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Beginnings of a Disaster

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Gulping, Nuuoa decided to fixate herself on not doing it. Not without Demenior anyway. She hoped they hadn't gotten her, the employees were everywhere. Where are you Demenior? Nuuoa paced nervously...

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Together... Or Not?

Disclaimer: Nuuoa Eclaire and Demenior don't own Class of the Titans

Warnings: Evil... from the minds of two fangirls with half a talent for writing between them

Demenior's Note: Hey! We're back! Thank Nuuoa for getting this chapter together, I just helped on some of the little details in this one- but we finally meet the gang!

Nuuoa's Note: So I need a note do I, hmm.... Well then. Note, notey, note, note. Oh, and this does have something to do with Class of the Titans, for all who are wondering. (Beware the bunny divider). And Demenior did a whole lot more then that.

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Chapter 1: Beginnings of a Disaster

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Shielding her eyes from the violent blare of the sun, a girl, to be known as Nuuoa Eclaire, pulled her long black coat further around her body and raced cautiously down the streets. Maybe I shouldn't have worn the black coat, she thought bitterly. The light seemed to focus directly on her, not swerving away for a minute... stupid science, and light being draw to black materials. Nuuoa had never been good at sneaking, her height marking her with a big 'hi' sign... but she could use the 'no-light-marking-her-path' routine to work for her today. But Nuuoa never was very lucky. Maybe she should've made a Neil necklace laced with clovers, rabbit's foot, and horseshoes before she had left her home. Stopping behind a garbage can for a minute, the adolescent began to admire her achievement for a quick moment. No more hiding. She had done it. She was in New Olympia.

The streets were as clean as she had imagined for a cartoon, the buildings and houses that surrounded her were abundant, and covered in perfect technology applied paint. She was proud of the work that the crew had done with the artwork... even if it was hard on the eyes after a while. Like color had been airbrushed to perfection on the ground, shadows never moving, sidewalks never fading in vibrancy... but still the light drew to her coal black jacket. She was in a world from her dreams. Or her fingers.

Nuuoa smiled deviously at the thought of how she had brought herself to the seven heroes home... because she could have never gotten away with it without being arrested in real life. Just as she wouldn't be torturing the lovelorn characters... but what fun is that? Yes, Nuuoa Eclaire, fanfiction and ficwad author, had stormed her way into Studio B headquarters and stolen a piece of artwork of Hermes's portal, and using the new scanner she had gotten for Christmas, Nuuoa had scanned it right on through. Tap, tap, tap with the author's keyboard, the source of control of all events, she had arrived.

After taking her quick stroll down memory lane she decided it was time to face her fear. The Wal-Mart loomed high overhead, its bright neon flashed in the artist's style, and the giant smiley looked down on her. She could've sworn, but cannot as this story has a lower rating, that it was watching her every move. Her breath hitched as she took a bold step forward. The employees are inside there somewhere, she thought. And I bet they're waiting for me. Why did I have to choose this as our headquarters? Never trust an abandoned Wal-Mart!

Gulping, Nuuoa decided to fixate herself on not doing it. Not without Demenior anyway. She hoped they hadn't gotten her, the employees were everywhere. Where are you Demenior? Nuuoa paced nervously in deep thought. Suddenly as if her prayers of anxiety had been answered, a 3D form of real flesh, and not pencil and Paintshop, landed beside her. Nuuoa Eclaire yelped, then peeked open her eyes to see the amused face of Demenior.
"H-How did you get here? I was planning to send the portal to you VIA e-mail."
"I rode over of Tulais's back." She replied with a shrug.
"But I thought that Tulais was... never mind."

Demenior shrugged in response, "So..." she began slowly, "I see you have a much different style than I thought." Nuuoa looked down at her dark attire, "I was simply blending in," she retorted. Not like Demenior had been doing any better, flying in on a purple horned wolf! Demenior nodded slowly, "Anyways, where is it? I'm dieing to get started."

Huffing slightly, Nuuoa folded her arms across her chest, "Excuse me? For an apprentice you seem rather commanding."
Demenior looked away guiltily, "Sorry Miss Nuuoa," she said quietly. Nuuoa tried to suppress a laugh, and shrugged, "Oh well, here's the potion? Did you get my instructions?" Demenior beamed, "You bet, the employees gave them to me personally!"
"Employees? As in, the Wal-mart employees?" Nuuoa cried out, her fears being realized. Looking startled, Demenior nodded. With a sigh, Nuuoa shook her head 'Maybe they actually are on our side now?' she thought blankly.
"Here, let's just get inside- so that no one will see us," Nuuoa said. With a look around, the two fangirl-authors crept inside the Wal-Mart.

