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toaster trobles

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well you see...exam week! like exam for real schol! everyones paranoid! even Terisa! Jay swears the toaster wants to kill him and Terisa thinks the wall is moking her! yikes! what a weir week! but ...

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"hopeless! i am absolutly hopeless! do you want me to say that again? HOPELESS!" i screamed at the wall, Jay came running up "what happned?" he asked, he didn't seem as conserned about me, but more about something else "the wall tells me i'm gonna fail" i told him, he sighed "i'll trade you the toaster for th wall" he said "what has the toaster done to you?" i asked "he's moking me" Jay said, our toaster had a mirror like sides so you could see your reflection. Jay seemed annoyed "our appliances hate us" Atlanta said walking in the room, she spread herself on my bed beside me, Jay sat down on the computer chair. i sighed "were all going fruity! we have to...we have to...AH!" i screamed. i ran towards the door, i tried to open it as i ran but it didn't move and i couldn't stop so i smacked the door. and fell to the floor.

"I give up! what's the point? these areour final exams, we are alowed to be worried but were a bunch of paranoid freaks!" i said, Jay smiled "okay exams are tomorow, sowe all study tonight! all together! after the exams tomorow and the next day well be free for the summer! So we should buck up and do it" Jay said helping me up "your right, i need a gravol though i think i'm gonna blow chunks" i told them, Atlanta ran to get a glass of water and a gravol.

"so, not excited for the prom?" he asked me "i'm not eccited for anything right now" i told him, i was comfortable talking to Jay, he was my home dog, my brother person...though i like him more then that, i've liked him for a long time now...ever sinse i saw to be exact. but now i couldn't feel any emotion other then pure paranoia. "oh, well are you gonna get a date?" he asked, i sighed "i don't know! it's always been so easy to get dates! i want to be like any other girl! you know, have to try" i said, i looked up at him. he cleared "so who do you have in mind for this chase?" he asked aqwardly. i sighed again "i have a thought, but i'm seriously not inthe mood for this right now" i said annoyed with every living thing.

Atlanta returned and Jay left "i just totally screwd up any chance of going out with him!" i told her after i had swolloed the tastless pill. she sighed "Terisa you have to go for what you want! you'll have to ask Jay...cause i'm not sure who will wait. he doesn't seem the type to ask out a girl" Atlanta said sighing. i got up "i'm going to the school to see Rallie practice" i told her, Rallie is one of my best friends, the whole team had trusted her with their secrete, she was a good person, also the decendant of Apollo. she had long gold flat hair that ran past her butt. she was thin and VERY pretty, so it was fate that Terisa and Rallie became best friends (and Atlanta), they were the two prettiest girls in school!

Terisa walked to te school and went to the art room, she heard a distant guitare and singing:

ive been waiting to long
so long that i've written a song
i can't take my mind off of you
your an imagenary man
who can see me
for who i truly am inside!

your like a dream come true
flying like a hero
above earth your my guy
i see you from the inside
take me away!
fly me above the city
i wanna see what you see each day!
i wanna see you
in the eyes of an angel

wings of song
will carry us along
we will see
inspire and be
it's my dream
yopur my reality
your the only guy in this world for me!

cause your like a dream come true
flying like a hero
above the earth, your my guy
i see you from the inside
take me away!
fly me above the city
i wanna see what you see each day!
i wanna see you
in the eyes of an angel

your the only person who sees me as me!
not some shallow man with pride in hands!
you have a heart, you brave and smart
you see what others don't! and for that...
i wont leave your side, your my guy...

cause your like a dream come true!
flying like a hero!
above the earth, your my guy!
i see you from the inside!
take me away!
fly me above the city!
i wanna see what you see each day!
i wanna see you!
in the eyes of an angel!

Ya! in the eyes of an angel!
high above where your only seen...
from the eyes of an angel...

her beatuful voice trailed off, she was defenatly the decendant of apollo. she might sing pop/rock music but her amazing voice stood out like light in the dark. it made the hairs on the back of your neck prike up so you can hear was like birds with human voices.

in the room was Odie with his guitare onhis lap, Odie had a massive crush on Rallie and so did Rallie on Odie, but they would never admit it! but Rallie looked sad, 'Exams! they've got even her!' Rallie is the most optimistic person i have ever met! she is never down! she may not do to good in school, but her 110% in all her languages (French, Spanish, German, which she speaks all fluantly) and music make up for it. a tear was hagning in her cheek, Odie got up and wipped it off 'CUTE!'.

"what's wrong?" i asked walking in "Terisa! Hey!" Rallie said not moving a muscle, i senced automatically that something was absolutly wrong.
"what's wrong?" i asked again, she smiled slightly, but it was gone as fast as it had come, she got up and paced the room, then stopped right in front of me "my mom and dad say that my music is a waist of time, and there- there...taking me out of all my music...they took away all my instruments and music sheets and even the ones i wrote! they took away all the songs i wrote all the music pieces i wrote! it's all gone! they swear if i ever start music again while i'm n schol that they'll burn it" she swallowed tears and continued "they don't understand, music is my life! they haven't even ever heard me sing or play anything! Apollo's my great uncle or something! what am i without my music? i'm not a hero like you guys, i;m not a brainer like Odie and a lot of others, i'm good at sports but i've never really thought about that one. i don't know what to do!" she cried in defeat, she let a few tears roll down her face,this suprised me. Rallie was one of the strongest people i knew, she was a natural leader ike Jay and an amazing person! how could she have such nasty parents? for a moment my worries about the exams and jay evaporated as i hugged Rallie.

"what are you gonna do?" i asked her, she smiled "i'm gonna do the show, i promised this school a performance, and it's a performance their gonna get" she said, Odie smiled "and Odie said he'd help me with everything i've lost, were gonna re-write it all!" she told me "what about exams?" i asked her "oh right, i'm gonna have the chiken poxes on exam week" she told me, i smiled "i'll take them the week after the prom" she finished. my smie broadened with pride for my best friend. she smiled back then sat down on the piano, where Odie's hand was "ouch" he said sligtly "oh crap sorry" she said letting him remove his hand. i laughed, watching them both was halarious!


HEY! my first chapter of this series! yay! well g2g r/r please! later aligators!
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