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When Nuuoa Eclaire takes Demenior under her wing in the art of manipulating the lives of the seven teenage heroes, she has no idea what madness will ensue. A love square, Wal-Mart employees, rubber...

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Together... Or Not?

Disclaimer: Nuuoa Eclaire and Demenior don't own Class of the Titans

Warnings: Evil... from the minds of two fangirls with half a talent for writing between them

Demenior's Note: Well, this came from a number of random conversations and half-role-playing with the amazing Nuuoa Eclaire. We finally agreed that it'd be fun to try and co-write a story, and what better one (other than creating a completely new story... hmm, that's be interesting) Alas, this chapter you are about to read has been written and edited by both Nuuoa and I, so you're not just getting one (amazing) author to start, you're getting me (the point five-talent) and Nuuoa (the amazing and three-fourths of the one and a half-talent) all in one. Hope you enjoy 'Together... Or Not'.

Nuuoa's Note: yes, as Demenior, who is more amazing then I! ...This argument might take a while... Where was I? Oh yes! As Demenior said, this is based off the amusing joys of randomonium, a word I made up for conversations on MSN. And I think it's more like ten-eighth of an author with moi. So let us begin this story, though I'm reluctant, as it involves my own pain.

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In a dark, secluded office, a person of whose name I cannot mention because Internet stalkers are everywhere, sat at the computer in her evil headquarters. The light flashed brightly as she sent her final review to the wonderful fanfiction 'Together for Real' by the wonderful writer, Nuuoa Eclaire.

Demenior was puzzled by the ending though, why had Archie and Atlanta not gotten together? Why didn't Jay confess his love for Theresa? They'd hardly gotten anywhere in their true, deep, inner feelings for one another. Surely this really couldn't be the end; surely Nuuoa had something more in mind? But it was the end, and Demenior was not going to stand for this.

Demenior quickly scanned her eyes over the screen, clicking on the link to Nuuoa's profile page. She read with satisfaction, an evil smirk playing over the corners of a mischievous grin. '(Send me a message anytime. I'd love to hear from you.)' It began. 'Send you a message?' she thought, a plan already brewing inside her. 'Well, why didn't you just say so in the first place?'

The keyboard, which will soon be known as the keyboard of doom, clicked as the message that would change the fate of all those entwined.

Say, Nuuoa, I have an idea...

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"Why does this room never cease to remain messy?" An exasperated voice emanated from behind a closed white door. The figure continued to rummage through large piles of papers, until she found a crumpled piece of old lined-paper. She immediately felt the diabolical she hadn't seen on her face for a while, take over. The old list was thrown down next to her as tried to suppress a laugh.

The NEW list of rules and regulations:

1. No controlling the two couples involved. Unless making Archie blush.
2. No revealing your plan. It's way to risky... but fun.
3. No stealing Neil's three-paneled mirror for fun to hear him do his high-pitched squeal. But allowed to make someone other then the pairs cause him to do so.
4. Only use the ability of the author's keyboard, for truly helping make the fiction funnier or fluffier. No personally gain BESIDES a giant television! Yeah!
5. No forgetting about the teens and letting them rot in the basement. Then what will happen to season 2! But allowed to lock them in a closet.
6. Off track is good.
7. NO stealing Jay or Archie. NO matter how cute they may get. Squeal!
8. Random input of ice cream is to be in each chapter... hey its soo hot in Vancouver!
9. Make Cronos way out of character. As he is now my little puppet.
Nuuoa Eclaire.

Nuuoa Eclaire, whose real name cannot be said for the same reasons as above, sat down at her own computer. She tapped away rapidly at her keyboard, ignoring the excessive amounts of typos on the page. She was feeling semi-pleased with the way one of her fanfictions; 'Together for Real' had turned out, and was now working on 'The Cold Side of Heart.'

What a surprise she got when her computer 'dinged' at the sound of a new message. An eager grin spread over her features. Quickly, hoping for a review, Nuuoa Eclaire opened the e-mail. She was miffed when it wasn't, and thinking it a pointless e-mail she began to delete it. But still, being Nuuoa, she was curious.

With a sigh the young author clicked the e-mail open. Her aqua eyes opened quizzically when she noticed referring to her story 'Together for Real.' She had just been thinking of her older story. Did this sender have telepathic powers, or something? Some strange cosmic connection? She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to read the peculiar message.

Dear Nuuoa Eclaire,

You may not know me, but I know you. The name I will give you to know me as is Demenior. I was just reading your story 'Together for Real' again, and I have a simple question... why aren't they together? No offense to you whatsoever, but shouldn't they be together? I mean, that was the point... so why aren't they? Then I began wondering... maybe, just maybe, we could work together and get them together for really real. I have some plans, and I'm sure your brilliant mind could come up with more. As your apprentice, we could get together- FOREVER! Of course, we'll need some new puppets since Cronny-poo is gone, and a new headquarters... this will be a sequel of mystical proportions! -Demenior

A smile crept onto her tanned face as she read further. A plan? An apprentice? Together... for really real?

She chuckled as she typed a reply, drawing her curser over to the send button and clicked. It was perfect; beyond perfect... it was the plots of two fanatic girls.

Of course I know of you! I love what you've done with your works. And... if you'll keep it too yourself, I don't know why they aren't together. Maybe I just wasn't forceful enough, or something along those lines. Make them? Well I could, but it was despite the point. I needed to follow my strict orders. An apprentice? My I don't know- Wait... You know something! We would be doing them a favor! I accept your offer. I'm teaching you my conniving ways though I'm afraid. As for the puppets, I found a bunch of scary smiling Wal-Mart employees still hanging around the old worn-down Wal-Mart downtown New Olympia. Yes I have cameras set up all over New Olympia. Why not them? Why not there? And I know what you're thinking... Wal-Mart! The place of never resting evil?! Yes, I'm afraid I speak of that Wal-mart. But think about it, they would already have all the equipment necessary! An evil cauldron to spy on the heroes. And all we would need is a certain potion. Attach to authors keyboard to it and we could have a short cut to making them love each other! We'll work out the actual plan later. Call me up at... -internet block out; you will not know this number-. Hope to hear from you soon. -Nuuoa Eclaire

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( O )o

Demenior let out a cheer of delight when she got the reply, and seeing the number, quickly called up Nuuoa Eclaire.

"Hey, it's Demenior!" She cried out eagerly
"So, I'll show you how to get to them, and then here's what we'll do..."
"Sounds good, when do we meet up? And when will we get the potion ready?"
"The Instant-Love will arrive shortly, Demenior." On the other side Nuuoa slung her toned arm over the back of her rotating chair.
"Don't worry Dem, like I said before... this is going to be perfect."
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