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The Plagues of a Purpled Youth: Step One: Girls

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Demenior is sent out to finish the mission, and her targets are now Herry and Nel. Meanwhile Archie just barely manages to escape the Jaws of the Great White Theresa and goes to figure out why ever...

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Together... Or Not?

Disclaimer: Nuuoa Eclaire and Demenior don't own Class of the Titans. Nor do we own any Power Ranger socks, or any branch of Wal-Mart.

Warnings: Evil... from the minds of two fan girls with half a talent for writing between them… Which IS SO Demenior’s. (Another point for Nuuoa in the battle of ‘YOU’RE BETTER!’

Demenior's Note: What? What? Where did this story come from? Is it possible? Did it hitch a ride in Cronus’s butt-pocket when he came into the future? But, goodness, yes- we’re back. Finally. I know it’s been a long while, but season 2 Archie has kept me very, very distracted. (Can someone say AWESOME?) Anyways, with the new, technologically advanced and pro system Nuuoa and I are using (aka… msn half-role playing) we should start getting these chapters out quickly. Or at least… faster than they’ve been. Anyways- have fun, fear Nuuoa’s crazy awesome creepy Theresa and see our amazing genius with references to sharks… and just how badly we can mess everything up.

Nuuoa's Note: And now it’s time for silly nots with Nuuoa. The part of the story where Nuuoa comes out and types a silly note- Wait a second! IS it really? No way! It couldn’t be?! Not… an ACTUAL UPDATE!?!?! But yes, but whether this is a good thing or not you’ll have to decide for yourself. We’re really excited to be back, and we’re sorry for all the waiting, I have my reasons! They were… um… Anywho! We hope you understand our malicious reasoning in the odd pairings. Enjoy! P.S. Any ideas who Herry and Neil now love?

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Chapter 3: The Plagues of a Purpled Youth: Step One: Girls

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The store was eerily quiet, only the sounds of a pencil scribbling on paper could be heard.

“Jay and Atlanta… Archie and Theresa… Odie and Nuuoa…”

It was back in the corner, behind the masses of rubber duckies and smiley-faced bouncing balls. A young teen waited, writing. She was sitting with a horned, purple-wolf.

Out of the shadows stepped a tall man in a silly blue smock with a yellow happy face plastered on it. A shiver ran down the girl’s spine. She folded the paper up and held it out to the Wal-Mart employee.

“You can tell Nuuoa that I’ve sprinkled the potion on all the requested subjects, although I’m not too sure how getting Jay and Atlanta, and Archie and Theresa together will help Jay and Theresa and Archie and Atlanta get closer together.”

The employee only grinned, “It is all part of… Nuuoa’s scheme. She knows what she is doing, she is the master after all and you only the apprentice. Just leave it to us to get the message to her.” The employee took the note and held it tightly. With that, Demenior nodded and hopped up onto Tulais’s back.

“Oh, and don’t forget,” the man said as he looked over the note, “you missed Neil and Herry, they must be affected if this plan is ever going to work out- even if you must enter the Brownstone. But you must not get caught,” his monotone voice was loud in the stillness of the once-popular shop. Demenior gulped before the employee disappeared back into the shadows, and Tulais ran out of the Wal-Mart and leapt back onto the buildings towards the Brownstone.

As Demenior flew over the newly designed season two buildings, she wondered how long she had been locked away in that Wal-Mart, but more importantly, what was going on? And what this had to do with them being together for real. Quickly cloaking herself in neon coloring like the rest of the people in this digital world, Demenior and the very undead, surprising to most, Tulais landed in the alleyways next to the infamous hideaway for the seven teens. Pulling out an electric hot pink vial, Demenior popped the lid and clenched it between her teeth. The swirling sparkling gobs dancing merrily, awaiting their next victim.

“It's about to rain,” she smirked, and with that she raced to the door.

She slipped in unaware, senses straining to detect any movement. There was none. Silently, singing the mission impossible theme song in her head, she sprang out and ducked behind the couch. Still no sign of anyone. Demenior then noticed the trail of melted ice cream on the floor.

"No, I said stay outside!" Demenior barked back to her demon dog his gleaming red eyes as wide as a puppy. He whimpered, and tail between his legs, zoomed back outside.

She used all the tracking skills Steve Irwin had taught her from his TV shows to stealthily follow the ice cream to the kitchen.

"Haha, can you believe it? All of a sudden Jay and Atlanta like each other and Theresa is crazy heads-over-heels for Archie! Man, what a day!" Neil laughed.

Herry chuckled, "Don't forget Odie singing some Shakespeare stuff downstairs to some angel."

Neil shrugged, "Probably was just me, I am gorgeous."

The model whipped out his trademark three-paneled mirror and admired himself.

"Looking good baby," he told his reflection, "boy am I ever lucky to have this mirror. It's my most prized possession!" he grinned, giving it a hug.

Herry giggled, "You'd never guess my-"

"Your teddy?" Neil didn’t miss a beat.

"How'd you know?" Herry cried, aghast. If Neil knew- then that meant the others…

Neil grinned, "I saw you snuggling it that one time we had to sleep over at the school last year. I'm surprised it isn't all ragged and tattered right now... or is it just stained?"