"Here is it," Nuuoa whispered, producing a vile of swirling green liquid from under her coat. She quickly handed it to Demenior who hid it against her body.
"Now, since you know what to do, I'll drop by soon to check up on you progress, and remember, this isn't forced love, it's us setting up the circumstances so that they can realize who it is they truly love," Nuuoa informed. Demenior nodded in a giddy fashion, and soon afterwards was seen sneaking from the Wal-Mart and, upon Tulais's back, hopping on rooftops towards the source of all these fanfictions.
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The Brownstone.

Seven lazy teenage heroes found themselves with nothing to do. What an epidemic! If there was one thing that was impossible it was this, and for this peculiar bunch impossible was a word that was barely used. It was impossible to get Archie to talk to Atlanta about his feelings, impossible for Jay's two track mind not to go like this: Cronus, Cronus, Cronus, Theresa.... And it was impossible to conquer boredom.

Lounging in front of the television, Theresa scooted closer to their leader. His shirt was brighter then the flashing images produced from the small screen. 'He looks so handsome,' Theresa smiled. Turning her gaze away from the mush fest, she watched her friends, and fellow chosen Greek descendants, they were an amusing bunch.

After blushing, as Jay gazed at her quizzically with his brown eyes peering at her, she sighed at a somewhat short, strong, but strangely lanky boy in front of her. His purple locks like a deranged mullet, and his pale skin especially lighter in the light. The warrior in question was currently poking a fiery redheaded girl beside him. The kick that followed didn't surprise Theresa, neither did the bickering.

"Well at least those two love-birds can find something to do." The model on the big puffy chair to her right yawned. His tanned hand brushing away some of the golden hair that had fallen in front of his eyes... Another little celebrity that's real name should be, 'Vain', 'Narcissist', or 'Shallow'.... But 'Lucky' would work best.

Flinging out the black remote in style, Neil flipped away from the endless banter of a couple of old goats... literally the animals. Wow.
"We are not love... or birds!" Theresa smirked at the pair, sharing a sensational smile with Jay. Herry on her left just chuckled.
"That was so not obvious." The odd scrunch of Atlanta's brow made it very clear she was not following. Herry sighed, even the slower one of the household could see it held high... Theresa often wondered how obvious her affections to Jay were. And as Herry walked off into the kitchen, another regular stop on the route in his one-track mind, Theresa wondered how obvious it was to everyone else too.

An image, a flash of violent aqua light pierced her eyelids. The fresh naked light was bathing her with thoughts. Suppressing a startled yelp, Theresa felt the sweat prick up on the back of her neck... what type of clairvoyant vision was she receiving? A girl with dark golden hair, racing around in a long black coat. Another young teenager, riding on what seemed to be Archie's hair. And her least favorite store... Wal-Mart. The horror.

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It was actually in front of her, the immense building that she had based all her writings on, and it was beautiful. If that didn't sound wrong. She sighed, the brownstone stood brightly in the background, taking a reluctant step, and she brought another item out of her coat. How many things could one person fit in a long black emo coat?

'Here we go...'Nuuoa thought before disappearing through a portal made of keys from a keyboard, back into the real world where actually getting bitten by a Chimera would tear your arm off and claiming you were a descendant of a Greek hero would have you living in a padded room for the rest of ever. 'I hope Demenior knows what she is doing.'

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"Go, go now!" Theresa panted, after the details of her vision were clear.
"Something is not right. Odie... where are the others?" Theresa just noticed the rest of the party was not present.
"After you had your vision, they thought you had fallen asleep, so they decided not to wake you... they're out I think." Theresa huffed, her bright hair falling in front of her face.
"Fine, just go! Go check out that Wal-Mart!"

As the dark skinned boy raced out of their brownstone, Theresa felt nauseated. His little mop head could be followed only around the corner. 'What was that?' she wondered innerly, 'And why do I think- no.' She caught herself. It was as plain as night and day. She belonged with Jay, and Atlanta with Archie.... It was never to be reversed.

Demenior, here. So, the end of chapter two, and we are beginning to get into the minds of the two authors. What could Demenior and Nuuoa be planning? What horrors await the heroes? Will we have to hear more of Archie's singing? Will Jay and Theresa be forced to live in a closet again? Will Cronus be a puppet? Will Neil die after seeing Nuuoa's fashion-less coat? Will-

Nevermind, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out what happens next.

You know the drill, review and giant flaming spaghetti and meatballs will not rain down upon your house.

Demenior and...

/Nuuoa Eclaire/
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