Not trouble, Harry, Ron told me about that trash Mrs. Weasley was collecting. This is rather favorable press, from your speaking out the other day." She began ticking off on her fingers, "There was an in depth interview with the manager of the English National Team about how they saw you play at an American Quidditch camp, there was a nice article about how you have an international apparition license and the difference between the International and British regulations. Do you know that we have to wait the longest of any country to be licensed? Oh, and of course your little rant about keeping you private life private set of a storm of letters about the right to privacy verses the right of the public to information."

Harry had gone pale halfway through her recitation. "Please tell me your not serious, Hermione."

"Of course she is Harry, and that's not counting the fact that you are number one on Witch Weekly's most eligible bachelor list and number one on Teen Witch Weekly's most snogable list," said Luna.

Neville's face was red from trying to smother his laughter.

"And don't forget you foiled a Death Eater attack single handedly the other day and just tried to pass it off as a portkey malfunction. Tell me Harry did you really try to drowned three Death Eaters?" said Hermione with a vague look of disapproval.

Harry just sat there shaking his head, "It wasn't like that, really."

"I believe you Harry, I'm sure that if you meant to drowned them they'd be dead," said Neville and then he burst into laughter again. Hermione looked offended for a moment them she laughed too. Luna was busy watching the swarm of girls outside the café's windows who were trying to unobtrusively peak in for a glimpse of Harry.

Harry just sunk further into his seat.

"I should go, I left Snape by himself," he said finally.

The other's sobered immediately.

"About that Harry, are you okay, is it horrible?" asked Hermione.

"Is he still alive?" whispered Neville.

Luna blinked at him, "Is he very damaged?"

Harry looked at them and lowered his voice. "Yes he's alive, it's not as horrible as it could be, and I'm hoping he'll be better soon. I've taken him some place where he'll be able to work on his potions, there is a green house for ingredients and it's isolated so he won't have to deal with people."

Neville perked up. "A greenhouse? What's it like?"

Harry laughed, "I haven't seen it yet so I have no idea what kind of condition it's in."

"Would you like some help with it?"

"Neville, Snape will be there," said Hermione.

Neville blanched slightly, and then shrugged, "Harry's in charge of him. How bad can he be?"

Harry frowned at that comment but let it go. He looked around at the crowd again and shook his head getting out of the café could be a nightmare.

"You should apparate from the restroom Harry. I'll see the girls safely back to the floo in the Ministry," said Neville.

"You sure, mate?" asked Harry as he signaled for the check.

"Yes, I'm sure," said Neville.

"We can take care of ourselves you know," said Hermione with asperity.

"But we appreciate the thought Neville. I don't mind walking with you," said Luna.

"Oh, yes, thank you Neville," said Hermione, blushing slightly.

Both girls hugged Harry to a round of sighs from the surrounding tables and Harry left via the restroom.

Harry apparated into the entryway of the house and was met at the door of the lounge by a fuming Snape, wand drawn.

"Where have you been, Potter?" he thundered. "I am supposed to see Director Shacklebolt this afternoon. Do you think it's funny to make trouble for me?"

Harry lifted one eyebrow, cocked his head and crossed his arms.

"Good afternoon, Professor, have you had lunch?" said Harry in an overly calm voice.

Snape flushed and dropped the hand holding the wand to his side. "My apologies, Mr. Potter."

Dobby popped in and glared at Snape, "Master Harry sir, Professor Snape is not eating his nice lunch that Dobby has made, is Master Harry sir wanting some lunch?"

Harry smiled at the elf. "No thanks, Dobby, I had lunch out, with friends. Thank you though for fixing something for Professor Snape. I think we will be here for dinner tonight. Is there anything we need to get while we are out, for you or the house?"

"Dobby has put all Master Harry's belongings away in the master bedroom. Professor Snape has not chosen a room to put his things. Dobby has purchased: minimal linens, cookware, dishes and food. Master Harry sir, will be needing to tell Dobby about other furnishings. Dobby would be liking to paint some walls."

"That's fine Dobby maybe this evening we can go over everything together. Oh and can you get me a subscription to the Prophet starting tomorrow?"

"Dobby do."

Snape had begun pacing and muttering under his breath as Dobby and Harry chatted. Harry thought it was annoying and rude but was hesitant to say anything.


Snape stopped and turned toward Harry with a sigh, "As I have already said, I am not your professor any longer, Potter. You don't have to call me that. As much as it pains me if we are to be in each other's company for the next two years you should call me Severus."

Harry nodded. "Fine, you call me Harry then. Are you ready to go or is there something else?"

"You want me to talk about my 'feelings', Potter? About what happened in the vault?" said Snape with a sneer.

Harry shrugged. "That's up to you. If you want to talk about it I'll listen but personally I hate when people pressure me to talk about something I'm not ready to talk about. We will have to discuss Dumbledore sooner or later. He tried to confront me about you, I think, after the trial today." Harry grinned. "They convicted Umbridge and are going to investigate Fudge."

"We should probably go to the Ministry soon," said Snape.

"Come on, I have a port key that will take us directly to the Auror offices. The Ministry was loaded with press this morning."

Snape followed Harry into the entryway; stared at Harry when he pulled out the medallion that Shacklebolt had given him.

"Pott...Harry why do you have an Auror Medallion?"

"It's the portkey," said Harry and offered it to Snape to touch.

They appeared in a small empty room with a door and window. The door opened and an older man with a buzz cut grinned at Harry.

"Welcome Mr. Potter, Director Shacklebolt is expecting you. Would you and your- ward follow me, please?" There had been the slightest hesitation in the man speech as he referred to Snape.

