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Por Siempre

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Questions raised about Kaela

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A/N: I swear I need to do a chapter called Bloody Murder!! laughs Oh and I'm pleased to announce I'm writing a HAPPY fic to combat the depression in this one but I won't post it for a while yet. It'll probably be about Wales, sheep and a Could be laughs
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone or anything but Kaela and Melaina in this long and complicated chapter...oh and I also own its kinda happy ending.

Chapter 21
Por Siempre

In a room far to the back of the palace Kaela was sitting. On her lap was a heavy bound leather notebook, its pages worn and faded with age and dust. Her fingers gently traced the spider painted ink that danced across the frail pages as she carefully read every word, devouring it and treasuring it in her soul. As soon as she reached the bottom of the page, her eyes scanning one last time over the complicated, concentric pictures that graced the paper she shut it carefully, tying the clasp at the front. Then she jumped from where she sat on her flawlessly made bed and peered underneath it, dragging out a little wooden box. It was made of ebony wood and on the front, carved deep into the timber was a pentagram, painted in shining white on the plain front. Unfastening the necklace from around her neck she slid the tiny sapphire flower that decorated it into the lock of the box and was rewarded by a satisfying click as it opened. She laid the necklace on the carpet next to her, her eyes occasionally darting to it as if she was afraid it would disappear as she opened the box and placed the book inside, then from the side of the casket she took a tiny little package. It was wrapped in purple satin cloth and as she unravelled it about a dozen pure white bulbs fell out. They were perfectly normal looking but for their unblemished white skin and for the fact that every couple of seconds they would pulsate with a glowing white light. Cautiously she scooped one into her hand and carefully laid the rest back into the cloth and wrapped it up, dropping it into the box with the book and shutting it with a click. Then she put the pendant back into the lock and closed it for good, sliding it back under her bed before putting the chain around her neck again. Closing her hand around the seed she moved over to the table by her window still, only a tiny amount of light and breeze reaching where it stood. On its smooth surface five pots lay, each holding a beautiful flickering chrysanthemum but for one. One of the silver pots held only a pile of ash and dust and stirred up by the howling wind outside the palace some of it had fallen onto the table top. Sighing bitterly to herself she scrapped the ash from the soil in the pot into the wicker bin by the window and began to make a dip in the moist soil. Once this was done she dropped the glowing seed into the hole and covered it with soil and white ash which she sprinkled over it from the golden jar on the side of the table then she began to chant. Her eyes closed and both hands clasped around the pot she slowly recited the words she'd learnt off by heart from the leather book, only content after she'd repeated the fragment at least half a dozen times over. Then she allowed a slight smile to grace her ten year old face as she went back to check on her mother.


Gerard and Melaina sat, opposite each other in a smaller side room off Melaina's cavernous state office. She lounged in a recliner against the back wall but he sat on a chair across from her. Both gave the pretence of being extremely relaxed but that was as far from the truth as it was possible to get. A million questions swirled around his head and a million around hers but neither spoke, they just sat, avoiding eye contact until a knock at the door woke them both from their thoughtful silence. Melaina stood up and paced over to it slowly and almost hesitantly as she brushed past him, still frozen in his own reflection.
The small figure that stood at the doorway as Melaina opened the entrance to the silent room smiled slightly on seeing her mother. "Mama," She murmured, not quite bringing herself to break the silence completely. "Can I come in?"
Melaina bit her lip for a minute and then shook her head and whether she was generally disappointed in her decision or not, Kaela couldn't tell. "No sweet, I'm sorry." She told her daughter. Kaela nodded as if she'd expected it and began to walk back along the passage to her room. "Say goodbye from me." She murmured so low that Melaina couldn't catch it.
"You should have let her come in." His voice was at a monotone and he didn't turn as she closed the door and stayed standing by it, leaning her head back against the cold wood.
"She's my daughter, what if I didn't want her to come in?" She challenged, a little more harshly than she'd meant.
His voice dropped slightly "From what I understand she's my daughter as well." He murmured, still not moving to look at her.
"How did you know?" Melaina asked, sounding genuinely surprised, her stormy eyes closed as she sighed.
"Because she looks exactly like me." He told her matter of factly. "I would have thought it was enough of a give away really." He shrugged, as he stared blankly at the carpet.
"Yes," Melaina murmured "I suppose she does." Then she sighed harder and walked away from the door to kneel down in front of him. "Why are we being so cold Gerard?" She almost whispered.
He looked up at her, meeting her eyes with his which were still a whirlwind of emotions as they shone with sadness at what he'd just witnessed "Because you murdered my best friend." He told her, in an almost venomous whisper. "Did you expect me to take you back with open arms?"
She gently laid a hand on the side of his face and strangely he didn't flinch away despite what he had just told her. "No," She mumbled "No...I want you to love me Gerard...but I can't stop hating you."
"Then why did you kill him?" He asked with tortured eyes, as he strove to stop tears from spilling.
"Because I...because I had to...because I need them to be scared of me...I need you to be scared of me." She almost whimpered, sounding so unlike the fierce woman who'd ordered his friend's death less than half an hour before.
Gerard swore softly under his breath "You know how much I missed you?" He asked her quietly "You know how much I hated you when I found out that you were...'dead'?"
She bit her lip as her fingers traced his jaw line "I hated myself for leaving without you knowing...I honestly did but I had to go Gee, I'm sorry." She told him.
"Does this mean you'll leave us alone?" He dared to ask, his eyes pleading with her to say yes.
She sighed and shook her head and she looked genuinely upset. "No," She whispered "But the woman who'll kill you all won't be me."
"Then," He murmured and their faces were inches apart "I'm sorry to say I still love the woman you are now." And as their lips met all of the troubles of the world and the bloody murder she'd just committed seemed to fade away in the glory of the moment.
"I'm sorry." She whispered to him as they broke apart "I am sorry."

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