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Disaster Already

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Freak rain brings freakier relationships. Suddenly it seems like evryone is getting smitten- but by the wrong person! What horror awaist our horomone-ly heroes?

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Together... Or Not?

Disclaimer: Nuuoa Eclaire and Demenior don't own Class of the Titans. Nor do we own any Power Ranger socks (you'll understand later)

Warnings: Evil... from the minds of two fan girls with half a talent for writing between them (which is mostly Nuuoa's!)

Demenior's Note: Nuuoa- can you believe it? This story is actually getting updated and, even more impossible, I'm not dead! What I want to say before anyone reads this chapter is: any pairings here are for plot purposes and a good laugh, not meant to be taken seriously as this is not an exactly serious story. You just can't stand a pairing and it makes your eyes bleed and your skin to swell, turn red and you've made an entire cult of hatred towards the pairing... well, then you can leave.

Nuuoa's Note: Oh my gosh! Seriously? You aren't dead? Well neither am I! Despite half of the fanfiction community making funeral arrangements for me (us). Demenior pretty much said everything... so... umm... time for fun? Or my pain. Drat. P.S. I'm not vain, the beginning was written by Demenior. Lol.

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Chapter 2: Disaster Already

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Odie burst out of the brownstone in a flurry of afro, red coat and power-ranger socks, thanks to the forgetful rush out the door he hadn't had time to remember his shoes, but he burst out just in time for his glasses to fly off his face and for three drops of liquid to splash on his forehead. In annoyance he wiped at it- but there was nothing there. There wasn't even a cloud in the sky. Odie hoped he wasn't going crazy when he turned to run to the Wal-Mart and saw...

An angel.

She was beautiful! Garbed in a flowing black robe with hair like coopered gold and skin the fairest of all tones. Not tan, nor pale, but of cream. She was tall, curved, long-legged and absolutely beautiful! He wondered where her wings were for he could not see any upon her beautiful black-covered back. She looked around, not seeing him ogling at her, and suddenly spun a vortex in the air with what looked like keys from a keyboard, and then vanished.

She must've been an angel because Odie was left standing, still staring at the place where his beloved had disappeared right before his eyes.

Above, a girl on what looked like Archie's hair with legs, turned, and disappeared over the rooftops.

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Atlanta was racing Archie home, trying to keep ahead of him because he was in a rage now. She'd bought an ice cream cone and he'd wanted some, so she'd allowed him to have a lick, but shove the whole thing in his face when he leaned in. Now, with ice cream dripping onto his beloved hoodie, he was in a mad dash after her to tickle her until she begged and pleaded for mercy.

She leaped over a bump in the sidewalk, and as she did so some drops of rain hit her face, surprised at the sudden change in weather, she stopped and looked up at the sky. Not a cloud in sight. How odd...

"Got'cha!" Archie cried as he tackled her. She shrieked in surprise as the two of them fell onto the ground, Archie used the momentum of the fall to flip them around so that she didn't get hurt.

"Why you-" Atlanta began, going to give him a fair fight, but before she could turn to look at her friend, someone else- someone entirely off limits- caught her eye.

Their leader, with chocolate ice cream lightly dabbed on his lips, was laughing and pointing at the two of them. His face seemed so bright, so cheerful, and so handsome? That it made her heart stop. Atlanta took in a sharp breath as the blush formed on her face, seeing his warm coffee-colored gaze fall on her, his warm grin all for her...

"Not that I don't mind, 'Lan, but you are kind of heavy," Archie muttered, giving her a push.

"Sorry," she said quickly, getting up and heading back to the Brownstone without saying another word. Archie stood, puzzled. He'd expected some sort of 'you date-less boy' remark from her, not a 'sorry'! He looked back to his teammates to see if they had seen anything. The others shrugged, not knowing what had happened either. Jay suddenly flinched, like something had hit him in the head, and wiped his forehead and looked at his hand. Furrowing his brow, he shook his head and glanced up Atlanta's fleeing form, and something... dreamlike veiled his eyes.