As they passed through the main room several of the older Aurors smiled at Harry but a couple of the younger ones scowled at him or possibly at Snape.

They entered Shacklebolt's office and he stood and greeted Harry with a handshake and then turned to Snape and offered his hand. Snape hesitated a moment and then took Kingsley's hand.

"I'm glad you could come down here, Mr. Snape and I wanted to apologize again for you treatment here. Please have a seat and I'll get right to the point. We've questioned the convicted Death Eaters and compiled a list of marked and unmarked supporters. I'd like you to go over the list, see if there is anything you can add. We can't arrest some of these people but we can watch them," said Kingsley.

Snape inclined his head in a gesture of agreement and Shacklebolt went on, "I also would like your opinion of the list of juvenile supporters of Voldemort that we got from Draco Malfoy. He was allowed to plead to a lesser charge in return for information on his age mates. I've already shared this information with Headmaster Dumbledore but he seems to think it's not anything to worry about. He even seemed to be upset that that Mr. Malfoy would not be allowed to return to Hogwarts as part of the sentencing."

Snape had paled and asked, "Draco was arrested?"

"You hadn't heard?" said Shacklebolt, slanting a look toward Harry, "he and Malfoy senior entered Gringotts and attempted to make a false claim to the Black estates. When Ragnok himself rejected their claim, Malfoy senior attempted a killing curse on the goblin and was killed by security. Young Malfoy was remanded into Ministry custody and we examined his wand. He'd been using unforgivables, his Mother convinced him to turn on his friends for a reduced sentence. He will be on probation for five years and required to wear an inhibitor for three years and not return to Hogwarts. He can of course, take his NEWT's independently but we don't want him around other students."

"May I see this list?" said Snape in a shaky voice.

Shacklebolt hand over a parchment and Snape paled further.

"Was Draco marked and is he claiming these students he named are marked?" asked Harry, warily eyeing Snape.

"No, young Malfoy wasn't marked. The names he gave us are the students he claims were receiving training from Bellatrix Lestrange between the times Hogwarts let out and you killed Voldemort and Lestrange. Malfoy claims that they weren't to be marked but were to be given missions at Hogwarts. He hadn't been told the missions yet." Shacklebolt looked at Snape.

"I wasn't informed of any active student involvement. The Dark Lord has always used the children of Death Eaters as spies among the student body. This list is more than likely accurate, several should be watched for violence. Retaliation against Potter, here or his friends," said Snape as he handed the list to Harry.

"Hm, Nott, Crabbe and Goyle are the ones to watch in my year. Not that Crabbe and Goyle will do anything on their own," said Harry, looking over the list.

Snape shook his head, "Neither Crabbe or Goyle will be returning to Hogwarts if Malfoy is not there. Nott is vicious and should be watched."

Harry nodded, "I don't know these three but Corner was in the DA last year the bloody traitor and Phillips I don't know very well, he is a loner and I've never had a lot of contact with him, even though he is a Gryffindor."

Snape nodded, "Those first three will be seventh year Slytherins; Carmichael, Parsons and Avery. Avery is the one to watch. Michael Corner, I believe, has ambition and could easily have been a Slytherin. . Phillips' may have been coerced into the training. His uncle is Walden Macnair. The others are followers and now that the Dark Lord is gone will be all to quick to suck up to the winner."

Harry turned up his nose. "I don't know what's worse having them trying to kill me or trying to suck up to me. Eeww I don't think I can take Parkinson sucking up to me."

Shacklebolt laughed, "Which bring up another subject Harry. Dumbledore won't let us place an Auror in the school to monitor the situation but if you take me up on that offer. You will be in a position to do something about the dangerous students even if the Headmaster does nothing. What I propose is that you not tell anyone of your status as a reserve Auror until you need to. You will be onsite to monitor the situation and will be in a better position to take care of yourself if the worst happens."

Harry sighed, "You really want this don't you."

Shacklebolt nodded. "I'm worried that Dumbledore is going to try something. His actions aren't making a lot of sense but there is nothing we can do at this time. Just think about it ok?"

Harry shook his head once more. "I don't need to think about it. I'll do it. This portkey you gave me is my badge, isn't it?" ask Harry with a smirk.

Kingsley grinned and nodded. "We will need to get you kitted out and arrange training and so forth."

"I can come back tomorrow," said Harry.

Snape cleared his throat; "You had another list for me?"

Shacklebolt pulled out the list of named Death Eaters and supporters and a quill and ink.

They spent the next hour going over the list.

Kingsley Shacklebolt opened the door to his office to escort Harry and Snape to the apparition point and discovered Albus Dumbledore sitting in the outer office. Dumbledore rose to his feet, eyes twinkling.

"Ah, Kingsley how nice to see you. I must speak with Harry and Severus, I'm sure you don't mind us using your office do you?" and he pushed past Kingsley.

"Harry, my boy I simply must insist that you sign the contract for Severus to teach this year. It is simply to late to find anyone else and Severus must get started soon to replenish the infirmary stocks. If it is the salary I'm sure I can increase it a bit more."

"Enough!" yelled Harry, "Severus will not be teaching this year. He doesn't want to work for you any longer. You are doing the same thing to him as you did to Sirius and to me. We are people and not pieces on a chessboard, we are not your tools or toys or slaves. If you can't do your job and find decent teachers then retire and let someone else do the job."

Harry grabbed Snape by the arm and dragged him past the startled Headmaster and out the door. Shacklebolt stood in the way when Dumbledore started to follow.

"Harry, you must understand..." he trailed off as Harry and Snape moved out of sight toward the apparition point.

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