Herry looked down, "It's a little stained," he muttered.

"Well! You'd be surprised how good I am at getting stains out of -anything-. Let's give this teddy a good make-over and record some of Odie being a weirdo so we could like post it online or something," Neil laughed.

Herry followed him out of the room. They only missed seeing Demenior pressed flat against the wall. Letting out a sigh of relief, Demenior continued to listen to their usual exchange of pleasantries, all the while smiling a gleeful malicious smile she had stolen from Nuuoa, as she realized what she had come across...

'Neil and his Mirror... Herry and his Teddy...' She mentally added to the list.

"But I like my teddy just the way he is," Herry slouched grumpily into the chair as Neil magically pulled out a cosmetic kit that he just 'so happened' to have with him on that day.

"Oh dear, dear Herry," Neil breezily pulled out the essentials of grooming for a hero's beloved stuffed animal: Scissors, brush, tweezers, needles... and a variety of expensive nail polish.

Demenior tried not to snort in the corner, as she felt through the pocket of her jeans, removing a long straw, or as she liked to call it: Magical-get-through-Math-Spitball-Machine'... Or: 'Make-it-rain-for-love'. All was prepared.

She sucked in some potion, and prepared to fire... 'One Teddy and Mirror loving coming up.'

Demenior was momentarily distracted as the man of her dreams- she meant to say, Archie- ran, panic stricken, out the door… and because of that it was too bad at precisely that moment Neil plucked the Teddy from Herry's hidden napping place under the couch, and Neil dropped his mirror... only having it caught but the brawn of the team.

"I got it!"

But she had already spat...

It was too late.

( O )o

“But Arrchiiieeee!” Theresa squealed. He was pressed flat against the wall, staying out of her hands, “why are you being so mean to me today?”

“Because you’re sick and I do not like you at all! And… you invaded my personal bubble!” he snapped back, narrowly avoiding an adorable glomp around the middle from the redhead.

“Oh, you silly,” Theresa giggled, “you don’t need to pretend you don’t like me anymore- it’s okay! I heart you too!”

“I heart you?” Archie muttered aloud. He made a flying leap onto his bed as Theresa nearly caught him.

Theresa squealed, her emerald eyes closing in momentary bliss.

"See," she poked his chest, scrunching her nose, "I-Told-You-So." She trailed her fingers up to his face one step at a time, Archie's face exceedingly red in horror and utter bewilderment. Just when Archie thought the situation couldn't get any worse, Theresa leaned in for what she thought to be a kiss, and he slunk onto the ground so she kissed… the bed sheets.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?" Archie sprung to his feet, and truly wished his whip wasn't stuffed into his draw for the moment.

The red-haired beauty pouted and each hair on the back of his neck stood straight on its edge.

"I was trying to kiss you, dumb-dumb," she fiddled with her shirt, etching closer. Archie found himself against another wall, trapped like an animal. He gulped. 'Did she just say dumb-dumb?'

"Look Theresa, you like Jay, not me!" He spoke slowly, trying to find reason with the flirtatious hunter... beast! Archie could've never come up with a nightmare so terrible.

She came closer and his steel eyes bulged out of his head. The Jaws theme song had awakened.

Dun, dun. Dun, dun. Dun, dun...

"Archie..." Theresa swung her hips, her eyes clouded with passion.


The shark moved closer to its unsuspecting prey. Archie never did like water... right here was another reason not to...


Archie felt the beads of sweat trickle down his pale face, 'No, no, NO!'

"Love-" She licked her lips.



She struck!

Theresa's soft, big, red lips and her gorgeously wavy red hair smothered Archie's screams, as if he was being dragged underwater. Her fingers, like teeth, danced along his chest, and especially over his heart, as if she were cutting him open to live off his innards- inner emotions that is- which she assumed was there the same way a shark often thought a surfer a seal.

"Theresa, stop it!" Archie scream a blood-curdling cry as her lips- her jaws found the flesh of his neck. He forcefully pushed her away, only knowing he was no longer in shallow waters and was soon about to be consumed in whole. He had a disadvantage. He could not swim.

Theresa's now swollen lips pouted, as she tucked her arms over her chest.

"But I love you." The pupils of her eyes were as black and hungry as her under-water counter part. He shivered once more, surprising he should drown in the Thr'eres'acian Sea instead of the 'Atlant'ic.

This was not how it was supposed to be. This was not supposed to happen in the first place. He raced past her, as Theresa feebly reached out as her prey made it to shore, gasping for breath and injured, but miraculously alive.

He raced past Neil and Herry arguing on the couch, and an unknown shadow hidden in the corners of what must've been his imagination. 'And I'm determined to find out why."

Hearing Archie run out, a sneaking suspicion crept into Odie's mind, as he torn himself from the window of his room to roam downstairs.

"Gasp- it cannot be! Why would my own teammate attempt to steal away my very own Angel who appeared for me? I mustn’t let him get his buckteeth into her, for he shall never let go! I come for you, my Angel, I will save you!" Odie cried to the air before dashing outside, still in his power ranger socks, to save his 'Angel' and Demenior, nearly one with the wall, was forcing herself not to giggle the whole time.

The last thing he heard before he closed the door and leapt into action was the slight spit-like sound emanating from the back of the room.

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