"I'll go find out what's wrong," he muttered, nearly throwing his ice-cream-cone into Herry's chest, and then dashed after Atlanta. Neil and Herry had now reached Archie and the three of them glanced between themselves, wondering what was happening.

"You don't think..." Archie said, somewhat spitefully.

They all pondered a moment before shaking their heads and laughing to try and clear away the suspicions, "Nah!" They were all thinking the same thing. Theresa.

As they strode away, Herry eating Jay's ice cream now, small spots of liquid fell onto the sidewalk right behind the boys and they missed the hiss of, "Curses!"

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The trio- or Three Musketeers if you will- rounded the corner and found a rather disturbing sight.

For starters, Odie was standing on the curb, staring across the street with wide eyes; his glasses were hanging on his toes, which, may I add, were still covered by his pink-power-ranger socks. He stared as if beholding a ghost of a long-lost relation, and the drool coming from the corner of his oval-shaped mouth was evidence of being standing in that spot for quite some time.

On the other hand, Atlanta and Jay were sitting on the steps, speaking quietly with their hands lightly touching each other's and bright blushes evident on both their faces. Archie gagged and choked on some random spitball or comment he'd been about to make at the sight. Jay and Atlanta sprang away from each other, the blush even brighter. Odie seemed snapped out of his thoughts and whirled around to face the others.

"Did you see her?" he cried, "there was an angel- and she was the most beautiful being these mortal eyes have ever beheld!"

"Since when does anyone, even Archie, talk like that?" Neil whispered to Herry. The larger teen shrugged. The door to the Brownstone suddenly opened and the hourglass figure of Theresa bounded out.

"Odie, Odie! Did you go to the Wal-Mart and... Jay? Atlanta?" Theresa trailed off, staring at her Leader and best friend, sitting on the steps and looking like a new couple just discovered.

"Ah, alas I did not get her name, only a glance of her beautiful self! Oh my angel, I hope you will return to me!" Odie sang out, someone threw a shoe out his or her window at him and he danced back inside, still humming about his angel. Jay and Atlanta got up and hustled in after him, glancing at each other out of the corners of their eyes and displaying small smiles. Archie, Neil and Herry made their way up the steps, past a baffled Theresa and into the house.

"Something's wrong," Theresa muttered. Archie stepped out after her, "For once, I agree," he muttered. They stood quietly outside the door, hearing Odie continue to sing about his angel in a rather on-key (compared to Archie's singing) voice. They both jumped as rain splashed on their faces. Archie was still in evident shock, Atlanta and Jay has snuck out the back door, the wind from outside blew past him. Theresa was fidgeting with her hands, biting her rose lips with force. Then it happened.

"You have pretty hair." The words left her mouth before any thought had entered her brain. A tapping sound echoed in Theresa's senses. Archie defiantly didn't have purple hair, but all she saw was his pale face. Something was wrong. Archie and pretty didn't belong in the same utterance of a sentence.

Archie starred at her quizzically, "A-are you feeling okay, Therri?" He reached forwards and placed a hand on her forehead to feel her temperature, and immediately she stiffened and couldn't help but think just how warm his hand was, or how... 'Archie' Archie smelled, and how Archie smelled, well, pleasant. She thanked the wind for already making her cheeks rosy. Weren't she and Jay supposed to... no, they'd never had anything special, just a friendly relationship. It had always been a special connection between her and Archie, right? Then the psychic smiled at him, with full attractive force. She made sure to ruffle her long ginger hair, and stare at him with sparkling green eyes.
"Hello." Theresa giggled. Archie was befuddled, he was going to be sick.

/What has Demenior done this time?/

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What has happened to the gang? Does this have something to do with Demenior? Who was it that Odie fell in love with? Why is he singing? Are Jay and Atlanta now a couple? What about Archie and Theresa- their relationship seems pretty one-sided. And how about Neil and Herry? Will they come out of this unaffected?

Stay tuned.



Nuuoa Eclaire
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